Chapter 912: Leaving the Academy

Xiang Shaoyun smoothly took Scarlet Flame Monarch into his astral cosmos sea without any mishaps. He could say that Scarlet Flame Monarch wasn't feeling any discomfort in it.

"Master, i-is this really your astral cosmos sea?" Scarlet Flame Monarch was speechless.

"Yes. You don't feel unwell, right?" said Xiang Shaoyun.

"No. But this feels like an actual star. Although it is tiny, and the energy in here is quite weak, it can sustain life without any trouble," said Scarlet Flame Monarch. Joy covered his face as he said, "Master, you have indeed defied the heavens. This star is a world in itself, and further extension will basically make you a god of this world. You will develop even more heaven-defying abilities." 

Who was Scarlet Flame Monarch? He was once a peak Heaven Battling Realm cultivator. He had great insight, and with one glance, he could see just how special Xiang Shaoyun's astral cosmos sea was. He also realized that his master would grow into an existence that was far stronger than the previous him.

Xiang Shaoyun hoped that Scarlet Flame Monarch was right, and he did not say anything else. He retrieved Yu Yuchen's corpse as well. This was the corpse of a Saint. Apart from his belongings, his body was a treasure itself. After all, a Heaven Battling Realm cultivator was strong enough to battle the heavens and had surpassed all things mundane. This was a combat body that was entirely different from a mortal body, and its flesh and bones could be used as materials for weapon forging or serve as a source of inspiration while comprehending the Heaven Battling Realm.

After retrieving the body, Xiang Shaoyun took out the chakram and slashed above him. The basement was still sealed, and he wasn't strong enough to break out of it. He could only borrow the chakram's ability to split space so he could return to the main hall.

He smoothly returned to the main hall, and after putting away the chakram, he rushed outside. At this time, the wolf guard reappeared beside him and escorted him as he left. The wolf guard did not see Xiang Shaoyun bringing anyone out, but he also couldn't sense Yu Yuchen anymore. Thus, he was rather bewildered.

Right after Xiang Shaoyun and the wolf guard arrived back at the academy, several elders stopped them. One of them was even a high-level elder. This was quite an elite group.

"What is the meaning of this?" demanded the wolf guard unhappily.

"You're asking us? The soul lantern of the elder guarding the Castle of Darkness has been extinguished. Did you guys kill him?" questioned the high-level elder furiously.

"That has nothing to do with me!" denied the wolf guard with a tone that wasn't exactly polite.

"Elder Yu was killed after you entered the Castle of Darkness. How can you deny it?" said the high-level elder with a frown.

"You better investigate properly before throwing accusations at me, or I won't hold back against you!" replied the wolf guard unyieldingly.

The high-level elder hesitated somewhat before he said, "Fine. You better not leave the academy. I will uphold justice for you two if it turns out you're really not the killers. Look after them. Do not allow them to leave the academy."

He then left for the Castle of Darkness with two of his men. The wolf guard strode away, ignoring the people now following them. Xiang Shaoyun did the same. Nobody would have guessed that he was the culprit behind Yu Yuchen's death.

Looks like I need to leave immediately, thought Xiang Shaoyun.

Although nobody would suspect him as the killer, he feared that the elder would search the basement and use a scene restoration technique. That would bring him serious trouble.

When Xiang Shaoyun and the wolf guard arrived at 1 Dragon Villa, the wolf guard handed him a jade plate and said, "Young master, Master told me to give this to you. When tempering yourself outside in the future, you will definitely encounter many dangers. When you encounter something you can't solve, crush this token, and it will save you. Remember, it will only work once, so don't waste it unless absolutely necessary."

Xiang Shaoyun knew that the jade plate was basically a protective talisman. He quickly took it and said, "Thank Master for me."

"Um. Time waits for no one. You need to leave quickly. They won't suspect you anyway," said the wolf guard.

He had not imagined that Yu Yuchen would actually be killed. It was proof of how terrifying the person locked in the basement was. But since he saw Xiang Shaoyun coming out alone, he suspected that Xiang Shaoyun was still too weak to free that person.

Regardless, so long as Xiang Shaoyun was safe, he did not care about anything else. Xiang Shaoyun nodded and called over the three vicious birds that he had been keeping in the villa. He also summoned Aikai, who had been in seclusion all this time.

After the tempering at the Desert of Despair, the three birds had grown to a point where they were decently powerful. Their wings could now send out yellow blade energies that were incredibly sharp.

They were now late-stage Kings. Their growth had been rapid. As for Aikai, he had smoothly entered the Sovereign Realm. This was the result of his long seclusion.

"With the growth of your strength, do you still intend to follow me?" Xiang Shaoyun asked.

Fire of ambition lit up in Aikai's eyes, but he could clearly sense a terrifyingly explosive power in Xiang Shaoyun's body. Xiang Shaoyun had also advanced by several stages since they last met, and he did not think himself to be Xiang Shaoyun's match even though he was already a Sovereign. He hurriedly nodded and answered, "I left with you, Master, so I can experience the interesting world outside. I will naturally continue following you."

"Not bad. I thought you would opt to leave, to be honest," said Xiang Shaoyun with a smile.

After keeping the three birds in his astral cosmos sea, he started leaving with Aikai by his side. He did not intend to notify anyone of his departure as he hated the sorrow of separation. He only wanted to quietly leave.

However, not all things would happen as one wished. When leaving, it was unavoidable that other disciples would see him. Someone suddenly shouted, "The overlord is leaving the academy!"

With that one shout, Overlord Legion members flooded out in all directions. Some members of other factions also appeared. The Overlord Legion members stayed silent when they arrived and silently followed behind Xiang Shaoyun, seeing him off.

As for the members of other factions, out of respect for the strong, they also joined the farewell procession.

The elders observing the procession in the dark did not stop it. They only suspected the wolf guard to be involved in Yu Yuchen's death. After all, his strength was clear for all to see. Xiang Shaoyun was leaving alone, and that was proof that he had nothing to do with Yu Yuchen's death.

No matter how amazing an Emperor was, he wouldn't be able to kill a Saint. That was their conclusion, a conclusion anyone normal would make. Thus, they only observed silently and did not stop the departure. Little did they know, he was the actual culprit.

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