Chapter 848: Never Too Much Deception in War

In the past, Xiang Shaoyun had always been a kind young man. He had a good temper and wouldn't provoke anyone who hadn't provoked him.

But now, he had regained a decent amount of his past life's character. His domineering disposition showed itself. Since the Royal Army had provoked him, he had been looking for a chance to deliver some payback to them.

Huang Tianji and Huang Xiaoyue were surprised by Xiang Shaoyun's bold words, but they were not afraid of him.

With a cold tone, Huang Tianji said, "I have yet to go looking for you, but you're delivering yourself right into my lap? Today, I shall teach you a lesson on my little sister's behalf. You will learn that us royals can never be bullied!"

He stepped forth, and a powerful presence erupted from his body. A near 90-percent-formed dragon burst and roared from his back, baring its fangs and brandishing its claws dreadfully.

Huang Tianji cultivated the Royal War Aura that granted him a natural affinity with draconic aura. Although he was still a tiny bit away from reaching ninth-stage Dragon Ascension Realm, he was already demonstrating the might of a peak Emperor.

Huang Tianji's strength was at the same level as the likes of Yu Ziyang and Ouyang Chuanqi. He was absolutely not an individual to be trifled with. When the Royal Army people sensed the aura Huang Tianji was projecting, their spirits were roused. Nothing could boost one's morale as good as having a powerful leader.

"Hehe, you're not qualified to fight me. I'll let my deputy commander Han face you," said Xiang Shaoyun with a sneer. He glanced at Han Chenfei, his intention clear.

Han Chenfei blanked out slightly before stepping forth and answering, "Ok. I'll fight him."

Inwardly, she grumbled, Does this person have no affection whatsoever toward the fairer sex?

She fully released her aura as well, revealing a strength that wasn't much weaker than Huang Tianji's. She had actually reached the eighth stage as well. However, she was only a fresh eighth-stage and was still quite far away from peak eighth-stage Dragon Ascension Realm.

But for genius cultivators, that tiny gap was nothing.

Everyone was stunned. Nobody had imagined that Han Chenfei would act on behalf of Xiang Shaoyun. More importantly, from Xiang Shaoyun's words, it seemed like Han Chenfei was now a member of the Overlord Legion as well.

Who wasn't aware that Han Chenfei had founded the Glacier Palace? What was going on here? Had the entire Glacier Palace been swallowed by the Overlord Legion?

"Big Sister Chenfei, what are you doing? Why are you helping that stinky fellow?" Huang Xiaoyue asked unhappily.

Huang Tianji was also looking at Han Chenfei unhappily. However, most of his anger was still directed toward Xiang Shaoyun. It was common knowledge that he harbored feelings for Han Chenfei. Now, Xiang Shaoyun was making her fight him. It was truly vile.

Han Chenfei gently brushed her hair and revealed a helpless smile as she replied, "I am now a member of the Overlord Legion. Therefore, I can only obey the overlord's command."

"Hanfei, why are you doing this?" Huang Tianji asked furiously.

"What I do has nothing to do with you. You can either fight me or leave with your people. You have no other options," said Han Chenfei firmly.

To the side, Xiang Shaoyun stood nonchalantly, awaiting Huang Tianji's response. A cheeky smile hung on his face, making Huang Xiaoyue gnash her teeth in anger when she looked at him, wishing to hit his face with a few punches.

"Your highness, let me deal with her," an ordinary-looking man from Huang Tianji's side offered.

He might look ordinary, but he had quite the reputation in the academy. He was none other than Wang Yufeng, once tested to possess a high-grade eight-star physique.

His physique was comparable to Di Lin's, and he was a few years older than Di Lin. Thus, he was stronger and had reached seventh-stage Dragon Ascension Realm. He was ranked 13th on the Dragon Phoenix List.

With his strength, he could even found his own faction. And yet, he decided to become Huang Tianji's subordinate. There must be an unknown story behind that decision. Wang Yufeng was the head of the Royal Army's four great guardians. With him challenging Han Chenfei, he saved Huang Tianji from the awkwardness of personally facing her.

In any case, he was the only one of the Royal Army members that could contend with Han Chenfei. Nobody else was qualified.

"Good. Xiang Shaoyun, I'll fight you instead," Huang Tianji roared loudly as he attacked.

"So be it. Everyone, to your positions. Crush them," said Xiang Shaoyun with a sneer.

At his command, the Overlord Legion members quickly moved to their respective positions before unleashing a barrage of merciless attacks toward the Royal Army.

The Royal Army was utterly stunned. Weren't they just talking about individual fights just a moment ago? Why were the Overlord Legion people suddenly engaging in a large-scale battle? That was too despicable!

"Xiang Shaoyun, you scoundrel! Everyone, attack together! Destroy the Overlord Legion and show the might of the Royal Army!" Huang Tianji roared furiously.

A battle erupted, and the scale of the battlefield expanded massively.

Rumble! Rumble!

Numerous energy attacks clashed against each other, and explosions rumbled on and on. The entire world seemed to be shaking.

Because the Overlord Legion had received their commands in advance and had received training under Zhuge Zhantian, they were exceedingly powerful when fighting in army formations. The Royal Army was completely suppressed, and they were thrown into complete chaos. Many of them were defeated by the very first volley of attacks and were forced to withdraw from the battleground.

Xiang Shaoyun's sudden attack was indeed despicable, but there was no such thing as too much deception in war. On the battlefield, there was no need to talk about fairness.

"Bastard, I'm going to slaughter you!" Huang Tianji had never suffered such losses before. He roared furiously as a white silver spear appeared in his hands. He swept the spear forth, sending a white dragon phantom pouncing toward Xiang Shaoyun.

The Royal War Aura did not have an undeserved reputation. The moment Huang Tianji attacked, he unleashed a combat prowess higher than many peak Emperors. The white dragon he created was several hundred meters long, strong enough to force even ordinary Sovereigns into retreat.

Huang Tianji aimed his attack straight at Xiang Shaoyun's chest, intending to get rid of his opponent for all to see.

However, Xiang Shaoyun wasn't interested in a head-on collision. He quickly stepped back and shouted at Han Chenfei, "Deputy Commander Han, what are you waiting for?"

One could say that Xiang Shaoyun was truly too cunning. Even now, he was still trying to make Han Chenfei attack Huang Tianji. Han Chenfei did not hesitate. She slammed her foot against the ground, and her lithe body shot toward Huang Tianji. Instantly, a frosty attack assaulted him.

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