Chapter 914: Reunion of Brothers

The outer fringe of the Dragon Phoenix Mountain Range was filled with demonic beasts, but few of them were Sovereigns. Thus, Xiang Shaoyun's group did not encounter many beasts capable of matching them in their journey.

After getting Money to hunt a few peak Demon Emperors, he had Money lead the three vicious birds to hunt around and train. They did not need to follow him to the Dragon Phoenix City.

"You three little fellows need to work hard and grow stronger. With your current strength, you are still too weak," Xiang Shaoyun reminded the birds.

"Don't worry, boss. We'll become the strongest vicious birds!" answered Vicious One.

"That's right. We are born mighty. Who dares to strive against us?" said Vicious Two.

Xiang Shaoyun slapped Vicious Two's head and said, "Just earlier, you were being chased by a crane to the point you pissed yourself. And now you're here bluffing?"

"Th-That was because I couldn't bear to harm her because she's so tiny," said Vicious Two gloomily.

Vicious Three was the youngest of the three, but he was the strongest. He said, "Boss, we won't disappoint you!"

"Um. Train yourself by fighting those in the same realm, and learn more offensive methods. I can't help you with that, but I believe you will definitely grow stronger," said Xiang Shaoyun. "Money, lead them properly. Don't help unless it's critical. Make sure they grow in the harshest environment possible."

"Hehe, don't worry, boss. I will make sure they wish they were dead," said Money with a grin.

From the look on his face, it was obvious he was planning to properly torture the three little brothers he had just gotten. After all, an unpolished jade wouldn't shine. If the three vicious birds wanted to grow, their innate viciousness needed to be stimulated. Only then would they be able to create their own path through slaughter.

Xiang Shaoyun left with Aikai, leaving Money and the three vicious birds to their own devices. At the Dragon Phoenix City, he headed straight for the Dragon Phoenix Restaurant, which was the location he told Liang Zhuangmin to have Devouring Ghost meet him. 

The restaurant was as busy as usual, with customers entering and leaving continuously. Xiang Shaoyun entered and scanned the restaurant. Sure enough, a young man was seated at a corner of the restaurant. A look of joy surfaced on Xiang Shaoyun's face as he strode toward the young man.

Halfway there, the young man stood up and greeted respectfully, "Greetings, young master."

"Um. Let's drink as we talk," said Xiang Shaoyun joyfully.

The young man nodded and called a waiter over. He ordered two jars of liquor, and the two started drinking. They did not talk much, only focusing on drinking and eating some meat. They conversed on idle topics and did not touch on anything special. When they were done, they left the restaurant and started leaving the city.

They moved quickly, and before long, they reached a spot in the forest with no other people.

"You're here alone?" asked Xiang Shaoyun.

"This is important, so we don't need anyone else here," answered the young man.

"Good. Isolate this place first. We'll talk after," said Xiang Shaoyun.

The young man nodded and used a technique to isolate the area from the outside world. Xiang Shaoyun also had Aikai stand guard to make sure nobody approached them.

Finally, Xiang Shaoyun commanded, "Scarlet Flame Monarch, come out."

At that, Scarlet Flame Monarch appeared before him and laughed in excitement, "Haha, I, Scarlet Flame Monarch, am finally free!"

Not even the young man's restriction could block Scarlet Flame Monarch's excited voice. It went right through.

Xiang Shaoyun quickly stopped him. "Flame Monarch, stop shouting. Things will get troublesome if someone notices us."

Scarlet Flame Monarch was lost in his joy for a moment, but Xiang Shaoyun's reminder caused him to quickly shut his mouth. He apologized, "Sorry, Master. If I didn't vent that out, I would have gone crazy. I feel much better now."

Xiang Shaoyun did not say anything, but the young man facing him exclaimed in agitation, "Y-you're really Second Brother Scarlet Flame!"

Scarlet Flame Monarch looked at the foreign youth and frowned as he asked, "Who are you?"

Not many people addressed him as second brother, but each person who would was extremely intimate with him. However, Scarlet Flame Monarch was completely unfamiliar with the young man before him. Even so, the young man was probably trustworthy since he was someone Xiang Shaoyun brought here. Furthermore, the young man gave him a sense of closeness.

"Second brother, I'm Devouring Ghost!" said the emotional Devouring Ghost.

That's right. The young man was none other than Devouring Ghost. He only looked so young because he had taken over Linggu Haonan's body, gaining a new look.

Scarlet Flame Monarch shivered, and his eyes widened. He raised his brows and asked emotionally, "Y-You're really Devouring Ghost?"

Scarlet Flame Monarch had long heard from Xiang Shaoyun that Devouring Ghost had gained his freedom by taking over a new body. Thus, he was aware that Devouring Ghost had a new look. He already believed that this youth was Devouring Ghost, but he needed a final confirmation before he could fully trust it.

"Second brother, I'm really Devouring Ghost! Back then, the five of us were known as the strongest Heaven Battling generals. We accompanied our master and waged war across the lands, sweeping through the world. Who doesn't know us? Who doesn't recognize us?" replied Devouring Ghost with a heroic air.

"Fourth brother, it's really you!" Scarlet Flame Monarch's eyes flickered as he shouted emotionally before giving Devouring Ghost a big hug.

"Second brother!" Devouring Ghost couldn't repress the joy in his heart, and he teared up.

These two were truly tough guys and would rather bleed than shed tears, but they were actually crying loudly right now. It was obvious the separation of 10,000 years had not extinguished their feelings for each other. Rather, it had helped them show their true feelings. It was said that men would not cry easily, but that was only because they had yet to be pushed to the extremes.

Back then, they were iron generals who fought on numerous bloody battlefields, spreading their reputation far and wide. They were heroic and majestic, but time was merciless. Everything had changed, and they were no longer the same people from back then.

Looking at the two, Xiang Shaoyun's eyes grew misty. Scenes started flashing through his mind as some of his past memories started surfacing again.

In his memories, he was a purple-haired young man. Seated on a black horse, he wielded a saber and led five young men as they roamed the world. They had slaughtered the rulers of beasts, obliterated numerous powerful opponents, and rampaged through the territories of numerous ancient races. They had also suffered numerous injuries and encountered many hardships, but they had overcome it all together. Ultimately, they built a powerful army and waged wars across the world, aiming to be the best of the best.

They were frivolous young men with raging ambitions, fearing nothing in the world. With their fearlessness, they became feared all over the world. But because of that, calamity befell them. The many ancient races and rulers joined hands to defeat them, killing and imprisoning them.

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