I Became a Ruined Character in a Dark Fantasy

I Became a Ruined Character in a Dark Fantasy

20 Reviews
Seohong (서홍)
"I shouldn't have used illegal downloads in the first place."
Ian woke up in the middle of a strange swamp as his own terrible character.
In a dark era on the verge of destruction, the hopeless character struggles to safely return to reality.
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67 Chapters
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Seohong / RSMEDIA


Status in Korean: Ongoing @ 597 chapters (Last Updated: 19 Apr 2024)

Original work ⓒSeohong / RSMEDIA

Release rate: 1 chapter a day

20 Reviews
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a month ago
This has been around for awhile and it's decent (pretty sure it goes by another name but I remember this cover and the dark fantasy name). I'm glad it's being picked up by wuxiaworld.

So this story is like overpowered main character who falls into another world that resemble the game he plays, yadi yada. You have read this a million times before.

The fight scene, the world building and etc are decent. There are also very touching stories that happen. It's not the best story in the world but it's a good comfort food if you are looking for isekai with slightly overpowered MC and a touching story.

One thing I do really enjoy is the dialogues and the details to which the author goes into. It’s a decent writing.

a month ago
'I Became a Ruined Character in a Dark Fantasy' is one of the best KR fantasy titles I've ever read.

The story unfolds following a man who struggles to survive in this godforsaken, bloody fantasy world. The fight scenes are vividly described, each character has their own backstory, and various characters come together to form a bloody harmony. The MCs are powerful, each with their distinguishable abilities, but this never harms the tension in the story. Its tropes are somewhat like those of shonen manga, narrating realistic combat in a dark fantasy universe. This is really enjoyable.

I highly recommend this.

21 days ago
Ok, it took 27 chapters but I have finally come to a decision about this book. I like it and I’m looking forward to the next chapter. The main character is a bit of an odd duck. He seems apathetic about everything and everyone he encounters. Once he make a move though, his story gets more interesting. The setting is in a standard dark ages / mid evil world. Our main character has no idea how he was brought there but he’s pissed at the gods because he’s sure that they have something to do with it. I’m looking forward to unraveling the mysteries involved. It’s still early days in the sneak peek so I’ll revise my post if things turn for the worse and I end up dropping it. Until next time, happy reading ✌🏾

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25 days ago

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