Chapter 801: Activating the Formation

Looking at Xiang Zixuan, Xiang Shaoyun sneered, "After suffering losses, you're sending me over? Do you take me for a fool?"

He was right, as since a Sovereign like Xiang Zixuan had failed to destroy the tower, how would he be able to destroy it? Even if he could, he wouldn't do so as he had managed to grasp something. The secret did not lie in the tower's destruction. Rather, it lay with the tower itself.

Since he was no longer in a rush, he planned to keep watching and see if Xiang Zixuan would have any other ideas. That wasn't blind confidence, but he had guessed that Xiang Zixuan was completely unqualified to grasp the tower's secret. That was a knowledge his instincts were telling him after that momentary flash of comprehension he had toward the tower.

When Xiang Zixuan saw that Xiang Shaoyun had not fallen for his trick, he sneered and said, "If so, this no longer has anything to do with you. You can get out of here now."

"Hehe, you're speaking as if you can actually reveal the secret. Do it if you really can," Xiang Shaoyun mocked.

Xiang Zixuan stood up and drew a shiny purple sword. Confidence covered his face as he said, "Before my saint sword, this tower shall cease to exist."

Xiang Shaoyun was getting slightly anxious, worried that the saint sword could really destroy the tower.

"Don't mess around. This is the restricted zone of the Holy Hall. If you activate some formation accidentally, both of us will die here," warned Xiang Shaoyun.

"Hehe, now you know fear? Even if I activate a formation, you will be the one to die," said Xiang Zixuan with a sinister smile on his face. As a scion from the Xiang Clan, he had a rich amount of trump cards. He was confident in his self-preservation ability.

He then swung the sword at the tower. This time, he did not dare to approach, afraid that he would be blasted away again by the same power.


A purple lightning sword energy struck the tower, creating a loud rumbling. Once again, earthly energy surged out and bounced the sword strike back at Xiang Zixuan. Eyes wide with shock, Xiang Zixuan quickly plopped down onto the ground, avoiding the slash.

The purple lightning sword energy landed on the ground and left a deep mark where it struck. If it had hit a person instead, that person would have been split into two. Xiang Shaoyun wasn't feeling very good either. Although he wasn't attacked, the tower had erupted with a much stronger power this time, forcing him to take several steps back.

Apart from that, the nearby stone towers also started emanating earth energy. The numerous bursts of energy crisscrossed, flooding the surrounding area with light. Xiang Shaoyun and Xiang Zixuan had not expected that the surrounding stone towers would also react. Both were struck by the bursts of energy, suffering heavy injuries.

"Damn that bastard," cursed Xiang Shaoyun as he was thrown away by an energy blast.

Fortunately, he had reacted fast enough to move away when the energy erupted. He only suffered a glancing blow at his waist instead of a direct hit, suffering a comparatively lighter injury.

On the other hand, Xiang Zixuan suffered a direct hit. However, he was protected by high-tier armor. Even so, the impact heavily injured his organs.

That was merely a start, unfortunately. The stone towers demonstrated their real power, sending sweeping earth energy across the surroundings. It wouldn't be an easy task dodging all that.

Xiang Zixuan reacted speedily and soared to the sky without hesitation and flew away to avoid the bursts of energy. As for Xiang Shaoyun, his entire body was on the ground as he rolled until he found a crack he could hide from the energy waves. Otherwise, he wouldn't be able to escape death.

The energy bursts released by the towers were incredibly terrifying, far from something either of them could withstand.

At that moment, a complete connection was established between the main tower and the over 20 towers in its surroundings to envelop the area in a curtain of light, isolating the space from the outside world.

Inside the space covered by the curtain of light, dangers were still abound, seemingly capable of killing any cultivator.

Xiang Zixuan was overjoyed. "Is this the tower's secret?" He raised his voice, "First elder, I solved the mystery. The tower is the core of a formation!"

His voice reverberated out, but no response came.

"Is this only the location of the actual secret?" Xiang Zixuan's expression turned gloomy. When he looked down, he saw that Xiang Shaoyun was stuck in a certain corner and was running out of space. At the sight of that, he couldn't resist laughing, "You're going to die now, right?"

Xiang Shaoyun was in a precarious situation. Any movement from him and he would be struck by the energy, instantly getting himself killed in the formation. Thus, he had been forced to hide in the tiny crack he had found.

However, no trace of fear could be seen on his face. Instead, excitement was plastered all over it. He seemed to have come to a certain understanding of this place.

There is indeed a formation here. Xiang Zixuan had activated the power of the tower, activating about a tenth of the entire formation. The formation's destructiveness is still limited. If that fellow had attacked with an even stronger attack, the entire formation would have activated, and this place would have turned into a land of absolute death, thought Xiang Shaoyun, rejoicing that Xiang Zixuan wasn't any stronger.

What Xiang Shaoyun needed to do now was to break the formation. Only then would he be able to obtain the tower's secret. He wasn't good with formations. So how was he supposed to solve his current issue? His plan was to use the profundity of earth to solve this crisis.

When Xiang Zixuan first attacked the tower, Xiang Shaoyun had already gotten the idea. He believed that the markings on the tower should be related to the secret, with the secret itself being something only a cultivator who had comprehended the profundity of earth could grasp.

That was why he was so confident that Xiang Zixuan wasn't qualified to grasp the tower's secret. Now that Xiang Zixuan had been pushed outside the curtain of light, he could no longer come back to fight for the secret. Thus, a chance had arrived for Xiang Shaoyun.

He withdrew his aura and started sensing his surroundings. He used the profundity of earth the best he could, blending his body with the land around him. Sure enough, he immediately sensed the strands of energy aboveground that were linked with the towers to envelop the entire area.

Numerous runes started appearing in his head, allowing him to instantly understand the path of survival within the formation and the complexity of the formation itself. He learned that breaking the formation was not required. He only needed to move in accordance with the path of survival, and he would be able to avoid the formation's dangers. He would then be able to arrive before the stone tower once more.

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