Chapter 827: Lady Shura's Outburst

Xiang Shaoyun stepped into the cultivation room, and the door closed heavily, seemingly cutting him off from all that was happening. Yu Caidie arrived, and looking at the door, she finally realized that she had perhaps committed an error.

"Shaoyun, come out and listen to me. I didn't mean all that," she shouted.

However, the formation of the room had activated, completely isolating the room from all outside noises.

Huang Xiaoyue arrived beside Yu Caidie and said timidly, "Big Sister Caidie, he...he's not really angry, right?"

"I don't know, but I have committed a grave mistake," said Yu Caidie with remorse.

Huang Xiaoyue was still angry as she said, "It’s totally not your fault. That fellow is too infuriating. Who does he think he is?"

At this time, Lady Shura came over and said, "You should leave first."

She had not spoken a single word, and she had been observing all that had happened. She had never seen Xiang Shaoyun so angry before, and she did not feel very good at the moment. However, she did not know what she could say on his behalf either.

She had known Xiang Shaoyun for a long time, and she knew very well the kind of person he was. He was definitely not an unprincipled man they all thought he was. She hated herself for failing to speak up for him earlier. Otherwise, he wouldn't have flared up like that.

Yu Caidie and Huang Xiaoyue stayed while Han Chenfei and the sisters returned. They panicked when they didn't see him anywhere.

"Caidie, what happened?" Han Chenfei asked.

The sisters also looked at Yu Caidie expectantly, hoping to learn something.

With a look of remorse, Yu Caidie said, "I was wrong. I shouldn't have provoked him that way. He's very angry."

"Why right does he have to be angry? I thought he had declared that you're his woman? And now he returns with a different woman? What is the meaning of that?" Han Chenfei questioned.

Yu Caidie smiled bitterly. She shook her head, not knowing what to say.

Han Qianwei spoke with resentment, "How can he be like this? He brings a different woman back, and he is still angry about it?"

"That's right!" Huang Xiaoyue agreed.

Finally, Lady Shura couldn't keep silent anymore. She said, "Enough. Who are you to criticize the overlord?" 

She looked at Yu Caidie and questioned her, "Yes, the overlord likes you, but you have never promised him anything, right? He has been in the academy for several years already. As his woman, have you ever stayed by his side when he encountered danger? Not once! Now that the overlord has found a woman that can actually compete with you, you're finally anxious. So you went and used such a trick to ruin everything for the overlord. Isn't that a tad bit dirty?"

She looked at Han Chenfei and said, "Han Chenfei, I remember you have no relationship with the overlord, right? What you two have is a business transaction. Who are you to criticize him? He has always seen you as his friend. Is this what you do to a friend?"  

"And you, Huang Xiaoyue! You have been troubling the overlord time and time again, but he has always been quick to forgive. However, you continue to create more problems for him instead of stopping. Do you really think that the academy is your imperial palace? As for Han Qianwei and Han Xuewei, do I need to even say anything? The overlord brought both of you into the academy. You know very well how much he has helped you. Let me be honest. With your status, you are not even worthy of being his slaves. You're not even qualified to hold his shoes. Yet you dare criticize the overlord? How laughable! The overlord is right. All of you should get lost!" 

Lady Shura was a woman of her word. She had never asked for more and had always been silently working hard to keep up with Xiang Shaoyun. She was already a fourth-stage Dragon Ascension Realm cultivator, and her rapid advancement could be credited to the great support she had received from Xiang Shaoyun apart from her talent. She had never forgotten any of that.

Today, seeing these women forgetting what he had done for them, her temper erupted. There was a saying that whores had no love, but these women weren't even whores, yet they dared to criticize him in such a self-righteous manner. She really couldn't keep watching without doing anything.

Xiang Shaoyun had done a lot of things for them. Seeing them treat him that way was infuriating. When they heard her words, they finally realized that they had perhaps crossed a line here. Shame hung on their faces, and they felt terrible.

Yu Caidie started recalling the scenes of her previous interactions with Xiang Shaoyun. He had always been working hard to catch up with her. He had finally reached her level, and the two liked each other. Despite the mutual feelings, he had never asked for anything from her or interfered with her affairs. 

He had been complying and conceding to her all along. Today, without listening to his explanation, she had set this whole thing up. She had achieved her goal, but she seemed to have destroyed her relationship with him.

There was nothing to say about Han Chenfei. She had spoken some irresponsible words that were akin to pouring oil onto fire. She had no relationship whatsoever with Xiang Shaoyun, yet she had discredited him. 

Although she was here to help Yu Caidie, if she was being honest, she wanted to see Tuoba Wan'er leave as well. She still had some feelings for Xiang Shaoyun, but it seemed like she had now destroyed their relationship with her own hands.

As for Huang Xiaoyue, it would be fair to say that her relationship with Xiang Shaoyun had always been rocky. Each time they met, nothing good happened. But her elder brother had always shouldered the consequences for her. How about this time?

When it came to the sisters, they had been saved by Xiang Shaoyun many times. He had even brought them to the academy and helped them perfect their physiques, avoiding the fate of dying young. They had obtained Han Chenfei as a sister, and their cultivation had grown tremendously, filling them with confidence and giving them the illusion that they could now fight for Xiang Shaoyun as well.

Alas, they had spoiled everything. It was as Lady Shura said: they weren't even qualified to be his slaves. Who were they to criticize him?

They all stood there in a daze, not knowing what to say.

"Let's go and give him some peace. We were at fault," said Yu Caidie as she slowly walked away.

The others also felt too embarrassed to stay and left one after another. Han Qianwei said to Lady Shura, "When Young Master Xiang is out, I will apologize to him. He can punish me as he sees fit."

"What's the point of saying that now? I doubt he will be willing to even listen to me now," said Lady Shura with a sigh.

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