Chapter 828: Women's Remorse

Tuoba Wan'er did not know how she had arrived at her accommodation. She appeared completely lost, filling those who looked at her with sympathy.

When Old Urchin saw her condition, he became nervous and asked, "Young lady, why are you here? Has the holy son-in-law turned on you?" 

Eyes wet with tears, Tuoba Wan'er shook her head and said, "No, I was the one who left."

The moment she heard Xiang Shaoyun's furious shout, she realized that she had fallen for Yu Caidie's trick. She wanted to return, but she felt too ashamed to see him. While she was hesitating, someone brought her back to the guest house.

"Young lady, what happened?" Old Urchin asked as he pulled at his own hair nervously.

He did not understand women very well. Thus, it would be very hard for him to figure this out. Tuoba Wan'er shook her head and entered her room. She needed some time to calm her mind.

"Let me go grab that kid and question him. He thinks he can bully the young lady after returning to the academy?" said Old Urchin after failing to come up with anything.

"No!" Tuoba Wan'er stopped him.

"What should we do, then? I can't keep watching since you're this unhappy!" said Old Urchin.

Tuoba Wan'er said, "Give me some time to calm my head. I'll explain later. This has nothing to do with him."

She then shut herself in the room. Old Urchin was left helplessly stomping his feet outside, but he did cancel his plan of looking for Xiang Shaoyun. 

When Yu Caidie returned to her villa, her brother, Yu Ziyang, was already there waiting.

"What happened? Why kick up such a fuss? Even I heard it!" asked Yu Ziyang.

Yu Caidie replied in a downcast manner, "I did something I shouldn't have and had angered him."

Yu Ziyang frowned and said, "He brought a woman back, and he still dares to be angry at you?"

As a big brother, he would not allow his little sister to be bullied by anyone.

"That was what I thought, but I did something to hurt him without listening to his explanation. I went overboard," said Yu Caidie, laughing at herself mockingly.

"Still, you are the Yu Clan's holy maiden. He is not qualified to be angry with you. Let me teach him a lesson so he knows his place," said Yu Ziyang stubbornly before leaving.

Yu Caidie wanted to go with him, but she was too ashamed to face Xiang Shaoyun, so she stopped. In any case, Xiang Shaoyun was in the cultivation room, so her big brother would not be able to drag him out without breaking the rules.

The same scene was repeated at Huang Xiaoyue's place. The moment Huang Tianji saw Huang Xiaoyue running back crying, he knew that a conflict might have broken out between her and Xiang Shaoyun.

However, he was too embarrassed to look for Xiang Shaoyun as even he believed that Huang Xiaoyue was probably at fault. Even so, he was still unhappy with Xiang Shaoyun.

He had heard that Han Chenfei was also there during the incident. He had always suspected that Han Chenfei harbored feelings for Xiang Shaoyun, and it discomforted him greatly. 

As a prince, countless women were trying to get into his good graces. Xiang Shaoyun was merely a low-level Emperor. Even if he had a remarkable physique, he did not have any background. How could he compete against Huang Tianji?

I shall teach him a lesson at the battleground, thought Huang Tianji inwardly.

As for Han Chenfei and the sisters, they were filled with shame. Xiang Shaoyun had helped all three of them before, yet they were hurting him this way. They wondered how they would face him afterward.

"Big Sister Fei, what should we do?" Han Xuewei asked as tears dripped from her eyes.

In the past, they were her followers and wouldn't dare ask her such a question. Now that they were sworn sisters, their relationship was no longer of master and servants.

"I don't know. I never expected Shaoyun to be so sensitive. I always thought he was someone with a strong will and would not lose control over his emotions from what we do," said Han Chenfei bitterly.

"He cares too much about those close to him, and we had exploited that to harm him where it hurts most. It was our fault," said Han Qianwei sorrowfully.

They had stayed beside Xiang Shaoyun for an extended period of time and knew well the kind of person he was. They had nevertheless neglected the fact that one's emotions could be one's weakness, especially someone like Xiang Shaoyun, who had suffered betrayal before. 

He had a general distrust toward everyone and cared greatly for those he allowed inside his inner circle. They were close to him, yet they were also the ones who had rebuked him. Nobody could accept such betrayal.

"Just wait. He will need to show himself when it's time to enter the battleground. We can apologize then. I hope he can forgive us," said Han Chenfei.

The sisters had no other solutions and could only accept Han Chenfei's idea. Currently, Lady Shura was not the only one at 1 Dragon Villa. About a dozen Overlord Legion members had gathered as well.

They did not know what had happened, but they had all come after hearing Xiang Shaoyun's furious shout.

"Lady Shura, what happened to the overlord?" Li Haonan asked. He was the first to arrive.

"Don't ask. This is the overlord's private affair," said Lady Shura. "You should leave. I can stand watch here."

At this time, Yu Ziyang charged inside and shouted, "Xiang Shaoyun, get your ass out here!"

"Flaming Sun's holy son!" The pupils of Li Haonan and the others shrank.

Yu Ziyang was the Yu Clan's holy son, and the Flaming Sun faction he had established in the academy was among the top three factions. With him arriving so aggressively, it was obvious he was here to create trouble.

Li Haonan and the others quickly reacted and stood before him, stopping him from intruding even deeper.

"Holy son, the overlord is in seclusion and won't be receiving any visitors. Please leave," said Li Haonan with his hands cupped into a greeting.

Li Haonan was already a fourth-stage Dragon Ascension Realm cultivator. His cultivation speed was among the top in the academy.

"Piss off, or don't blame me for showing no mercy," said Yu Ziyang. A tyrannical flame aura erupted from him.

His pressure suppressed Li Haonan and the others, causing them to suffocate.

"Impudent!" Tang Longfei's voice rang out from outside.

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