Chapter 785: Who the Hell Made My Big Brother a Slave

Looking at the shabby house, Xiang Shaoyun did not know whether to laugh or cry. Just a moment ago, he naively believed this was Old Urchin's house. Alas, he was wrong. This was merely a residence prepared for him.

In recent years, he had tempered himself numerous ways, and he had stayed in extremely vile environments. Thus, even having this mud house to stay in was considered a decent fate.

However, he did not go inside to rest. Instead, he started taking a stroll around. Since he was already here, he wanted to learn more about this place. He relaxed his nerves and started casually roaming around the city.

The city lacked the majestic and imposing feeling human cities normally gave off. Instead, it had an indescribable atmosphere, making the city feel heavy and firm. This was a city extremely close with the earth.

Comparatively, the residents of this city were good-natured and passionate. In some parts of the city, people could be seen singing, dancing, playing an act, or performing numerous other tricks. It was as if celebrations were being held all over the city. Of course, thieveries and robberies were also occurring at some dark corners.

As a whole, this place resembled a human city, with the local customs and culture being rather different. Xiang Shaoyun had also noted that each house and shop had an odd mark on them. All the marks were the same, as if they represented something.

However, he did not dare to ask about the mark. He was clear there were some things that he couldn't know about. After a while, he felt somewhat bored and was prepared to return to his house.

At that time, he walked past a certain place and found that slaves were being sold. A crowd surrounded the place, pointing at the slaves as they talked among themselves.

"What do you think about that woman? Her figure is decent, and she's not very expensive. It won't be a bad idea to buy her and have her serve you."

"I'm quite interested in that man. He might be a decent fighter. Too bad he only has one arm remaining."

"That young man is not bad, and the price is decent as well. Let me think about it."

"This batch of slaves are all decent. They even have a few foreign races among them."


When Xiang Shaoyun overheard the crowd, he went over curiously. Slave trafficking had always existed and wasn't even rare, but not many places would actually be selling slaves so openly like this.

He studied the slaves before him. Each of them had a board hanging on their neck with their prices indicated on the boards. Behind the slaves were a group of people shouting and promoting the slaves to the crowd.

"Everyone, take a good look! This is a good slave that is hard to find. We have beautiful and feminine slaves, we have strong and young slaves, and we also have masculine and powerful slaves..." the slaver traffickers promoted.

Xiang Shaoyun scanned the slaves and found the whole thing boring, so he prepared to leave. But out of the corner of his eyes, he caught a glimpse of a certain figure. He immediately stopped, his gaze focusing on that person.

"Big Brother Liang?" Xiang Shaoyun squeezed through the crowd and said to a certain young slave.

The young man's hair was messy, covering his face. Numerous scars could be seen on his body, and his hands were tied up. It was hard to see his actual appearance. When the sturdy young man heard Xiang Shaoyun, he finally lifted his head. A pair of nervous eyes landed on Xiang Shaoyun, and a hoarse voice rang out, "B-Brother Yun."

Xiang Shaoyun was instantly filled with rage. This young man was none other than Liang Zhuangmin, who was his sworn brother during his time at the Cloud Margin Pavilion. Xiang Shaoyun had not expected to see him here in the form of a slave. He instantly lost reason.

"Who the hell made my big brother a slave?" Xiang Shaoyun roared.

He raged and clawed forward, releasing Liang Zhuangmin. His gaze landed on the slave traffickers murderously.

Xiang Shaoyun was one who treasured his relationships. Liang Zhuangmin was his sworn brother, and his anger was understandable after seeing Liang Zhuangmin's fate.

The slave traffickers gathered, and one of them shouted, "Audacious! You dare touch our slave? Kill this kid!"

These traffickers were part of an organization. Thus, people generally wouldn't dare to provoke them so blatantly like this. Now that some fool was trying to snatch their slave, they definitely wouldn't show mercy.

The traffickers had decent strength, as they were all at the Skysoar Realm. One of them arrived before Xiang Shaoyun and brought his massive saber down at Xiang Shaoyun's head.

"Get lost!" Xiang Shaoyun roared as his fist shot out.

The fist met the saber, breaking the saber before blasting his opponent into pieces. The other traffickers surrounded him from all directions, and he attacked without mercy, instantly killing a few of them. The crowd scattered in fear.

"Who exactly are you? Do you know who we are? You dare snatch our slave and kill our people?" shouted the strongest trafficker around.

The strongest trafficker was a third-stage Dragon Ascension Realm cultivator, and two Dragon Ascension Realm cultivators were beside him. The three of them were in charge of security.

"Whoever you are, I will uproot you to avenge my brother!" declared Xiang Shaoyun with a ghastly expression.

Without waiting for his enemies to attack, he made a move. Like a gust of wind, he arrived before the three Emperors. His hand shot out, grabbed the throat of the leader, and snapped the neck. The other two Emperors finally realized they had encountered an expert and quickly fled.

"Not one of you can dream of escaping!" Xiang Shaoyun shouted and sent two fiery claws at the two.


The two were unable to escape as the claws caught them. They were lit on fire and were instantly reduced to ash. After killing almost 10 people in a row, Xiang Shaoyun finally pacified his anger somewhat. To the side, when Liang Zhuangmin saw all that, he praised inwardly, Brother Yun is actually so strong now.

Xiang Shaoyun did not dare to stay too long. He quickly released all the slaves and said, "Escape yourself."

He then untied Liang Zhuangmin and prepared to flee with him. But before they could leave, a group of people arrived and surrounded them.

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