Chapter 845: Stone Key

All along, the Heaven Conquering Overlord Manual and the Nine Overlord Skyslaying Saber Technique Xiang Shaoyun knew had been incomplete. Now that he had recalled their full versions, he had fixed the sole flaw of cultivating these techniques.

He had not imagined that the bright illusory core would actually possess such an effect. He was pleased with his gains.

"The Overlord is me, and I am the Overlord. Whatever relationship the previous life has with this life, the truth will eventually be revealed," muttered Xiang Shaoyun as he clenched his fists. "For now, I should focus on completing this mission."

He readjusted his state of mind and stopped thinking. Gathering the others, they continued on their journey.

In the coming days, Xiang Shaoyun led the Overlord Legion members as they hunted devilish plants, and their points rose rapidly. Occasionally, they would encounter other academy disciples, but Xiang Shaoyun had no interest in acting against them. Of course, any Flaming Sun and Royal Army members they met were eliminated without mercy.

Along the way, they also met the other Overlord Legion members, their group growing to a size of over 100 members. A sizable number of them had been gathered, but it was a pity that many of them had also been attacked and forced to leave the battleground.

As time passed, news of the Overlord Legion's rivalry with the Flaming Sun and Royal Army spread. The many disciples decided to wait and see, curious as to who would be the ultimate winner.

Of course, not many were optimistic about the Overlord Legion's chances. After all, the Flaming Sun and the Royal Army were joining hands against them. In terms of number, the Overlord Legion was at a great disadvantage.

That was the truth, as many Overlord Legion members were jointly attacked by the Flaming Sun and the Royal Army. Their numbers in the battleground continued declining steadily. To make things worse, there were also rumors that the Crushing Sky was also targeting the Overlord Legion. This rumor was being spread by the members of some other factions.

"Is the Crushing Sky really targeting us as well?" Xiang Shaoyun asked Shang Jifeng with a serious expression.

Shang Jifeng had just regrouped with them, and this rumor came from him as well. He nodded and said, "I am sure. I overheard the conversation of some Crushing Sky members while I was sneaking around. They are planning to take any opportunity to step on us while we're down. The only reason they aren't openly attacking is so the Sword Society won't get the chance to deal with them."

"So the Crushing Sky, the Flaming Sun, and the Royal Army have reached a consensus to act against us. They sure think highly of us," said Xiang Shaoyun, killing intent leaking out of his eyes.

Xiang Shaoyun did not find it surprising that the Crushing Sky would join in and target them as well. After all, he had offended An Lulu not long ago. She was probably here for revenge. There was nothing he could say about that. This was a battleground where the winner takes all. If the Overlord Legion really couldn't resist the pressure, their only option was to withdraw.

The battleground was not very small either. It would be very difficult to gather all the Overlord Legion members, so there was nothing Xiang Shaoyun could do. Dealing with all three of their enemies alone would be impossible. Their only option was to obtain an ally like the Sword Society if they wanted to have an advantage in this clash.

In a flash, half a year passed. Each day, some disciples would leave the battleground. As for those remaining, they had mostly regrouped with their respective factions and were starting to sweep through the devilish plants in the battleground. Everyone was accumulating points at a rapid rate.

Some had reaped great harvests, growing madly in strength.

The ancient steles in the battleground were found one after another. It was discovered that the contents of each stele differed completely from each other. Because of that, the temptation to find even more steles grew among the disciples.

During this period, the Overlord Legion gathered about 500 members. This was basically two-thirds of their members that had entered the battleground. The rest were either eliminated or still separated from the main group.

They had also found two additional steles, obtaining a saber technique and an odd description that did not seem to be a battle or cultivation technique. Accompanying the stele with the odd description was a stone key.

A sovereign-grade saber technique wasn't anything special for these disciples, but this particular saber technique they found was rather unique. It was a technique of great quality, known as the Seven Overlapping Waves Slash. It utilized the power of water, and there were seven levels to it. 

It was said that when one reached the seventh level, a single slash could unleash the might of a tsunami. Opponents of the same cultivation level would have a hard time withstanding such an attack.

The only saber Xiang Shaoyun had was the Overlord Skyslaying Saber, mainly used to utilize lightning attacks. If he wanted to cultivate this technique, he needed a water elemental saber.

Instead of cultivating the technique, he decided to keep it in his mind. If he had a chance, he would cultivate it. If not, so be it. As for the stone key he had obtained from the other stele, it was interesting. Based on the description on the stele, this key was one of five existing keys. They could be used to unlock a secret room. As for what was stored within the room, it was left to their imagination.

Since the academy had split the key into five parts and made the entire thing seem so mysterious, the room definitely contained something important. Perhaps this was the battleground's final test, and one could gain great benefits within the room.

However, they had only accidentally found this one key after half a year. They had no idea where the other four keys were. Thus, it wouldn't be so easy to gain access to the room.

They had just located another stele. This stele also contained a stone key, but it was unfortunate that the key on the stele was missing. It was evident someone else had taken it.

"Looks like others know about the keys as well. I wonder if anyone will be able to gather all five keys in the end," muttered Xiang Shaoyun. "Big Brother Tang, get someone to spread the news that we have one of the stone keys."

"Won't that be too risky?" Tang Longfei asked.

It was certain that many people wanted to know about the secret of the stone keys. If they spread the news that they had one, they would attract unwanted attention. People would try robbing them of their key.

"Our number is big enough. Apart from the few factions daring to challenge us, nobody will dare to provoke us. By spreading the news, we can find out who else has a key. This will make it easier for us to rob the keys from others," said Xiang Shaoyun.

Just as Tang Longfei was about to reply, a disturbance broke out not far from them, and a group of people appeared before them.

When Xiang Shaoyun looked over, his face sank. With a look of displeasure, he commanded, "Let's leave."

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