Chapter 844: Big Black Nimbus

During Xiang Shaoyun's childhood, when he was still an eight-year-old naughty boy, he once went playing at a mountain near the Ziling Sect with a group of people from the sect. At that time, he rode a Demon King in order to experience the feeling of soaring through the air. However, they encountered the attack of a pack of demonic beasts. His mount fled in panic, ultimately bringing him into a random cave.

The cave was located at a unique location that was extremely hard to notice. As for Xiang Shaoyun and the Demon King, they seemed to have been called over against their wishes by some sort of power. Xiang Shaoyun was panic-stricken when he arrived at the cave, thinking that he had arrived at the dwelling of some powerful demonic beast. In truth, he had guessed right.

After his mount sensed the powerful demonic aura in the cave, it went limp in fear, losing the courage to even move. As for Xiang Shaoyun, he suddenly sensed the calling of something familiar. That familiar sensation caused his heart to calm.

He then heard the sounds of hoofs galloping, and a sturdy black figure appeared before him. Before he could get a clear look, the figure bit his clothes and lifted him into the cave. At that time, Xiang Shaoyun was still young. He had no idea what was hidden in the cave. The black figure seemed to be the cave's master. Carrying him, the black figure dashed wildly until they finally arrived at a spacious place deep inside.

There, the black figure finally placed Xiang Shaoyun onto the ground. It was then that he finally had a chance to take a clear look at the big fellow. It turned out that the big fellow was actually a demonic horse.

However, he was too young to see how different that horse was from other demonic horses. What struck him the most was that the horse was incredibly black. As a result, he named the big fellow Big Black.

However, if a knowledgeable person saw the horse, that person would definitely exclaim in astonishment, saying something like: "What a fine steed!"

The black horse was the best of the best; his four hoofs looked like they were stepping on clouds, looking incredibly dazzling. His jet-black coat gave one the irresistible urge to touch him, while his sturdy body and firm limbs demonstrated his prowess. His black mane was long, with a handful of hairs standing erect, looking more like a horn.

Back then, he had no idea how powerful the horse was. The only thing he knew was that the horse had suddenly spoken in the human tongue, addressing him as master. Xiang Shaoyun found it completely random. Why was this random, incredibly cool-looking horse suddenly calling him master?

He even wondered if he was born with so extraordinary a disposition that his mere presence had subdued a mighty steed like this, which seemed unlikely.

Big Black started telling Xiang Shaoyun about certain things, but he didn't even remember half of what the horse had told him since he was still a child. He had also fainted subsequently. But now, with the reemergence of his memory fragments, he was recalling all that had been said to him.

"Master, I have waited over 10,000 years for you. You have finally formed your tenth reincarnation imprint. This is worthy of celebration! I have been guarding the inheritance here for you all this time. You're still too young right now, so you won't be able to fully accept the entire inheritance. But since you're here, you can't leave empty handed. Just accept some basic inheritance for now. Upon adulthood, you will be able to understand your origins," said Big Black respectfully before lifting Xiang Shaoyun and placing him on a crude formation. Next, he activated the inheritance transmittance through the formation.

The clueless Xiang Shaoyun accepted the basic inheritance, receiving the Overlord's Nine Nether Steps and Heaven Conquering Overlord Manual. Unfortunately, he was too young and had no foundations in martial training. If it wasn't for the natural talent of his imperial nether bloodline, he would have forgotten both the techniques completely.

The mantra of the two techniques was clearly echoing in his mind. Apart from that, the complete Nine Overlord Skyslaying Saber Technique was also resounding in his mind. The three techniques were what the Overlord back then had established his legend with. Finally, they had been reunited with their rightful owner.

After accepting the inheritance, he had fainted. By the time he woke up, Big Black had already brought him out of the cave. He spent a few days playing around with Big Black and only left reluctantly after someone came looking for him.

"Big Black, can I still visit and play with you?" asked Xiang Shaoyun with the innocent tone of a child.

He felt a sense of closeness whenever he was with Big Black, and he enjoyed his time with Big Black greatly. It was as if they had known each other for a very long time, possessing a friendship he could not let go of.

"Don't worry. Go. I will be waiting here for your return, master. At that time, we will conquer the world together again!" said Big Black in a heroic manner.

With tears in his eyes, Xiang Shaoyun waved his hand and bade Big Black farewell. After Big Black returned to the cave, it disappeared. Even when the Ziling Sect people came looking subsequently, they had failed to find anything.

At the time, Xiang Shaoyun was unable to see that Big Black was actually only a phantom of consciousness. Now that he was recalling his past, he finally remembered that Big Black had long perished. By the time the medicinal effect of the bright illusory core ended, tears were streaming down Xiang Shaoyun's cheeks.

"Nimbus!" Xiang Shaoyun wailed.

Black Nimbus was his steed during his previous life and had perished during one of his many military campaigns. The Black Nimbus he saw in the cave was merely a remnant soul. He felt great pain in his heart, as though a dagger was slicing it.

One particular memory fragment had resurfaced in his mind earlier. Big Black had been torn apart trying to save him. Among the memories he had regained, that was the most painful memory.

"Overlord, are you fine?" Tang Longfei asked.

After calming his emotions, Xiang Shaoyun said, "I'm fine. Don't worry."

He now knew his inner heart, knew that his past might be much more complicated, after all. He could very well be the same Overlord that Devouring Ghost and Scarlet Flame Monarch spoke of. The two were most likely his subordinates from his previous life. He had yet to fully regain his memories, but since he could now remember Big Black, it was only a matter of time before he recalled everything else.

His feelings were mixed, not knowing what to make of this revelation.

"So does reincarnation really exist? Or perhaps the remnant soul of my previous life has yet to fully disperse and has opted to be reborn in this body?" Xiang Shaoyun questioned himself repeatedly. Alas, even with the Light of Wisdom, he couldn't answer his questions. It was mostly because his current cultivation level was still too low.

After staying in a daze for a while, he sighed and muttered, "Forget it. Thinking about it won't help either. With the complete Heaven Conquering Overlord Manual in my grasp, I will be able to enter the Soul Foundation Realm easily."

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