Chapter 983: Please Allow Me to Taste Defeat

Immediately after escaping the pincer attack, Xiang Shaoyun drew a graceful arc in the air as he swung his saber at Jiu Tian yet again. When cultivators fought, it was not only a competition of astral energies. Other aspects were also taken into consideration, such as winning through speed by performing a surprise move. Bu Feng was the perfect example. He was able to push his speed to the extremes, and through his speed, everyone acknowledged his strength.

This method of utilizing speed was something Xiang Shaoyun had learned from his fight with Bu Feng, and he was now applying it in his battle. He reappeared beside Jiu Tian and used the Seven Overlapping Waves Slash yet again.

This time, his speed had increased noticeably since he was using the power of wind. The frequency of his attacks grew, increasing their intensity. However, Jiu Tian was also a wind cultivator, and he was naturally not slow. Like a specter, he drifted aside and ingeniously avoided the attacks.

Before Xiang Shaoyun could give chase, Devil Concubine's halberd arrived from above. It was as though a nine-tailed fox was pouncing on him with fearsomely sharp fangs. Devil Concubine was fully locked onto Xiang Shaoyun. No matter where he ran, her attacks would continue going after him.

This time, Xiang Shaoyun no longer bothered running. Since he intended to challenge everyone, he had to display the strength sufficient to face everyone.

Wind and Lightning!

Instantly, he unleashed his wind and lightning energies. The two energies interweaved to form a storm that changed even the color of the sky. The storm tore Devil Concubine's attack apart and gave off a certain sense of danger that everyone felt.

"Little girl, since you're the one choosing to come after me, I won't hold back anymore," said Xiang Shaoyun. He charged forth like a dragon, and the Overlord Skyslaying Saber appeared in his hand. A torrential wave of saber energies was sent toward Devil Concubine.

Devil Concubine had always been a powerful combatant. Her previous encounter with Xiang Shaoyun had ended in a draw. At the time, she was injured. Now that she was no longer burdened by injuries, she was here to wash away her humiliation.

Demonic Fox's Nine Transformation!

Nine foxes appeared. Each of them assumed a different posture, and they clashed with the storm. A terrifying explosion ensued. The demonic foxes tore the storm apart and then ferociously clawed at Xiang Shaoyun.

This was Devil Concubine's true strength. With Xiang Shaoyun using only two of his stars, he still couldn't threaten her. And if this was all Xiang Shaoyun could do, he would not be qualified to challenge everyone.

Lightning Calamity Fiery Star!

Initially, there were only the powers of wind and lightning on the battlefield. With this technique, a third power was introduced, and it gave Devil Concubine a fright, forcing her to make a swift retreat.

Xiang Shaoyun grabbed onto the opening and pushed forth with the three energies and launched a barrage of attacks toward Devil Concubine. Devil Concubine was no pushover, and she fought back with her full strength. An intense battle erupted.

At the same time, Baili Yixiao and Little Overlord started fighting each other. Both of them disdained working together against someone, so they decided to fight each other and get rid of more competitors instead.

Meanwhile, Jiu Tian issued Dugu Qiubai a challenge, "You still going to continue acting all calm? Come fight me. I'll let you get a taste of defeat."

This time, Dugu Qiubai did not reject the challenge. Instead, he set his eyes on more targets. He spread his five fingers and sent five finger beams toward five different individuals. The finger beams were extremely powerful, and they moved at an imperceptible speed. Instantly, they reached the five targets.

Dugu Qiubai was actually challenging five opponents at the same time. Xiang Shaoyun and Devil Concubine were forced to stop their intense battle as the fearsomely destructive finger beams headed toward them.

The same happened to Baili Yixiao and Xiang Chenxi. They both had unhappy expressions because of the interruption. As for Jiu Tian, he transformed into a phantom as he dodged the finger beam.

Then, Dugu Qiubai slowly drifted forward. He swept his gaze past all five of them and said, "Please allow me to taste defeat."

A longing look appeared on his ordinary-looking face, as though he had been waiting a long time to taste defeat. He wondered if anyone here could fulfill his wish. When Xiang Shaoyun challenged everyone earlier, he presented himself with arrogance. On the other hand, Dugu Qiubai was displaying the loneliness of someone standing at the very peak.

Xiang Shaoyun came to a realization that each genius was a lofty and unyielding individual. If he wanted to challenge everyone here, he had to show a strength sufficient to suppress all of them. And that was precisely what Dugu Qiubai had just demonstrated with his finger beams.

"Dugu Qiubai, I alone am enough," said Jiu Tian solemnly. His entire person transformed into a gust of purpleflame wind that rushed toward Dugu Qiubai.

"Reincarnator, you don't cut it," said Dugu Qiubai. A five-colored radiance shone on his palm as he pressed his palm at the purpleflame wind blade.


A deafening explosion erupted. The five-colored radiance fully dispersed Jiu Tian's momentum, and even the purpleflame wind blade failed to harm the radiance.

"Primal chaos energy!" Jiu Tian exclaimed as his pupils shrank.

Of the many physiques, the nine-star physique was not the strongest. Rather, a type of physique known as the Primal Chaos Physique was the strongest. Someone with this physique would only have five stars, but the five stars correlated innately with the five elements.

As a martial fanatic who had such a powerful physique, it was no surprise that he would name himself Quibai, which meant Seeking Defeat.

"I knew this would happen. But I am Son of Lightning reincarnated. So what if you have the Primal Chaos Physique?" said Xiang Chenxi confidently with his purple halberd in hand.

He also summoned his mount, the purple lightning horse. Against Dugu Qiubai, he needed his mount to fight alongside him. 

Baili Yixiao wiped his sword with a smile as though he was gently stroking the face of his lover. A look of excitement appeared on his face as he said, "It was said that the righteous would never be defeated. It is time for my Unrivalled Righteous Sword Technique to display its might."

Jiu Tian maintained the same calmness on his face. Nine swords of differing lengths appeared behind him, making him clear that he was getting serious as well. 

Meanwhile, Devil Concubine completely disregarded everything that was happening. She continued staring at Xiang Shaoyun coldly, preparing to attack him at full strength once again.

However, she was similarly disregarded by Xiang Shaoyun. 

Xiang Shaoyun looked at Dugu Qiubai and said nonchalantly, "Primal Chaos Physique? So what? Let me show you the true strongest physique."

He then charged Dugu Qiubai and sent a nine-colored fist flying toward him.

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