Chapter 900: Anger of the Legion

The 1 Dragon Villa could hold over 300 people at once, and now, it was filled with over 1,000 people. These were all Overlord Legion members. They rarely gathered in such large numbers, but they were all here. They wanted to know why Xiang Shaoyun was expelled since they couldn't accept the decision.

Ouyang Chuanqi, Han Chenfei, Tang Longfei, Zhuge Zhantian, and the others were all gathered inside the villa with solemn expressions.

"Who knows what's going on?" Ouyang Chuanqi asked.

"I want to know as well. What is wrong with the academy to expel the overlord? Just what crime has he committed?" Tang Longfei demanded furiously.

"I don't know. All I can find out is that after leaving the Book Pavilion, the overlord got into a conflict with some overseers. He was then taken away by some people and has not been seen since then," said Han Chenfei.

Zhuge Zhantian said solemnly, "I asked my master, and he said that the overlord is safe. However, the overlord has offended some people and killed the descendants of some people. Therefore, he is being expelled. Moreover...the overlord has devil blood flowing in his body."

"I heard the same from my master. But the overlord once entered the Devil Domain with me. So it's not surprising that he had refined some devil blood. I think the main reason for his punishment is him killing the descendants of an elder," said Shou Xie.

"Is it because the overlord killed Mo Xiaoqing in the primary-grade battleground? He is the descendant of Elder Mo from the local faction," said someone else. 

Everyone had their own guesses, but the only thing they could confirm was that Xiang Shaoyun was getting expelled.

"We need to find the overlord. He must still be somewhere in the academy, or there won't be any way of reversing this decision," said Shang Jifeng.

"Yeah, where is the overlord? Even if he is expelled, they should release him. Did something happen to him?"

"We can't allow the overlord to be expelled like this. In the battleground, people are killing each other for ranks. What, just because someone is the descendant of an elder, that person does not need to die? What about all our brothers and sisters that were killed in the battleground as well?" 

"That's right. We need to seek an explanation from the principal. We need to keep the overlord in the academy!"


Xiang Shaoyun enjoyed high prestige within the Overlord Legion, and nobody could sit still when something was happening to him. They all wanted to seek justice for him. But before they could set off, a figure descended from the sky.

When they looked up, they saw that Elder Xiao Wei had graced them with his presence. They saluted him and greeted, "Greetings, Elder Xiao."

Xiao Wei looked at them with a complicated expression and said, "You may rise. I am here to update you on Xiang Shaoyun's status. He is your leader, but after accidentally killing the descendant of a previous generation elder, he has broken the no-infighting rule of the academy. Thus, he is expelled. Don't create a fuss out of this, and don't question the academy's decision, or you will be punished as well."

He was here on behalf of the academy. For him to personally give them an explanation, one could say that he was already taking great care of their mental state. If the academy hadn't sent Xiao Wei over, what kind of troubles would these disciples cause? They wouldn't be able to do much unless they wished to be expelled as well.

"Elder Xiao, which elder's descendant did the overlord kill to be punished so heavily?" someone asked.

"Elder Xiao, is there no way to change this? The overlord is one of the top three disciples. If he represents the academy to fight the other three academies, he will win more victories for us!" said someone else.

The others also started speaking, all of them wanting to clarify the matter.

"I won't answer these questions. Since he has broken the rule, he has to be punished. Nothing will get done without proper rules. Let Xiang Shaoyun himself explain his side to you when he's back," said Xiao Wei before vanishing into thin air.

The Overlord Legion members were at a loss as to what to do now.

"I am withdrawing from the academy. This is too unfair!" roared Tang Longfei furiously.

He was extremely close with Xiang Shaoyun, and he knew Xiang Shaoyun well. Generally, Xiang Shaoyun wouldn't seek trouble for those who had not provoked him. But with Xiang Shaoyun being expelled, it was clear someone else was at fault here. He could not hold his anger in anymore.

"Deputy commander, calm down. Let's wait for the overlord's return before doing anything," persuaded someone.

"That's right. Everyone, let's disperse for now. We'll talk after the overlord is back. Everyone can talk to your backers and try to see if we can salvage this. We can't just sit around and do nothing," suggested Ouyang Chuanqi.

Everyone agreed. Many of them were disciples of elders. Thus, they believed they could at least do something for the overlord.


In the depths of the academy was a grand elder who had been in seclusion for many years. Today, he was suddenly taking guests again. He might not be one of the top grand elders, but he was still a veteran with combat strength that could not be underestimated.

The grand elder had a huge build, and his bright red hair was incredibly conspicuous. His pair of eyes were akin to a pair of bright suns that not many would dare to look straight at. Wearing a simple sleeveless garment, his explosive muscles were bared for the world to see. The muscles contained boundless strength, and he looked like he was sculpted from stone.

He looked to be about 30 or 40 years old, but if someone knew his true age, that person would exclaim that he was an old monster in shock. Standing before this grand elder was a red-haired beauty. She was akin to a fire fairy that had descended from the heavens, exuding boundless grace and beauty.

This woman was none other than Yu Caidie, the academy's number one beauty. Only she could be so exceptionally beautiful. She was actually conversing with the grand elder on an equal footing, something many people would find hard to believe. Even with her extraordinary status, as a junior, how could she be on an equal footing with an elder like this?

"Who is the culprit for the whole incident with the overlord?" asked Yu Caidie.

The grand elder replied, "Old Situ and the grand elder from the Mo Clan. The two pressured the other grand elders together, but they mainly relied on the command token the Mo Clan inherited from the previous principal. With the esteemed status of the previous principal, everyone has to show him some respect. Of course, there are also a lot of grand elders protecting Xiang Shaoyun. He would have been executed otherwise." 

"They dare?" said Yu Caidie, a baleful look rarely seen on her face surfacing.

"Holy maiden, is he a reincarnator like you?" asked the grand elder cautiously.

"He is different from me. In this life, he will definitely become the strongest overlord of the nine heavens and ten lands," declared Yu Caidie confidently.

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