Chapter 905: Seeing the Goldmen Again

Han Chenfei downed one bowl of liquor after another, and her face was flushed red from all the alcohol. She looked incredibly alluring, and her eyes were incredibly charming. No man would be able to stay calm after seeing her current appearance. Was Xiang Shaoyun truly so cold to reject her?

If this was in the past, Xiang Shaoyun would not mind having another woman by his side. But after the emotional stress he had suffered previously, he had been intentionally staying away from romance. He wanted to focus fully on cultivation. For matters involving the heart, he would let it all happen naturally and see if time could bring his heart out of the shackles he had built around it.

Han Chenfei was completely drunk, and anyone who saw her now would feel sympathy for her. Lady Shura couldn't bear watching her like this, so she brought her into a room to rest. As for Tang Longfei and the others, they left one after another.

Xiang Shaoyun was left alone in the courtyard. Looking at the empty courtyard, he lifted his head and gazed at the crescent moon hanging in the starry sky. An indescribable sense of loneliness welled within him.

Since young, he had been an optimistic and carefree person. He had never lacked friends. But after the betrayal of his brother and woman, he had built a mental barrier against any new people he knew. But now, in the moment of separation from the Overlord Legion, he was turning melancholy.

"All things come to an end. The separation today is for a better reunion in the future," Lady Shura's gentle voice rang out from behind him.

Xiang Shaoyun replied, "You're right. I was getting too emotional."

Lady Shura hugged him from behind and said, "No, you merely care too much for those around you, which is why you're feeling emotional. If you were cold-blooded, wouldn't you feel nothing?"

"True. Perhaps I should become colder," said Xiang Shaoyun with a sigh.

"I want to leave with you," offered Lady Shura.

"No. You're even more talented than Big Brother Tang. I hope you can one day enter the Dragon Phoenix List's top 10," Xiang Shaoyun rejected firmly.

Lady Shura had an eight-star physique. She also had the Shura Physique. With Xiang Shaoyun's help, she was now at the fifth-stage Dragon Ascension Realm. Her cultivation speed was not slow by any means, and she only lacked some fortuitous encounters. If she obtained those fortuitous encounters, her cultivation speed would only soar.

She nodded and said, "I'll listen to your arrangements."

"Um. I'll take you to one place. Cultivate there in the future. It will be much more efficient," said Xiang Shaoyun before heading toward the teleportation formation at the academy's main square.

The moment Xiang Shaoyun left the villa, the wolf guard followed behind him. Soon, they arrived at the teleportation formations connected to the nine great cultivation zones. Using a teleportation formation, they entered the Vicious Steel Mist zone.

The overseer there wanted to stop Xiang Shaoyun from using the formation, but he immediately shut his mouth when he saw the wolf guard. In the Vicious Steel Mist, Xiang Shaoyun brought Lady Shura straight to the goldmen territory.

The academy disciples did not dare to approach the goldmen territory for fear of offending the goldmen, but it was not a concern for Xiang Shaoyun. He had long befriended Prince Edoli, and the goldmen were all aware of him. As a friend of the race, he would not be hunted down.

Unsurprisingly, when Xiang Shaoyun and Lady Shura reached the border of their territory, a goldman discovered them. Instead of attacking, the goldman cheered, "Respected guest of my race, you're finally visiting again. It will be our honor to host you."

"Haha. Hello! How is Prince Edoli doing?" asked Xiang Shaoyun as he greeted the goldman that looked more like a miniature mountain.

"The prince is doing very well. He will be happy to see you. Let me show you the way," said the goldman.

His entire body was shining with a brilliant gold radiance, and he possessed an intimidating physique. Both Xiang Shaoyun and Lady Shura looked like midgets standing by his side. With a goldman leading the way, the two entered the goldmen territory easily. They started heading toward Prince Edoli's place.

Along the way, they met a lot of goldmen. Xiang Shaoyun greeted all of them with a smile on his face, and they all responded amicably. Lady Shura was completely astonished.

It was not that she had never entered the Vicious Steel Mist before. She had even heard of disciples being killed by the goldmen after intruding into their territory in search of primegold fruits. And yet, Xiang Shaoyun was actually completely fine when he entered the goldmen territory, and he even looked very friendly with them. She couldn't understand what was happening.

Xiang Shaoyun once said that he had a decent relationship with the goldmen. At that time, Lady Shura did not think much of it, but now, she truly believed him. Traveling across the goldmen territory, she saw many gold elemental herbs and materials. This place was like a paradise for her.

Before long, they arrived at Edoli's place. The prince personally came out to greet Xiang Shaoyun when he heard of their arrival. "My dear friend, you're finally here to visit your old pal."

Edoli was much larger than a regular goldman, and his entire body shone with a majestic gold radiance, giving one an impression that this was how a true gold giant should look like. That was the truth, as Edoli had upgraded his bloodline and returned to his roots, becoming a gold giant. That was all thanks to Xiang Shaoyun's gold lunar liquid.

Back then, Edoli had offered the gold tree sapling and the Desolation mantra to trade for the liquid, and he was still filled with gratitude toward Xiang Shaoyun.

Xiang Shaoyun laughed heartily and said, "Haha, my apologies, prince. There are too many things I need to do, and I really have no choice. Am I not here now?" 

"It's great to see you. Please come in. We have some catching up to do," said the friendly prince.

With his status, when Edoli welcomed guests, precious fruits and drinks would naturally be served.

Xiang Shaoyun did not hold back and started eating the spirit fruits while circulating his cultivation method to dissolve the energy in the fruit. He even invited Lady Shura to do the same, "Lady Shura, you don't have to be polite. Just eat whatever you want. This will greatly help your cultivation."

"Brother Xiang, is this your wife?" Edoli asked.

"That's right. I'm bringing her here to see you, prince. I hope she can stay in your territory and cultivate for a period of time. Are you fine with that, prince?" Xiang Shaoyun went straight to the point.

"Haha, of course I'm happy. I'm more than happy to play host. My sister-in-law is welcome to visit at any time," agreed Edoli in a carefree manner.

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