Chapter 784: Two Old Freaks

Looking at the newcomers, Xiang Shaoyun recognized that they were the same guards that had escorted the young lady back earlier. The moment they had appeared, they had demanded his arrest, and Xiang Shaoyun was puzzled. He glanced at Old Urchin.

Old Urchin was completely focused on drinking and completely ignored Xiang Shaoyun's imploring gaze. A few guards moved to surround Xiang Shaoyun.

Xiang Shaoyun stood up and asked, "What is this about?"

"Come with us, and you will find out," said the leader coldly.

"I don't mind going with you, but Senior Urchin is here. Have you asked if he is willing to let me go?" Xiang Shaoyun asked calmly.

Since Old Urchin was remaining silent, Xiang Shaoyun intended to drag him in. However, the guards did not even spare Old Urchin a glance and reached out to grab Xiang Shaoyun.

"Audacious!" Old Urchin shouted as he slapped the table, shocking the guards.

The leader said, "Senior Urchin, please don't make things hard for us. We are only carrying out orders."

"Orders? Whose orders? This kid is my attendant. Arresting him is the same as slapping me on my face," berated Old Urchin.

He started leaking his aura, greatly frightening them. They knew Old Urchin's status in the Hall very well. Nobodies like them could not afford to offend him.

"Since Senior Urchin wishes to protect him, we have no choice but to report this to the commander," said the leader before leaving with his men.

"Merely a dog that threatens others with his master's might. Even the Hall Master will need to show me some respect. Who do you think you are?" said Old Urchin with disdain.

"Senior Urchin is mighty," Xiang Shaoyun flattered unhesitatingly.

"It's good that you know. Remember, you need to fawn on me properly. You will get a lot of benefits doing so," said Old Urchin smugly.

"Who do you think you are, old bastard? Do you want me to chase you out of my restaurant?" the boss's voice rang out again.

Old Urchin trembled and hurriedly said, "I am nothing. Please don't kick me out. I haven't drunk enough."

"Look at how useless you are. Here, two more jars for you. These are on the house," said the boss after giving him a glare.

Old Urchin caught the two jars that were tossed over and started giggling in a silly manner. When Xiang Shaoyun saw Old Urchin and the boss flirting with each other, he exclaimed inwardly, Is this a demonstration of women throwing themselves into one's arms after demonstrating one's might?

Xiang Shaoyun tactfully offered, "Senior Urchin, I'll deliver some liquor to lord donkey."

He then ran outside with some liquor, leaving some alone time for the two.

When he arrived outside, he showed the old donkey the jar of liquor he had and said, "Lord donkey, I'm here delivering liquor."

"Save it for yourself. It tastes worse than horse urine. That old bastard is really quite amazing to be able to endure this taste," said the donkey with disdain.

Xiang Shaoyun rubbed his nose and laughed dryly. He could see that this old donkey knew Old Urchin very well, which reminded him of Little White. It had been several years since they had last met. He wondered if Little White was already a Demon Emperor.

Since he had nothing to do, he chatted with the old donkey, "Lord donkey, can you tell me what place this is?"

"You saw it yourself, right? This is the Holy Earth Hall!" answered the old donkey.

"I mean, which region is this place at?" clarified Xiang Shaoyun.

"Desert of Despair," replied the old donkey. "Don't bother asking anything else. I won't tell you anything, or things will get troublesome."

Xiang Shaoyun started muttering inwardly, How mysterious. But this is indeed a lost civilization of the desert. I wonder if there is anything special about this place.

He wanted to take a walk around to gather more information, but when he recalled how those guards wanted to arrest him, doubt filled his mind. He could not understand why they wanted to arrest him. Was it because he had once gotten in touch with the beautiful young lady?

But that shouldn't be an offense. Perhaps that young lady's identity was too sensitive. By saving him, she had also dragged him into trouble.

At this time, a shout rang out from within the restaurant, "Old bastard, you dare touch my ass? I'll slaughter you!"

Yet another burst of noise rang out. Old Urchin shot out from inside the restaurant and ran away, leaving even Xiang Shaoyun and the donkey behind.

"I'm leaving first. Old donkey, bring that kid with you," Old Urchin's voice drifted over from his vanishing figure.

"Useless old bastard," cursed the boss.

"You dumb donkey. What are you doing standing in front of my restaurant? You are scaring my potential customers away! Do you want me to slaughter you and turn you into a meal?" shouted the boss with a knife in hand.

The old donkey jumped up and quickly ran after Old Urchin as fast as he could.

Xiang Shaoyun was forced to run as well. Inwardly, he laughed, These two are both old freaks!

Xiang Shaoyun quickly caught up and asked, "Senior Urchin, where are you taking me?"

"My place, of course," replied Old Urchin. A smug look covered his face, "I've finally gotten a chance to touch that tigress's butt. Tsk tsk, it feels amazing."

What an old pervert. Xiang Shaoyun was speechless, but he still spoke flattering words, "Senior Urchin, conquering her won't be a problem for you at all!"

"Forget it. She's too fierce. I don't think I can withstand her. It's enough to tease her occasionally," said Old Urchin.

Xiang Shaoyun took the chance to ask about this place, but like the donkey, Old Urchin was very cautious with his words and refused to give him any straight answers. Soon, Xiang Shaoyun arrived at a crude mud house with Old Urchin.

Looking at the remote location and the tiny house, Xiang Shaoyun was finding it hard to believe that this was Old Urchin's house. Old Urchin was an expert. Although he might not reside in paradise, he shouldn't be staying in such a shabby place, right?

"Stay here. I will have something for you to do soon. If you can complete the task well, I will send you away. Or else, you can stay here and be my attendant for the rest of your life," said Old Urchin.

Xiang Shaoyun knew that Old Urchin was finally being serious. He quickly asked, "What task? I will definitely do my best to thank you for saving my life." 

"No rush. You can stay here for now. When the time is ripe, I will tell you what to do," said Old Urchin. "Feel free to walk around, but do not try collecting information about the Hall. It won't bring you any benefit."

He then left with the old donkey.

Xiang Shaoyun said, "Senior Urchin, no matter what, I'm your attendant. Won't letting me stay here be embarrassing for you?"

"It's not like anyone knows you're my attendant," said Old Urchin shamelessly.

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