Chapter 843: Secret Reversal Technique

Secret Reversal Technique.

This was the secret technique recorded on the ancient stele they found. It was a secret healing technique, requiring a high proficiency in the power of wood before one could cultivate it.

Xiang Shaoyun was overjoyed when he saw the Secret Reversal Technique. He had just comprehended the profundity of wood not long ago and was looking for a wood elemental battle technique. Although he had yet to find a battle technique, he had instead obtained a secret technique, which was much more valuable.

After all, a secret technique was much rarer than a battle technique. The Secret Reversal Technique would allow his comprehension of the profundity of wood to deepen, slowly bringing his comprehension to perfection.

There were also a few wood cultivators among their current group. They greatly coveted the Secret Reversal Technique, and they wished that Xiang Shaoyun would give them a chance to cultivate it as well. But if Xiang Shaoyun decided not to share, they wouldn't be able to do anything either.

"Everyone, memorize this Secret Reversal Technique. Even if you can't use it for yourself, you can keep it and pass it on to your descendants in the future," said Xiang Shaoyun magnanimously.

Since this Secret Reversal Technique was placed here in the battleground, Xiang Shaoyun knew it was something prepared for the academy's disciples. He had never planned to keep it for himself. Instead, he was using it to win the hearts of his subordinates.

After memorizing the technique, Xiang Shaoyun started cultivating it. The mantra of the Secret Reversal Technique was abstruse and hard to understand. However, it couldn't pose Xiang Shaoyun any difficulty, and he quickly understood it. 

The Secret Reversal Technique detailed the usage method of wood energy, laying out the ways of manipulating one's wood energy and combining it with the world's ambient wood energy. By doing so, one would be able to create an entirely different form of wood energy that could heal and stimulate life force, achieving the effect of returning life to a body.

It was also detailed how this technique would work both on the cultivator and those the cultivator used it on. However, without comprehending the profundity of wood, one would only be able to use this technique on oneself. 

"You guys, come over here," Xiang Shaoyun called out to the several injured members of the group.

They arrived before him and stood respectfully, awaiting his command.

"Sit down and relax yourselves. Let me try out the Secret Reversal Technique," said Xiang Shaoyun.

They blanked out slightly before quickly doing as told. They were doubtful that Xiang Shaoyun could grasp the Secret Reversal Technique in such a short period. Little did they know, Xiang Shaoyun had already comprehended the profundity of wood. Even without the Secret Reversal Technique, he could already heal others. With the Secret Reversal Technique, his healing capabilities would only grow.

With his comprehension of the profundity of wood, the understanding he gained from the divine tree of life, and the Secret Reversal Technique, he fused his wood energy with the natural wood energy around him. Both his hands flared out as he formed an odd series of motions with them, instantly creating a concentration of pure energy that formed a clump of green radiance in his palm. The people around him immediately felt a comfortable sensation.

Secret Reversal Technique!

Keeping the energy under control, Xiang Shaoyun lightly sprinkled the energy on the few people seated before him. The pure life force landed on them, and their wounds started healing. It was as though they had consumed some healing pills. Their injured internal organs felt extremely comfortable, their bodies soaked in an incredibly splendid sensation.

They focused on absorbing the life force, and after a short while, they had recovered considerably. This healing speed was much faster than their self-recovery. Moreover, their internal injuries had recovered by over 50 percent as well, and it was an astonishing speed.

"Thank you, Overlord," they said gratefully as they stood up.

Xiang Shaoyun waved his hand and said, "We're brothers. Don't worry about it."

The other three wood cultivators were completely stunned. They had only memorized the mantra and couldn't even start to understand it, yet their overlord could already use it. The gap between them was truly massive.

They were all genius disciples. Even if Xiang Shaoyun had one or two more stars than them, that did not mean that he would have a comprehension capability that was much greater than theirs.

However, the reality was right before their eyes. They did not even know what words they could use to describe Xiang Shaoyun's genius, and they could only curse inwardly, The overlord is a freak!

Xiang Shaoyun looked at the three and smiled. "To grasp the Secret Reversal Technique, you need to first comprehend the profundity of wood. Otherwise, you won't be able to unleash this technique's true power."

He proceeded to share what he had learned with them without hiding anything. Although they would definitely return to their respective organizations upon graduation, Xiang Shaoyun did not mind. As far as he was concerned, they were currently his brothers. That alone was enough for him to share without reservation.

They were filled with gratitude after the sharing experience, and their loyalty toward him greatly improved. They had never imagined that Xiang Shaoyun would actually be this magnanimous. Not many people would be willing to do what he did.

The others were also shocked by Xiang Shaoyun's display of generosity. They were all genius cultivators. Although they currently belonged in the same faction, they were still, in a sense, competitors. They would all keep their trump cards and secrets for themselves. That was an understandable selfishness that everyone possessed. And yet Xiang Shaoyun was sharing the secrets of profundity openly. One could say that he was too selfless.

Was he truly so selfless? Not really. He personally felt that he was merely being a bit generous and wasn't at the level of being selfless. In any case, he wouldn't be truly selfless as the things he considered his would not be given up no matter what. He wouldn't mind letting blood flow if anyone coveted what he considered his.

This time, he had gained the bright illusory core and Secret Reversal Technique. One could say that he had profited greatly. While everyone else was still healing up, he swallowed the bright illusory core.

As the bright illusory core dissolved in his body, he started glowing with a multicolored radiance, looking mystical and divine. He felt extremely comfortable as his body was cleansed, his hidden injuries and diseases removed. His meridians and bones also became more durable. One could say that his entire body had been upgraded.

Apart from that, his filthless soul had also benefited greatly. Some random memory fragments suddenly surfaced in his soul. Initially, they were the memories of his childhood. His memories of these events had long blurred, but they were all resurfacing one after another. Ultimately, the memory fragments of a secret location surfaced. It was where he had obtained the Heaven Conquering Overlord Manual. 

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