Chapter 895: Clash of Elders

"Mo Luo, stop them for a bit," said Situ Mingyu, viewing Xiao Wei with complete disregard. He sent a powerful burst of consciousness into Xiang Shaoyun's soul, trying to erase the soul forcefully.

Situ Mingyu was at the Heaven Battling Realm, a Saint. His soul was incredibly powerful, strong enough to turn the soul into a clone. Forcefully invading Xiang Shaoyun's mind space was like a walk in the park for him.

Xiang Shaoyun's Nether Soul Domain was unable to stop the invasion, and Situ Mingyu's consciousness assumed the shape of a palm that grabbed at his soul. Unable to avoid the palm, Xiang Shaoyun could only hide inside the Nether Dragon Soul Headband and focused on defending, hoping he could survive.

He also started chanting the Nether Dragon Soul Curse, creating numerous ancient symbols that hovered around him. Instead of attacking the palm, they orbited his soul and protected him. At the same time, the Nether Dragon Soul Headband started exuding an ancient aura that combined with the symbols to form a unique defensive barrier, stopping the palm in its path.

Situ Mingyu sensed what was happening, and his eyes gleamed as he said, "Incredibly powerful soul, and something seems to be blocking my consciousness attack. Looks like you keep a lot of secrets, kid."

Just as he was about to continue his attack, Xiao Wei and the fifth elder rushed into the room. Mo Luo alone couldn't stop the two of them.

"Elder Situ, what are you doing!" shouted Xiao Wei when he saw Xiang Shaoyun's ruined face. He ignored Situ Mingyu's status and rushed over toward Xiang Shaoyun.

Situ Mingyu did not continue attacking, but he said coldly, "Xiao Wei, look at the corpse on the ground. My only granddaughter was killed by this bastard. You're asking me what I'm doing?"

Mo Luo also chimed in, "That's right. This kid is a devil. True to his nature as a devil, he had harmed his fellow disciple. That is punishable with death!"

"The truth will reveal whether he is a devil. But the two of you are bullying a member of the younger generation, kidnapping one of the academy's top three disciples to torture him privately. You were even planning to kill him. Nobody can withstand the principal's wrath if he finds out about this," said Xiao Wei, feeling intensely guilty toward Xiang Shaoyun, whose face was completely ruined.

He was the guardian elder the academy had appointed for Xiang Shaoyun. He had assumed that Xiang Shaoyun would be safe in the academy, so he hadn't been keeping a close watch on him. Thus, he felt responsible for all that had happened.

"I don't care who he is, but he needs to pay with his life for killing my granddaughter," said Situ Mingyu, trying to make use of his status to pressure Xiao Wei.

Mo Luo said, "We were only trying to figure out if he is really a devil, but he actually resisted and killed Elder Situ's granddaughter and the overseers. A devil like this must be executed!"

He then launched a terrifying finger beam toward Xiang Shaoyun, ignoring what the other elders had to say.

Xiao Wei blocked the attack and stood before Xiang Shaoyun. He glared at Mo Luo and said, "Elder Mo Luo, are you trying to kill an important witness before we can figure out what happened?"

"The truth is clear for all to see. If you want to stop me, I'll just cripple you as well," threatened Mo Luo resentfully.

Situ Mingyu also threatened, "Xiao Wei, get lost. That little strength you have is not enough to stop us."

Xiao Wei paled and had no choice but to look at Zhang Wujing, hoping that he would help. Zhang Wujing knew that he could completely avoid getting involved, so he said, "We need to first figure out the truth. In my opinion, we need to call a meeting between the elders to see what the other elders have to say. After all, he is one of the academy's top three disciples. He needs to represent us in the competition of four academies soon. If we kill him now, we are only weakening ourselves."

"So my granddaughter is going to die for nothing?" asked Situ Mingyu furiously.

Mo Luo said coldly, "Having a devil represent us is an insult. We might as well just kill him. There are so many geniuses in the academy. He alone won't make much difference."

Zhang Wujing was about to say something when two powerful auras started heading their way. Soon, two people appeared before the room. They were none other than Feng Huosuo and Shadowflash.

"Everyone, we sensed some devilish aura, so we rushed over. What happened here?" Shadowflash asked with a wide smile on his face.

"Is there a devil creating trouble here?" Feng Huosuo asked with a sarcastic tone.

Both newcomers were elders, with Shadowflash being a high-level elder. Thus, they were not lacking in terms of status. From their behavior, it was obvious who their actual target was.

"You're just in time. A devil just murdered Elder Situ's granddaughter and a few overseers. Tell me, is this not punishable with death?" asked Mo Luo.

Mo Luo had long known that these two probably hated Xiang Shaoyun as well. That was why he asked the question. If the two agreed as well, Zhang Wujing and Xiao Wei would no longer be able to do anything.

"A devil has actually intruded upon our academy? This is no joke. Who recruited the devil? I wonder what that person's intention was," Feng Huosuo went on the offense.

He had always been hostile toward Xiao Wei, and he also knew Xiao Wei was Xiang Shaoyun's recruiter. He was obviously trying to frame Xiao Wei.

"Feng Huosuo, don't try to lie. Yes, I recruited Xiang Shaoyun, but he is definitely not a devil. Don't you dream of framing me," Xiao Wei retorted.

"Hehe, if he is not a devil, are you alluding that Elder Situ and Elder Mo Luo are both blind? You probably harbor evil intentions toward the academy!" Feng Huosuo accused.

Shadowflash agreed, "That's right. It is undeniable that Xiang Shaoyun had killed Elder Situ's granddaughter. Whatever the reason, internal killings are prohibited in the academy. He should be executed."

Xiao Wei knew that things were getting bad, so he had to ask for Zhang Wujing's support, "Fifth elder, we need to seek the principal's opinion about this."

But Zhang Wujing wasn't given a chance to speak as Situ Mingyu immediately released thick killing intent and threatened, "Cut the nonsense. I am going to kill this kid no matter what. Anyone trying to stop me will be considered my enemy."

Zhang Wujing didn't dare to say anything anymore, with Situ Mingyu making his position this clear. Although Zhang Wujing had a high status, Situ Mingyu was a previous generation elder with a higher status. On top of that, there was also Mo Luo with the same status as him. Even Shadowflash and Feng Huosuo were siding with them. It did not seem wise to offend them all for the sake of Xiang Shaoyun.

Behind Xiao Wei, Xiang Shaoyun was observing everything. The more he heard, the colder his eyes became and the more sullen he felt. Not only were they bullying someone from the younger generation, they were even trying to kill him. If he could survive today, he would not spare a single one of them.

Just as Situ Mingyu was about to attack again, a figure appeared like a specter before everyone. None of them knew how this newcomer had arrived.

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