Chapter 796: First Trial

Xiang Zixuan was a first-stage Soul Foundation Realm cultivator. With his talent and strength, he was comparable to the top disciples of the four academies. Thus, it was completely understandable that he could withstand the hall master's force of presence.

The hall master's clone was only exercising a tiny portion of the main body's power to test the son-in-law candidates. This was meant to be a test, and the clone's power level naturally wouldn't be too high.

The pressure he gave off was at the level of a fifth-stage Soul Foundation Realm cultivator. Facing it with his cultivation level of first-stage Soul Foundation Realm cultivator, Xiang Zixuan proved that he had strong foundations.

As for Xiang Shaoyun, he was suffering miserably. This level of power was completely out of his league, and he found himself smashed into the ground.

This was the kind of sensation he felt when he had first entered the Martial Hall Palace's Hall of Gravity. At that time, he had encountered something similar and was faced with a pressure he couldn't withstand.

With his body slightly bent, Xiang Zixuan sneered, "An idiot asking for suffering."

He erupted in strength as he started contending against the hall master's clone in a battle of willpower. However, the pressure became stronger, reaching a point beyond his limits as well.

Why is this pressure growing stronger? Damn it! Xiang Zixuan grumbled inwardly.

Meanwhile, Xiang Shaoyun was having a terrible time sprawled on the ground, feeling like his body was going to burst apart from the pressure. However, he found that the physical pressure wasn't the worst. The mental suppression was even more fatal.

The mental suppression was subjected to his very soul, making it hard for his soul to offer any sort of retaliation. Learning that, Xiang Shaoyun immediately used his soul power to withstand the mental pressure.

This was the scariest kind of suppression, but he was an owner of a filthless soul. His soul had reached the level of a third-stage Sovereign. Moreover, he had the Nether Dragon Soul Headband protecting his soul. Thus, he was more than capable of withstanding the pressure on his soul.

After successfully blocking the mental pressure, Xiang Shaoyun felt much better. It even caused the pressure on his body to reduce greatly. The suppression became less unbearable, and he quickly used a drop of lightning liquid to heal his injuries.

The healing made him feel even better. He was about to stand back up when he saw Xiang Zixua’s back bend lower and lower. A massive amount of sweat was pouring out of him. It was obvious he wouldn't be able to last much longer.

"I will hang on!" Xiang Zixuan roared as purple lightning started cackling around his body, allowing him to straighten his back somewhat. But that did not last long as he was smashed heavily onto the ground shortly after.

"Impossible! A mere clone is trying to suppress me? Soul foundation, rise!" Xiang Zixuan howled indignantly and released his soul foundation.

A layer of translucent soul foundation appeared. It emanated a unique aura, and with formidable soul power, it withstood the hall master's pressure, allowing him to slowly get back on his feet.

The soul foundation was something formed by soul power and astral energy. It was a crystallization of a cultivator's accumulation.

Xiang Zixuan's soul foundation was several times bigger than the soul foundation of a regular first-stage Soul Foundation Realm cultivator. From that, it was obvious he was several times stronger than those of his rank, capable of easily punching above his weight.

Once again, he was back on his feet. However, he had exhausted a massive amount of soul power by doing so. It was unknown if he could still last an entire hour after this.

Glancing at Xiang Zixuan, Xiang Shaoyun thought, The Xiang Clan was once the strongest ancient clan of the Western Desert. Although it has declined since Xiang Dingtian's death, which had caused the clan to be besieged on all sides, the clan must have recovered decently after 10,000 years of recuperation.

For some reason, he had mixed emotions whenever he thought of the Xiang Clan. He felt some sort of closeness toward the clan, but he felt even more loathsome toward it.

The tiny bit of closeness he felt probably originated from the blood coursing within his veins, or it was some other reason. In any case, he couldn't get rid of this feeling even if he wanted to.

He threw the matter to the back of his mind and stopped trying to get up as well. Rather, he stayed on the ground. In fact, his rate of exhaustion was much lower sprawled on the ground like that.

This place was, after all, not the Hall of Gravity. He was subjected to mental suppression, and so long as his soul could withstand it, the pressure on his body would be greatly reduced. Thus, he wasn't feeling much discomfort at all. He only needed to wait until the time was up before standing up and leaving the room.

Sure, he wouldn't look too impressive, but it did not matter so long as he could pass the trial. If he didn't have the Nether Dragon Soul Headband, he would probably be struggling bitterly like Xiang Zixuan.

Soon, an hour was over. Xiang Zixuan was once again sprawled on the ground, having exhausted most of his soul foundation's power.

Now, he was hanging on by sheer willpower. Looking at Xiang Shaoyun, who was sprawled beside him, he muttered, "This kid is already dead. I only need to wait until the time is up, and I will pass the first trial."

The Holy Hall's young lady was incomparably noble. Obtaining her was equivalent to obtaining the Holy Hall's support. Although Xiang Zixuan was one of his clan's most talented youths, he still had rivals back in the clan. Thus, he definitely didn't want to fail on his very first trial.

This fellow sure is resilient, Xiang Shaoyun sighed inwardly.

The hall master's pressure had not reduced with the passage of time. Rather, it grew increasingly strong, gradually reaching the level of a late-stage Sovereign. Even with the Nether Dragon Soul Headband, Xiang Shaoyun could still feel a formidable power surrounding his soul. The pressure on his body was growing as well.

Although the power assaulting him was incorporeal, it still wasn't something even ordinary Soul Foundation Realm cultivators could easily handle.

In other words, the lowest requirement of being the Holy Hall's son-in-law was to reach the Soul Foundation Realm and be someone capable enough to withstand the pressure in this room.

Naturally, there was also the requirement that the candidate must not be too much older than Tuoba Wan'er. Otherwise, one would not be a good match for her. When the time was nearly up, the elders waiting outside were starting to be filled with expectation. Even Tuoba Wan'er was feeling the same.

Although she was the hall master's granddaughter, she couldn't even control her own marriage. She felt completely helpless, and she hoped that both candidates would fail the trial. That way, her freedom would be extended.

And if either of the candidates were going to succeed, she was more inclined to see Xiang Shaoyun be the one to pass. She had already discussed this with Old Urchin. If Xiang Shaoyun succeeded, Old Urchin would be putting him under control. They would be able to drag out this affair long enough to wait for her grandfather to leave seclusion.

It was unfortunate that her grandfather had been in seclusion for more than 10 years. Nobody knew his current status. If her grandfather wasn't in seclusion, she would have a much wider range of options.

Finally, the two hours were up, and the room's door slowly opened.

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