Chapter 830: Agreement of Two Women

Rumors of Xiang Shaoyun's outburst had spread widely in the academy, and the many disciples were guessing the reason.

"Why did Xiang Shaoyun flip suddenly? I think that was the first time he had ever lost control that much."

"Yeah. I noticed Yu Ziyang charging into 1 Dragon Villa later as well. He injured over a dozen Overlord Legion members, and if it wasn't for Ouyang Chuanqi's timely appearance, 1 Dragon Villa would have been leveled."

"Does that mean Xiang Shaoyun's harem is in trouble? That new holy maiden and the Yu Clan's holy maiden are lofty geniuses. Xiang Shaoyun might be impressive, but it is still unrealistic for him to try having both. Looks like he is suffering from his own wrongdoings." 

"I don't think things are that simple. Apart from the Yu Clan's holy maiden, there were also Han Chenfei, Huang Xiaoyue, and some others there as well. Don't tell me Xiang Shaoyun has so many love debts? How is this fair?" 


On the next day, Tuoba Wan'er arrived at 1 Dragon Villa again. This time, she was here with Qiu Yue and Qiu Shui.

She wanted to see Xiang Shaoyun and have a nice chat with him. However, Lady Shura stopped her and informed her that Xiang Shaoyun was in seclusion and would not be seeing any guests.

Lady Shura did not have a good impression of Tuoba Wan'er. If it wasn't for her, Xiang Shaoyun would not have suffered a mental breakdown.

"Is the holy son-in-law really in seclusion? Or does he merely not wish to see me?" asked Tuoba Wan'er anxiously.

She had done a lot of thinking the day before, thinking back to her time with him. The two had always been honest with each other, and that was how she had developed a positive impression of him. However, they had not known each other long enough, and they did not understand each other well. Because of that, under Yu Caidie's provocation, she had flown into a rage and started distrusting Xiang Shaoyun.

After thinking about it, she decided that there was a need for her to have a proper talk with Xiang Shaoyun. At the very least, she hoped to remove the hostility. However, she did not even get to see Xiang Shaoyun, which flustered her.

"The Overlord is in seclusion, and he has been refusing all guests ever since you left," said Lady Shura coldly.

She was implying that Xiang Shaoyun had locked himself up because of Tuoba Wan'er, and she was letting her know that no other women had been able to meet him either. In her own way, she was telling Tuoba Wan'er that she had wrongly blamed Xiang Shaoyun the day before.

Tuoba Wan'er was an intelligent woman. She understood the implied meaning. Her heart ached as if it had been harshly struck.

"I'll be waiting here until the holy son-in-law leaves seclusion," said Tuoba Wan'er firmly.

She was planning to stick around until she saw him. After all, Xiang Shaoyun still needed to enter the battleground. He wouldn't stay hidden for long.

Lady Shura wanted to say something, but she ultimately decided against it. This woman was already Xiang Shaoyun's wife. She had to show this woman at least a modicum of respect. Who would know how the future would be?

Before Tuoba Wan'er could meet Xiang Shaoyun, she met Yu Caidie instead. She had a bad impression of Yu Caidie, so she directly ignored her.

However, Yu Caidie was here for Tuoba Wan'er. She said, "Let's have a talk."

Tuoba Wan'er ignored her as she thought, What is there to talk about? The situation has already developed to this extent.

"If you want to be with Shaoyun, you'll want this talk," said Yu Caidie before turning and walking away.

After a slight hesitation, Tuoba Wan'er followed. The two arrived at a place where there wasn't anyone else. It was as though two fairies were meeting each other. Both were incredibly beautiful, causing the world around them to lose its luster.

With the two standing together, anyone would have a hard time deciding who was more beautiful.

Yu Caidie was younger, and she had a lower cultivation level. However, she did not lose out in terms of temperament. In regards to looks and figure, each was outstanding in her own way. Tuoba Wan'er was akin to an aggressively gorgeous rose, while Yu Caidie was akin to a noble and elegant peony.

"Say it. What do you want?" said Tuoba Wan'er.

"I want nothing. I only want to let you know that he and I were already a pair in our previous life. In this life, that will not change. Nobody can separate us," said Yu Caidie firmly.

"If that is really the case, why did you have to resort to trickeries yesterday? Did you lose confidence in yourself?" questioned Tuoba Wan'er with a flat smile.

Yu Caidie was not angered. A trace of remorse appeared on her face as she said, "Yes, I went overboard yesterday. I never thought that there would be anyone who could threaten my position, but I was slightly envious when I saw you, which is why I had done all that. Now, Shaoyun is furious since I was the culprit. Although he is somewhat of a player, he is not an irresponsible man."

"What's the point of telling me all this now? You have already harmed my relationship with the holy son-in-law," said Tuoba Wan'er with a sneer. "I will beg for his forgiveness. No matter what tricks you have up your sleeve, I will take them on."

Tuoba Wan'er had decided that she would compete with Yu Caidie. After all, she was already engaged to Xiang Shaoyun. So what if Yu Caidie was his lover from his previous life? That might not be the case in this life!

"That was why I asked you out," said Yu Caidie. "Both of us like him, and he does not want to hurt any of us. We shall let him choose. He will definitely be in a bad mood for some time, and we shouldn't bother him. After he leaves the battleground, I believe he will be able to give us an answer. What do you think?" 

"That sounds right, but who knows if you'll be playing any tricks behind my back?" said Tuoba Wan'er.

"Believe it or not, even if you get to meet him tomorrow or the day after, you won't be able to get a conversation going with him. We will only have a chance after he cools his anger," said Yu Caidie. "I know you're a holy maiden from the Desert of Despair. It isn't easy for you to leave. Why don't you take this chance to tour the dominion? Perhaps everyone will be thinking differently by the time you return from your tour."

Tuoba Wan'er raised her brow, evidently surprised that Yu Caidie found out about her so quickly.

"So you're that fellow from the Yu Clan?" Tuoba Wan'er asked.

"That's right. You're the Holy Hall's holy maiden while I'm the Yu Clan's holy maiden. We have the same status. Nobody is better than the other. We can compete fairly," said Yu Caidie.

"Ok. I'll trust you once. I will consider this a trial for my relationship with the holy son-in-law. If we can't survive the trial, I will have nothing to say," said Tuoba Wan'er. She turned and left without saying anything else.

Looking at the departing Tuoba Wan'er, Yu Caidie had a complicated look in her eyes as she thought, The ending to this has already been foreordained by fate. Nobody can change it.

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