I Became the 1st Floor Boss of the Tower

I Became the 1st Floor Boss of the Tower

33 Reviews
Si Reubereu
For decades, he had lived as a puppet of the tower.
Throughout that time, who knew how many deaths he had encountered?
One day, however, his memories returned to him.
The First Floor Boss finally awakened
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254 Chapters
Licensed From
Si Reubereu / TITAN


Original work copyright ©  Si Reubereu / TITAN

Translator: Yeniverse

Editor:  Dot, SoSam

Korean Original Status: Completed @ 254 chapters

Release rate: 5 chapters a week with an occasional bonus 6th chapter

33 Reviews
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a year ago
Not recommended
This one seems really shallow to me.

15 chapters in and all the characters seem really one-dimensional.

The MC is overpowered obviously, following the necromancer trope and basically blocks everyone in the Korean (there are multiple) tower to the 1st floor and everyone kind of just accepts it.

There are a couple of characters that get worthwhile mentions by the MC but not a lot is told about them and they do the exact same thing as everyone else so they kind of just blend into the background.

Everything is pretty crazy convenient for the MC, players feed him mana, players trade him points leading to him having a swiss army knife of whatever the hell you could imagine at his arsenal, he finds a hidden barrier right before he gets killed, he discovers an overpowered vampire queen who near instantly swears loyalty to him etc.

There is the underlying mystery of what's going on in the tower and why all this stuff is on the 1st floor of all places, but I feel like I still don't know any of the characters, MC included.

a year ago
Interesting premise but that is currently all we have. The protagonist and his interactions with others could potentially allow for an interesting story, but with three chapters, it is hard to determine the protagonist’s personality and how he will interact with the world. I will be somewhat disappointed if it is just a power grinding revenge story. So, far there has not been any significant world building and hardly any information about the protagonist’s initial motivations, moral code, or interpersonal relationships. Given that he did not immediately start murdering the people who attacked him, I am optimistic that the protagonist is not going to solve all his problems by killing them.

a year ago
(3 chapters) Most definitely a very interesting premise. MC got screwed by the gods, was memory wiped and turned into the first floor boss. Got back to being himself after finding what I can only assume it's a remnant of old gods or outer gods that usually exist in these tower climbing setting, given the circumstances I'm more inclined to believe it'll turn out to be the old gods who originally ruled the tower before the current gods took over, or something along these lines. At least up to the point where the story actually starts the gods trapped MC in an infinite time loop, so I can't wait to see how he interacts with the people who were close to him in his previous life when they meet again. It remains to be seen how many loops the MC had to experience, so far it's hard to say how many loops, if any at all, MC had to experience, could be just a single regression, could be hundreds of loops.

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