Chapter 795: Facing the Trials Together

And thus, Xiang Shaoyun became a prospective son-in-law. Of course, this wasn't something he wanted to do, but he had no choice but to play along with Old Urchin and muddle the waters, so to speak.

That was the only way Old Urchin would allow him to survive after all this was over. Old Urchin might seem sloppy all the time, as if he would never be serious. In truth, for people at his level, killing one or two people was nothing.

More importantly, Xiang Shaoyun himself also did not have any good opinion of Xiang Zixuan. In fact, he even found his competitor somewhat annoying.

"Hold on, I don't mind him facing the trials, but what kind of an organization is the Holy Hall? Without any sort of background, this kid will not be a qualified match for our young lady," said Sha Hanbiao.

With that, a series of objections rang out from the elders yet again. One could say that most of these elders were supportive of the third and seventh elders.

"Hehe, who says that I don't have a background?" Xiang Shaoyun smiled. A lofty look covered his face as he said, "This young master is a core disciple of the Dragon Phoenix Academy, the chief disciple of the grand elder."

"Dragon Phoenix Academy?" The expressions of many elders shifted as they heard that.

The Desert of Despair was one of the nine major cultivation grounds of the Dragon Phoenix Academy.

Thus, the academy had long gotten in touch with the Holy Earth Hall. Although the connection did not run deep, the Holy Earth Hall had long known that the Dragon Phoenix Academy was not an organization to be underestimated. They were greatly influential even in the entirety of the dominion.

They had not imagined that this kid actually possessed such a background.

At this time, Xiang Zixuan sneered, "The Dragon Phoenix Academy is only an academy, recruiting geniuses from the entire dominion. However, they would only train their disciples for 100 years. After that, the disciples would disperse and go their separate ways."

He was telling the elders that Xiang Shaoyun was merely trying to scare them with his background, but he would have nothing after the period of 100 years was up. Sure enough, many elders voiced their agreement with his statement.

"You blind fools. You know very well what kind of a place the Dragon Phoenix Academy is. Every single disciple coming out of that place will be a giant among men with boundless prospects. It is the most sensible choice to match the young lady with him. In the future, our Holy Hall will also be able to reach new heights through this union," Old Urchin said.

The other elders were about to say something, but the first elder interjected, "Stop arguing. Let both of them face the trials. The trials won't be passed so easily."

With the first elder making his stand, the others shut their mouths. In the Holy Hall, the first elder was the strongest man after the hall master. Even Old Urchin had to show him some respect.

The elders brought Xiang Shaoyun and Xiang Zixuan to the Holy Hall's rear court. That was where the first trial was.

Xiang Shaoyun couldn't help asking Old Urchin through voice transmission, "Senior Urchin, will this be dangerous?"

Would a trial set by the hall master be something simple? Xiang Shaoyun couldn't stop himself from wondering about that. It was impossible for him to not feel any nervousness when facing such a trial.

"Of course it will be dangerous, but it won't kill. Don't worry," said Old Urchin confidently.

Suddenly, Xiang Shaoyun had a feeling that the more serious Old Urchin was, the more unreliable he was.

Soon, they all arrived at the rear court. The first elder pointed at a room and said, "This is the first trial. Two hours later, the one capable of leaving the room will be considered to have passed."

"Are they going one by one or together?" asked an elder.

The first elder replied, "They will go together."

Both Xiang Shaoyun and Xiang Zixuan stepped forth. When the two stood together, the former looked more handsome and graceful, his unyielding bearing intersected refinement, making him look even more impressive. The latter carried a ferocious air around him, and there was an overbearing look in his eyes that seemed incapable of attracting anyone's affection.

Both were elite prodigies, both with their own pros and cons. Thus, it would be up to their own selves whether they could display their potential and get through the three trials.

"Stop overestimating yourself. The Holy Hall's young lady is not someone you can touch. If you're smart, piss off. I can allow you to live," threatened Xiang Zixuan through voice transmission.

"Those are big words. Let's speak after you get through the first trial," said Xiang Shaoyun, who really couldn't be bothered with bickering with this fellow. He walked straight toward the room.

"Good. I hope you don't die before knowing what happened later," said Xiang Zixuan with a sneer as he approached the room as well.

After the two entered, the elders remained outside, waiting for the result. Although they were all individuals with power and status, they still placed great importance on matters concerning the Holy Hall's future son-in-law. All of them wanted to see if the two youths could smoothly pass the first trial.

At this time, Old Urchin called out toward Hu Yanbo, "Hu Yanbo, interested in making a bet with me?"

"What bet?" Hu Yanbo asked.

"Of course, we're betting on which of the two will pass the trial," answered Old Urchin.

"Ok, I'm in. I'll bet on Xiang Zixuan's success."

"Looks like you're very confident about him. Then I can only place my bet on Xiang Shaoyun."

"Of course. What are you placing as the bet?"

"Well, let's have a friendly bet of one spirit crystal. What do you think?"

"Hehe, you must be joking, right?"

"Wow, you're quite smart! I was joking! A stalk of saint medicine, how about it?" 


Inside the room, Xiang Shaoyun and Xiang Zixuan had yet to encounter any difficulties. A phantom appeared before them and said, "Welcome to my first trial."

The appearance of the phantom was unclear, and the only thing they saw was a lofty and imposing figure facing them with his back.

Just from looking at that back, they felt some sort of pressure crushing down on them. It was as if they were having an audience with someone of immense power, causing them to inevitably start feeling nervous.

"Greetings, lord hall master," the two greeted at the same time.

"So, both of you are the challengers? It looks like the elders look highly upon you," said the hall master. "This trial is simple. Those capable of withstanding my clone's presence for an hour will pass. I hope you don't disappoint me."

As he said that, an incorporeal presence pressed down at Xiang Shaoyun and Xiang Zixuan. The two felt like the weight of an entire mountain was bearing down on them, making even standing straight hard.

Like a housefly that had been swatted, Xiang Shaoyun was smashed heavily onto the ground. His organs were displaced from the impact, and blood started dripping out of his mouth.

On the other hand, Xiang Zixuan handled it much better. His posture was bent, but he was still on his feet.

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