Chapter 899: Strength Is Everything

The whole incident with Xiang Shaoyun being disfigured and everything else was sealed up by the principal. Nobody was allowed to say a word of this to those not involved. After all, this was a major scandal of infighting, and they couldn't let it spread.

Xiang Shaoyun was brought away by the wolfman, and nobody dared to stop them. As for the principal, he brought the elders to the meeting hall to talk about follow-up actions.

As for Situ Mingyu, Mo Luo, Shadowflash, and Feng Huosuo, they weren't in the discussion since they were personally involved in the incident. They went to look for their respective backers, trying to join up together and pressure their superiors. They insisted on dealing with Xiang Shaoyun resolutely, to at least expel him. After expelling him, they would be able to kill him easily.

Soon, Xiang Shaoyun was brought to the Back Graveyard. The gravekeeper elder was standing before the spartan house, standing with his hands behind his back. His empty eyes still seemed capable of seeing through the universe.

After bringing Xiang Shaoyun there, the wolfman knelt down on one knee and said respectfully, "Greetings, Master."

Xiang Shaoyun also paid his respects, "This disciple greets the master."

He had not imagined that his master had always been paying attention to him. In fact, he had thought that this master had never acknowledged him as a disciple. Gravekeeper elder waved at the wolfman to send him away. The wolfman did not dare disobey and instantly vanished into thin air.

"Do you feel indignant and unwell being injured to this extent?" asked the gravekeeper elder without even looking at Xiang Shaoyun.

Xiang Shaoyun replied honestly, "Yes, I feel indignant and unwell."

"What do you think you should do if something similar repeats in the future?" the gravekeeper elder continued asking.

Xiang Shaoyun clenched his fists and answered, "If I'm not strong enough, I'll die. If I'm strong enough, I won't have to fear anyone. Whoever dares to lift a hand against me will be repaid tenfold."

"You're right. The crux is your lack of strength. If you are stronger than them, how would they dare to move against you? They will be too busy avoiding you. We live in a world where strength is everything," said the gravekeeper elder. "You are still young, so it's not too bad that you get to experience something like this. Only by experiencing it will you deeply remember that feeling in your heart. Only then would you put more effort into cultivation, growing stronger and stronger, before finally becoming a tyrant of your generation that nobody dares to provoke."

Xiang Shaoyun nodded seriously. "I understand, Master."

He had been growing at lightning speed and had grown complacent. In truth, the faction he led was still too weak to be relied upon. Only by becoming strong himself would nobody dare to bully him anymore. Thus, his main priority should be to become as strong as he could.

"Yes, strength is everything. This is merely a part of your life experience. In the future, you will be able to wash off this humiliation with blood," said the gravekeeper elder. A bottle appeared in his hand. He tossed it over and said, "This is a bottle of scar cleansing water. Use it and you can erase all scars from your face."

Xiang Shaoyun accepted the bottle, but he did not use it immediately. He thanked gratefully, "Thank you, Master. But I want to try healing by myself first."

He sat down cross-legged and activated the profundity of wood. At the same time, he used the Secret Reversal Technique, causing pure wood energy to converge around him. The energy transformed into a pure life force that nurtured his face. He could feel the wounds on his face slowly closing up.

For the first time today, the gravekeeper elder turned around to look at him. It was as though there were stars swirling in his pair of empty eyes that could see through even the universe, not to mention Xiang Shaoyun.

"Profundity of wood, essence of life. Not bad. Looks like you've learned a bit of these," praised the gravekeeper elder. This was very rare, as although he had taught Xiang Shaoyun before, he had basically never offered any praise. This single praise of his was incredibly precious.

As the life force nurtured the wounds, the flesh on Xiang Shaoyun's face started growing and healing. Soon, the scars closed, and the blood stopped flowing. Even so, numerous scars were still left on his face, as though someone had carved numerous centipedes across his face. His previously handsome face now looked somewhat revolting.

Xiang Shaoyun did not stop the convergence of energy. He continued nourishing his face with life force, and finally, even the scars were gone.

When Xiang Shaoyun felt like everything had returned to normal, he formed an ice mirror and looked at it. Seeing that he no longer had any scars, he muttered, "Good thing I preserved my handsome face. Otherwise, it wouldn't be enough punishment even if that b*tch dies 10 times."

"Don't get cocky. You are merely displaying a low-level healing technique. It is nothing. If your wounds had been caused by some unique weapons or corrosive poison, just your low-level healing technique wouldn't work. You need to deepen your comprehension of life force, reaching the essence of the technique. Only then will you be able to instantly heal your wounds. In the future, you might even stand a chance at regrowing your entire body from a drop of blood," said the gravekeeper elder. "Stay here for a while to talk about the dao with me. Show me how much you have improved apart from your growth in cultivation level."

Gravekeeper elder did not mention a word of Xiang Shaoyun's devil blood. Evidently, he did not care. Of course, he also didn't mention anything about Situ Mingyu, Mo Luo, and the others, as though all that was unrelated to him. He was sticking to the role of a pure gravekeeper.

Xiang Shaoyun was overjoyed. Each time he received a lesson from the gravekeeper elder, he benefited greatly. He wished for nothing more than to stay by the gravekeeper elder's side every day and talk about the dao.

One old man and one young man sat before the spartan house and started talking about the dao, completely oblivious to everything that was happening in the world. 

A few days passed, and a decision was finally made about Xiang Shaoyun's incident. His spot in the competition of the four academies was removed, and he was expelled from the academy.

News of his punishment created a massive commotion in the academy. Who was Xiang Shaoyun?

He was the owner of a high-grade nine-star physique. He was one of the top three geniuses on the Dragon Phoenix List. He was also the leader of the Overlord Legion and could fight the strongest disciples of the academy evenly. He was actually expelled from the academy, and it was incredibly hard to believe.

Not only were the Overlord Legion members unable to accept it, but even some other disciples were filled with disbelief.

"What is wrong with the academy? How can they make such a decision?"

"Was the incident from a few days ago related to him? What is going on? Why did this happen without any news leaking?"

"If he was expelled after failing to cultivate nine powers, it would be understandable. But he had successfully fused nine powers, unleashing a powerful combat strength. He has a bright future ahead of him. I don't understand why the academy is doing this."

"Xiang Shaoyun has been too arrogant and has offended too many people. Perhaps not even the elders can stand him anymore, so they expelled him."

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