Chapter 788: Turbid Origin Gas Technique

This time, a considerable number of the Holy Hall had arrived. There were 50 of them, even more than the Coiling Snake members that had come. They were dressed uniformly in guard armors, looking rather imposing.

The leader was the same Ning Pengcheng who was previously there to escort the young lady back. Ning Pengcheng was most definitely a Soul Foundation Realm cultivator. Otherwise, he wouldn't be able to become the leader of these Emperor Realm guards.

Looking at them, Xiang Shaoyun thought, Looks like I won't be able to escape anymore.

Perhaps he could use the Nether Soul Domain to kill all of them, but by doing so, he would get himself into even bigger trouble. At that time, not even Old Urchin would be able to protect him anymore.

His brain raced, trying to think of a dependable solution for his current crisis. He did not wish to die for nothing at a place like this.

Ning Pengcheng took wide strides as he approached Xiang Shaoyun. He was tall and sturdy and was half a head taller than Xiang Shaoyun. Looking down at him, he asked flatly, "So, are you going to come with us, or do you want us to drag you with us."

His eyes were filled with contempt, completely looking down on Xiang Shaoyun.

Xiang Shaoyun frowned and said, "What if I refuse both options?"

"That is not up to you," Ning Pengcheng replied.

"Hehe, are you not afraid that your young lady might find out that you abused your power just to deal with me? I was brought here by Senior Urchin. Can you withstand his fury?" asked Xiang Shaoyun with a chuckle.

Ning Pengcheng sneered, "I know you were brought here by Senior Urchin, but you had committed murder in the Hall and had disturbed the peace. With those two offenses, I have the right to kill you. Nobody can protect you."

"That may be the case, but you definitely won't have a good time after I'm dead. I am but a nobody, while you're a commander. Who will make a bigger loss here?" Xiang Shaoyun asked calmly.

He was certain this person had a grudge toward him. Perhaps there was a conspiracy at play, and he had to make things extremely clear so as to plant some fear and cause some confusion.

At his words, Ning Pengcheng's gaze turned sharp as his killing intent leaked out. He had a justifiable reason to kill Xiang Shaoyun, but as Xiang Shaoyun had said, if Ning Pengcheng did it, he himself would not have a good time afterward. Xiang Shaoyun was someone brought in by Senior Urchin. That was undeniable.

"You have a glib tongue. You wish to scare me off just with this? You're far from qualified," said Ning Pengcheng with a tone of disdain. He waved his hand at the people behind him and said, "Arrest him and take him to the Coiling Snake. Let them deal with him."

Xiang Shaoyun's expression changed. This person was trying to kill him with a borrowed knife.

"Come, then. At most, I'll fight to the death," Xiang Shaoyun braced himself for a struggle.

It was at this moment that Old Urchin's voice rang out, "Guards, you're actually creating trouble at my old house? Have I perhaps been stripped of my position of elder by the hall master?"

Ning Pengcheng blanked out when he heard that, and even his face paled.

Old Urchin had always been an eccentric who was never serious. Not many people cared about him, but it was undeniable that he was an elder with high status in the Hall. It was rumored that he was the hall master's junior brother. A person with his status was not someone the guards could offend.

Ning Pengcheng turned and saluted Old Urchin. "Greetings, Senior Urchin. We are merely here to capture a murderer."

Old Urchin ignored him and rubbed the old donkey's neck. "Partner, these annoying fellows are blocking our house. Kick them away!"

"That's exactly what I have in mind!" answered the old donkey as he started running at an incredible speed. By the time one caught sight of him, he was already among the guards.

He raised his rear hoofs and kicked the guards before they could react, sending them flying one after another.

None of the 50 guards were weaker than the Dragon Ascension Realm, and some were even peak Emperors. And yet, they were all kicked flying like puppets, not even realizing they had been struck until they were already flying in the sky.

Miserable wails rang out one after another, and even Ning Pengcheng was starting to get nervous. He was a commander of the guards, and his cultivation level was at the Soul Foundation Realm. But he was too weak facing someone like Old Urchin.

The old donkey had evidently reached an incredible realm as well, with strength far beyond him. If the donkey was to give him a kick as well, he would lose all his prestige.

"Senior Urchin, you can't—" Ning Pengcheng quickly protested.

He was trying to make Old Urchin stop the old donkey before he was kicked. However, Old Urchin ignored him. Appearing before Ning Pengcheng, the old donkey aimed his backside at Ning Pengcheng and farted.

A powerful clump of turbid gas exploded right in Ning Pengcheng's face with a deafening sound, instantly knocking him out. Xiang Shaoyun was quite far away, but even he suffered from the smell. He quickly pinched his nose and held his breath, yet his vision still blurred.

This donkey's fart is too powerful, Xiang Shaoyun cursed inwardly.

"Kid, don't you think that my fart smells heavenly?" asked the old donkey smugly.

Still pinching his nose, Xiang Shaoyun braced himself and answered, "Lord donkey's fart is capable of shaking the heavens, causing gods and demons alike to cry, possessing a might that can spread far and wide. This kid is filled with admiration."

"Hehe, of course, of course. I'll teach you my Great Fart Technique—uhm, I need a more refined name—the Turbid Origin Gas Technique. I guarantee you can defeat your enemy with a single move once you learn it," said the old donkey with a smug laugh.

"This kid is too stupid. I'm afraid I won't be able to learn a technique this formidable," Xiang Shaoyun hurriedly refused.

What a joke. If he learned that technique, his image would totally be ruined. Wouldn't he scare off the countless beauties around him?

"Kid, you might be stupid, but you can practice more to learn it. Come, come, I'll first teach you the basics," the old donkey offered passionately.

"Oh, lord donkey, we should talk about this next time. Look, they're still here!" Xiang Shaoyun shifted the topic.

"Ignore them. They won't be able to do anything. If they dare to be rude before me, I'll kill them all with my Turbid Origin Gas Technique!" said the old donkey nonchalantly.

"Forget it, old donkey. The young man is not interested in your Great Fart Technique. Keep it for your descendants," said Old Urchin. He then looked at Xiang Shaoyun and said, "Kid, what did you do to attract the guards?"

"Senior Urchin, you see..." Xiang Shaoyun did not dare to hide the truth and told Old Urchin about how he had saved Liang Zhuangmin.

"Kid, you're in big trouble," said Old Urchin with a sigh.

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