Chapter 829: Yu Ziyang's Strength

Tang Longfei did not come alone. He had brought about 30 people with him. The 1 Dragon Villa owned by Xiang Shaoyun had the best location among the disciples' residential district. Naturally, anything happening there would not go unnoticed. In any case, Xiang Shaoyun's shout was too loud. Even if one wasn't looking for it, one would still hear him.

Tang Longfei lived rather far away, so he had arrived late. However, he was just in time to meet Yu Ziyang. Right or wrong, the Overlord Legion members would naturally back Xiang Shaoyun.

Yu Ziyang ignored Tang Longfei and directly strode inside while yelling, "Xiang Shaoyun, get your ass out here. You dare bully my little sister? Today, I will teach you a lesson. Don't think that you can disregard everyone just because you're somewhat capable!"

Yu Ziyang was filled with rage, his aura oppressive. Like Ouyang Chuanqi, his cultivation level had reached eighth-stage Dragon Ascension Realm, and he had reached the peak of that stage. He was not far from the ninth stage.

Although Yu Ziyang had only advanced a stage in an entire year, the slowdown was merely for the sake of stabilizing his foundation. Furthermore, advancement would only be harder the higher one's cultivation level rose.

Li Haonan was the first to stand before Yu Ziyang, saying, "Holy son, you're going overboard."

Instead of a reply came a merciless punch. Li Haonan felt an intense pain in his stomach without even seeing how the attack came. He was sent flying away.

"Don't provoke me, or nobody will have a good time," Yu Ziyang threatened overbearingly.

"Audacious! Everyone, attack together! Chase him away!" Tang Longfei roared as his arms lashed out.

"Roar! Roar!"

Two golden dragons roared as they flew toward Yu Ziyang. The others did not wait, and they attacked together. They did not dare to hold anything back. After all, Yu Ziyang was a freak among the top five strongest disciples. Nobody dared to underestimate him, or things wouldn't end well.

A barrage of attacks engulfed Yu Ziyang. A sneer formed on his face as he said, "Xiang Shaoyun had defeated 100 opponents alone at Feng Xiaosha's villa. Today, I shall demonstrate the strength of this holy son."

A fiery dragon soared out of him as he punched everywhere with a pair of fiery fists. The punches directly broke through the incoming attacks, sending the Overlord Legion members flying one after another.

As Tang Longfei was at the forefront of the attacking party, he suffered the most miserable fate. He might be strong, but Yu Ziyang was at a completely different level. His chest caved in, and he was sent flying outside the villa. He looked extremely miserable, his injuries extremely heavy.

The others were not his match either. Soon, people were sprawled all over the ground, painful groans resounding in the air.

"Overlord Legion? Nothing special," said Yu Ziyang with a disdainful tone.

Just as he was about to proceed toward Xiang Shaoyun's cultivation room, Ouyang Chuanqi's voice rang out, "Yu Ziyang, since you look down on the Overlord Legion, let us do battle."

He walked in from outside. As he looked at the people sprawled everywhere, fury rose within him. He had always been focused on cultivation and never got involved in the academy's internal conflicts. But since he was the Overlord Legion's deputy commander, he naturally had to stand with them.

Yu Ziyang raised his brow. His battle intent surged as he said, "Very well. I have always wanted to have a spar with you. Both of us cultivate the power of flame, and we are known as the double blazing suns. Today, let us decide which of us is superior."

"As you wish. We will fight at the arena," said Ouyang Chuanqi, showing no intention whatsoever to back off.

"I'm here for Xiang Shaoyun today!" Yu Ziyang said, clearly not willing to leave. It wasn't that he was afraid of Ouyang Chuanqi, but he had yet to accomplish what he was here to do.

"If you can't even defeat me, there is no point in looking for him," Ouyang Chuanqi replied, his response causing Yu Ziyang to frown. Yu Ziyang could hear the implied meaning that Xiang Shaoyun was no weaker than Ouyang Chuanqi.

"Is this the reason you're willing to stay here as a deputy commander?" Yu Ziyang asked.

"Yes," Ouyang Chuanqi admitted candidly.

The reply shocked Yu Ziyang. His strength was probably similar to Ouyang Chuanqi, and if even Ouyang Chuanqi admitted to being inferior to Xiang Shaoyun, it was clear just how strong Xiang Shaoyun was.

One ought to know that Xiang Shaoyun's cultivation level was several stages lower than theirs.

"No matter what, I need to avenge my sister after he bullied her," said Yu Ziyang stubbornly, unwilling to back off.

He initially felt that looking for Xiang Shaoyun like this was an act of bullying, but after hearing from Ouyang Chuanqi how strong Xiang Shaoyun was, he wanted even more to have a taste of that strength himself.

Right as Ouyang Chuanqi was about to attack, an ethereal voice rang out, "No private battles are allowed before the opening of the battleground. Those found breaking the rule will be expelled."

The voice could be heard all over the academy, shocking the disciples. They could feel how firm the academy was in this matter. Those caught breaking the rule would definitely suffer.

Although Yu Ziyang was one of the strongest disciples, he still didn't dare to disregard an elder's warning. He could only say unwillingly, "At the battleground, I shall show you my might."

"I'll be looking forward to it," said Ouyang Chuanqi.

Just like that, Yu Ziyang strutted away from 1 Dragon Villa. News of his lone intrusion into 1 Dragon Villa spread, and nobody dared to provoke a disciple at that level anymore.

After Yu Ziyang left, Lady Shura rushed out to take care of the wounded members. Fortunately, Yu Ziyang had been holding back appropriately, and nobody was severely injured. Several days of rest would do, and they would still be able to participate in the battlefield.

The most seriously injured person was Tang Longfei, but he had the emperor-grade spring water given by Xiang Shaoyun, so it wouldn't be hard for him to recover. Only later did Ouyang Chuanqi get the chance to ask about Xiang Shaoyun.

Lady Shura did not tell them much, only telling them it was his private affair. She hinted that his return with Tuoba Wan'er was the reason. There was nothing they could do about that, and they could only hope he could recover on his own.

Ouyang Chuanqi said, "Outsiders like us won't be able to help with something like this. He has to rely on himself. However, matters of emotions like this will not be able to stop a real tyrant."

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