Chapter 996: Dugu Qiubai Surrenders

The Light of Wisdom was a mystical power that could enhance one's intelligence considerably, helping one think of things others wouldn't. It also had a mysterious ability greatly related to the power of light. 

As Xiang Shaoyun faced an impasse, his Light of Wisdom glowed brighter, and his thoughts moved faster. Thus, he was able to get clearer thoughts on some subjects.

Of the primal inception energy and primal chaos energy, which was stronger? It was hard to figure that out. Based on the origin of energies, the primal inception energy came earlier. It seemed like the primal inception energy would be the stronger power, as it was a fusion of nine energies, while the primal chaos energy was only a fusion of five energies.

It would be logical to believe that Xiang Shaoyun's energy could suppress Dugu Qiubai's. But now, he was the one being suppressed. More importantly, his primal inception energy wasn't as pure as Dugu Qiubai's primal chaos energy. His energy was still somewhat lacking in terms of the profundities of origin.

That was why he couldn't fully grasp the primal inception energy, making it impossible for him to unleash the energy's full power. And that was also why he had failed to defeat Dugu Qiubai speedily. Even after understanding that fact, he still couldn't do anything about it. His only option was to win by surprise.

Xiang Shaoyun pulled all his primal inception energy out and started punching with the Cosmos Dao Destroying Fist again. This was him attacking with all his strength, but in Dugu Qiubai's eyes, it was merely a deathbed struggle.

"This fusion of nine energies is decent, but it is useless against me," said Dugu Qiubai with the upper hand tightly in his grasp. He then swung his fan and sent another wave of primal chaos energy crushing forward.

The Cosmos Dao Destroying Fist was blasted apart, and Dugu Qiubai took the chance to press on toward Xiang Shaoyun. As Dugu Qiubai charged over, a pure white radiance burst out once again, giving everyone an impression that time had stopped. It was the unique ability of Xiang Shaoyun's Light of Wisdom, the one that Dugu Qiubai had tried interrupting before.

Dugu Qiubai's pupils started flickering as he paid full attention to his surroundings and swung his Primal Chaos Fan madly, not giving Xiang Shaoyun a chance to approach him.

In truth, Xiang Shaoyun was too weak to approach Dugu Quibai, so he didn't. Instead, he mustered and brought out his flux goldthorn energy, a fearsome energy that could instantly kill a top-tier Demon Sovereign.

Xiang Shaoyun was only using this method because he had no other options left. His invisibility might be effective on others, but it definitely wouldn't work against Dugu Qiubai. Since he did not want to use his Nether Soul Domain and soul clone, the only thing he could do was borrow an external power.

The moment the flux goldthorn energy appeared, a stinging sensation assaulted Dugu Qiubai. A sense of danger enveloped him, and he instinctively wanted to flee since the alternative would be death. He did not understand why Xiang Shaoyun would have such power under his control, but there was no time to think too much about it.

However, with the heavy injuries he had suffered, his speed was greatly reduced. Under the flux goldthorn energy's assault, he felt his entire body falling apart. Wails of pain rang through the air.

Even the observing elders felt fearful. The True Martial Academy elders had the urge to intervene, but they also knew that a battle should not be interrupted. In any case, they wouldn't be able to do anything with the wolf guard standing beside them. 

One of the True Martial Academy elders shouted anxiously, "Dugu Qiubai, surrender! Xiang Shaoyun, withdraw your energy!"

The elder shouted in a rush, worried that Dugu Qiubai would be killed if he delayed for even one extra second. In truth, Xiang Shaoyun did not intend to kill Dugu Qiubai. He was merely trying to torture Dugu Qiubai for a bit with the flux goldthorn energy. The energy only appeared for a split second before it was pulled back into the astral cosmos sea.

Dugu Qiubai couldn't fight anymore. His body collapsed heavily onto the ground. Not a single inch of his body was without injury. He looked to be in horrible condition. 

Xiang Shaoyun was barely able to land steadily. He felt completely exhausted. One could say that this was the most thrilling battle he had ever fought. It was also a battle that he had learned a lot from.

Although he had borrowed some external power to obtain his victory, he had still kept some of his trump cards hidden. As a whole, he was pretty satisfied with the battle. 

Everyone was still dumbstruck. They were in a state of confusion, wondering just what energy Xiang Shaoyun had summoned for it to be so powerful. Even Dugu Qiubai was completely helpless against it.

Xia Liuhui started cheering, "My boss won! I have always known that he is the strongest Emperor!"

"He is indeed worthy of being the overlord. He really is the strongest," shouted Han Chenfei in excitement.

The people familiar with Xiang Shaoyun were incomparably shocked. He had proven his strength with action, and he had defeated even the Primal Chaos Physique. He was now worthy of being called the absolute Emperor.

Only some True Martial Academy disciples were unwilling to accept all that had happened. They had always believed that the Primal Chaos Physique would not be defeated, and they felt that it was unfair for Xiang Shaoyun to win by using an external power.

However, they were also well aware that on a battlefield, victory would still be victory regardless of the method one used to achieve it. Anything would be fine as long as one did not receive help from third parties. Thus, there was nothing they could say about Xiang Shaoyun. In any case, this battle had still widened their horizons.

At this time, many elders descended from the sky. The True Martial Academy elder announced, "This is the end of the competition."

Shadowflash said, "I don't think we should rush to a decision. There are still some disciples who have yet to fight. We shouldn't end the competition yet." He looked at Gui Mochou and Feng Xiaosha before continuing, "Mochou, Xiaosha, don't you want to try to become one of the Blazing Suns? Neither of you have fought yet."

Everyone blanked out upon hearing his words. All of them agreed that this was the end of the competition. This elder was obviously trying to change the competition's result.

"You shouldn't be too shameless," said the wolf guard unhappily.

Everyone found themselves agreeing with the wolf guard. This elder, Shadowflash, was truly being too shameless.

"Hehe, each disciple is qualified to partake in this competition. All of you heard Xiang Shaoyun challenging everyone here. Yes, he had won against his opponents, but there are still some who hadn't fought. Lord wolf guard, are you trying to change the rules?" Shadowflash calmly asked.

The wolf guard was furious, but he couldn't say anything as everyone else was keeping silent.

"Mochou, Xiaosha, what are you waiting for? Get up there and defeat him," said Feng Xiaosha in excitement.

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