Chapter 840: The Overlord Is Way Too Scary

Danger was everywhere in the primary-grade Dragon Phoenix Battleground. Apart from the numerous devilish plants, there were also some peculiar beasts good at camouflage in the area. The many disciples were having a hard time guarding against everything. Every single day, some of them would be eliminated from the battleground. Of course, some of them had also encountered fortuitous encounters.

For example, Tang Longfei had discovered a place that seemed to be hiding some treasures. However, there were too many powerful devilish plants in the area. He was nearly killed there, but the potential treasures to be gained were too attractive, so Tang Longfei told Xiang Shaoyun about it. He managed to catch Xiang Shaoyun's interest, and they thus headed over with the others.

A day later, Tang Longfei brought the group to a lush mountain ridge. Pointing forward, he said, "It's this mountain. I guess that there is a paradise hidden within it. Perhaps there is a great secret, too."

"How are you sure?" Xiang Shaoyun asked.

"I'm confident I'm right. I was teleported right into the mountain ridge. At that time, I discovered some clues. If it wasn't for the large number of devilish plants chasing after me, I would have explored the place," said Tang Longfei confidently.

"Since that is the case, let us kill our way in. We can also help everyone gain more points that way," said Xiang Shaoyun with no hesitation.

He then led the Overlord Legion into the mountain ridge. Instead of brutishly charging straight in, he extended the senses of his Nether Soul Domain and picked the best route to enter.

"Move in two rows. I'll take the front, and Big Brother Tang will cover the rear. Keep your defenses up and kill anything we encounter at full force," commanded Xiang Shaoyun.

The group did as told, separating into two rows. They attacked the devilish plants they encountered, their barrage akin to a natural disaster, blasting the numerous devilish plants apart.

Naturally, things wouldn't be so simple. Numerous murderous vines started growing toward them, trying to bind their legs. These were extremely high-level vines. Otherwise, they wouldn't be so tough. The vines could act as rare sovereign-grade materials if one managed to harvest some of them.

Fortunately, the disciples had excellent weapons as well. After some struggle, they severed the vines, but of course, the process wasn't exactly smooth.

With his senses, Xiang Shaoyun picked up on the origin of the vines. He commanded Yuan Xuefen, "Xuefen, shoot in that direction, aiming for the spot three kilometers away."

Yuan Xuefen pulled her bow and aimed her arrow at the directed position.


As her energy arrows bombarded the highlighted area, the vines started shrinking back. Instead of wasting more time, the group continued their advance.

Along the way, they encountered man-eating flowers, devil trees, and some poisonous plants. The concentration of enemies here was much higher than in other places. If it wasn't for Xiang Shaoyun's multipurpose senses, it would have been much harder for this group of about 30 people to enter so deeply.

Even so, they had paid a price to reach this far. Three of them were seriously injured, and about a dozen had suffered light injuries. It was evident the group had faced intense battles.

At this time, they were at a crucial juncture of their advance. They were surrounded by many man-eating flowers and murderous vines that were far higher leveled than the plants they had previously encountered. Not even a Sovereign could hope to easily get through.

Not only could the man-eating flowers here swallow humans, but they could also spew poisonous mist that could induce illusions, sealing one's combat abilities before swallowing their opponent.

"Flame attacks, full power! Everyone else, coordinate with the flame users!" Xiang Shaoyun commanded decisively.

He activated the profundity of flame and unleashed Yun Flame, creating a dreadful sea of flame. The others also did their part, cleaning up the plants in the area. The plants here were much more difficult to deal with. Although their attacks were simple, they were powerful and numerous. Withstanding these plants would be no easy feat.

Some of the group were forced to spare some of their attention protecting the injured members, giving the vines a chance to wrap around them. If they weren't able to crush the protective jades in time, they would have been killed on the spot.

Xiang Shaoyun's flame might be fierce, but he found it hard to clear the poison spewed by the flowers. Clenching his teeth, he shouted, "Pull some distance from me."

He then soared into the sky before unleashing his lightning power. The Overlord Skyslaying Saber appeared in his hand as he summoned lightning bolts from the sky. Instantly, the lightning bolts rained down, creating a sea of lightning. At the same time, he unleashed a terrifying tornado upon the ground as well, wreaking absolute havoc with the storm he had created.

The sight greatly shocked the Overlord Legion members. If they hadn't pulled away in time after Xiang Shaoyun's warning, they would have been erased by the storm as well.

The overlord is way too scary, thought all of them.

The combat prowess Xiang Shaoyun demonstrated had exceeded the level of an Emperor, reaching the level of a Soul Foundation Realm cultivator. When the storm was done ravaging the area, tranquility returned.

Since the man-eating flowers and murderous vines were essentially plants, their defenses weren't too impressive. Thus, they were helpless against the absolute destruction wrecked by the storm.

The group managed to pass through all obstacles, finally arriving at the other side of the mountain. There, they saw a tunnel glowing with a multicolored radiance. Whoever saw the multicolored glow would be attracted to it, feeling like some treasure had to be hidden within.

The Overlord Legion members grew excited, and without even waiting for Xiang Shaoyun's command, they charged over.

Suddenly, a bad feeling rose within Xiang Shaoyun. He couldn't explain the feeling, but he shouted without the slightest hesitation, "Get back here!"

At times, the more attractive something was, the more danger there would be. A few of those charging stopped, but a few continued right into the tunnel.

"Overlord, what's wrong?" Tang Longfei asked.

"There is definitely some secret to this place. Get nearer. I need to make more observations," said Xiang Shaoyun with a frown.

He slowly approached the tunnel and extended his senses. However, the rays of light obstructed his senses, making it impossible for him to figure out what was hidden within the tunnel.

"This is tricky. I can't see through it at all," said Xiang Shaoyun with a sigh.

"Overlord, I think we should try exploring it," suggested someone.

Some others voiced their agreement. It was obvious they all wanted to explore the tunnel.

After some hesitation, Xiang Shaoyun said, "Fine. Keep your strongest defenses up at all times. We will go in together."

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