Chapter 988: Truly Shocking Battle

On the stages, the cultivators were allowed to fight alongside their mounts. After all, mounts would always be crucial in any sort of battle. Xiang Shaoyun and Money had long developed good teamwork. When required, Money would naturally charge at the opponent.

Money had the ability to embed himself into surfaces, similar to the flaming lion Xiang Shaoyun faced earlier. However, Money was much stronger than the lion, and he was much faster as well.

Before Xiang Chenxi could do anything, his waist was bitten by Money. If he allowed Money to run rampant, he would probably end up as Money's food. However, he was no weakling. He instantly erupted with a burst of divine purple cloud lightning and used the Divine Dipper Lightning Discharge, forcing Money to spit him out.

"What pure lightning energy. Even my mouth is numb. But I like it," said Money as he charged Xiang Chenxi again before sweeping his tail.

Xiang Chenxi did not have the chance to regain his footing, and when he was whipped by Money's tail, he was sent crashing onto the ground. Before Money could follow up with more attacks, the purple lightning horse rushed over and attacked with numerous lightning stomps.

The purple lightning horse had impressive combat strength and was also a peak Demon Emperor. It was also capable of wielding the powerful divine purple cloud lightning and could match Money evenly.

Meanwhile, Xiang Shaoyun shifted his attention elsewhere as he headed toward Baili Yixiao again. He swung his arms repeatedly as he used the Dragonscale Arm, sending out numerous golden dragons that bombarded Baili Yixiao with a ferocious might.

Xiang Shaoyun was currently fully unleashing a presence comparable to a Sovereign's as he attempted to crush Baili Yixiao with brute force. Baili Yixiao's soul might be strong, but it still lacked behind Xiang Shaoyun's.

After smashing away numerous sword energies, Xiang Shaoyun once again approached Baili Yixiao. Both his arms lashed out akin to a pair of dragons, and Baili Yixiao was pushed back again and again.

Baili Yixiao was unable to accept the fact that he couldn't even make Xiang Shaoyun use primal inception energy. He prepared to use his trump card again, vowing to personally experience Xiang Shaoyun's strongest technique. Unfortunately, his move was sealed by Xiang Shaoyun before he could even launch it.

Enemy Sealing!

At the exact instant Baili Yixiao tried activating his technique, Xiang Shaoyun pushed his power of wind to his limits and used the Dragonscale Arm on Baili Yixiao's wrist, completely canceling the technique. A roar then burst out of his mouth, temporarily stunning Baili Yixiao. Finally, the white tiger energy burst out of him and threw the injured Baili Yixiao away.

Xiang Shaoyun then activated the Flux Finger Sword Technique, prepared to fully defeat Baili Yixiao. However, Baili Yixiao conceded before he could attack.

"You win. You have strong battle instincts," Baili Yixiao evaluated.

Xiang Shaoyun nodded before shifting his gaze to Dugu Qiubai. Just as Dugu Qiubai was about to respond, Devil Concubine charged over again.

"If you can stop this attack as well, our grudge ends here," said Devil Concubine as she swung her halberd at him.

Yin Yang Separation!

Abruptly, two energy fields of yin and yang appeared, and the Yin Yang Diagram reappeared. Time stopped, and the world seemed to have been split into two. One darkness and one light, one death and one light. Everything was separated.

Xiang Shaoyun stood still in a completely stunned state as though he had been possessed. Devil Concubine swung her halberd mercilessly at Xiang Shaoyun's head, trying to kill him for real. It was said that the powers of yin and yang could upturn heaven and earth, reversing even time. They were heaven-defying powers.

Although Devil Concubine still couldn't utilize the two powers to such an extent, she was already starting to scratch at their surfaces. The powers of yin and yang created a sort of distortion in one's perception of time, giving one an impression that the world had indeed been separated into two and time had really stopped.

Fortunately, the stun only lasted a split second. The moment the sensation emerged, his soul struggled and broke him out of it. But at that time, Devil Concubine's attack had already reached his head. Death was ever so near.

Phantom Shift!

That technique had always worked, and it did not fail Xiang Shaoyun this time either. He avoided the fatal hit, but his shoulder was still struck and was almost destroyed. He endured the pain and countered, using the Hurricane Kick repeatedly to send Devil Concubine, who couldn't defend herself in time, flying far away. That marked the end of the battle between the two, and it was quite an even fight.

But from the mere fact that Xiang Shaoyun had pushed several geniuses back in a row, the observing disciples knew that if this was a one-on-one fight, Xiang Shaoyun would definitely have a higher chance of winning. After all, he had used the primal inception energy against Dugu Qiubai earlier, and he had not used it against any other person.

As the first person to be defeated by Xiang Shaoyun, Jiu Tian wore a self-mocking look on his face. He could only blame himself for being too careless. Second to be defeated was Xiang Chenxi. He could still fight, but it would be too embarrassing to continue. After having his face stepped on and suffering a bite from Xiang Shaoyun's mount, he was happy to not have suffered any heavy injuries.

As for Baili Yixiao, he had surrendered by himself. He sincerely believed that he wasn't as ferocious as Xiang Shaoyun in a fight, and perhaps that was the difference between someone who had been on a true battlefield and one who hadn't.

After undergoing the baptism of war, Xiang Shaoyun now had some sort of an indescribable stout bearing around him. The longer he fought, the fiercer he became. As for Devil Concubine, she had succeeded in injuring Xiang Shaoyun, but she herself was sent flying. Xiang Shaoyun had fought four of them alone and had occupied the upper hand. That feat alone made his name worthy of entering the annals of history.

"With this, one of the Four Blazing Suns has been decided. Xiang Shaoyun is definitely one of them. I wonder if he can defeat Dugu Qiubai and become the first of the four?"

"That was a truly shocking battle. This fellow is definitely worthy of being called the number one cultivator below the Sovereign Realm. There is no doubting that."

"How overbearing. I really wonder how he can cultivate all nine of his powers to such an extent. Did he start cultivating since he was in his mother's womb or something?"

"Fortunately, he is the Dragon Phoenix Academy's abandoned disciple. Otherwise, the True Martial Academy would be suppressed by the Dragon Phoenix Academy. Speaking of, are the Dragon Phoenix Academy people stupid? They had actually rejected a genius of this caliber? How hilarious! Hahaha!"

The other disciples also broke out in clamor. When they looked at Xiang Shaoyun now, admiration could be seen in their eyes. Regardless of whether Xiang Shaoyun could reach a higher height in cultivation, it was undeniable that he was the strongest of his peers at the moment.

"Are you still not coming?" asked Xiang Shaoyun as he looked at Dugu Qiubai.

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