Chapter 776: Bandit Leader's Self-Destruct

Never had Zhang Baolu imagined that her sovereign weapon would be broken by her opponent's sword. Her weapon was a mid-grade sovereign weapon. It was a remarkable weapon that would be extremely useful for many Sovereigns.

As a token of love, Sima Tian allowed her to use such an important weapon while he himself only used a low-grade sovereign weapon. Relying on this weapon, Zhang Baolu had killed many experts of the same cultivation level.

And yet, after only one clash with her opponent, her trusty weapon broke. Furthermore, his opponent's weapon was still heading unobstructed toward her.

She had not expected her weapon to break or for Xiang Shaoyun's swing to still have so much power behind it after the clash. Thus, she was unable to dodge in time.


A head was sent flying. Even in her last moments, Zhang Baolu was unable to accept the truth. Alas, she could no longer do anything about it. Sima Tian, who was battling Ouyang Chuanqi, sensed Zhang Baolu's death. His eyes widened in fury as he roared, "You bastard! You dare kill my wife! I'll slaughter you!"

Sima Tian was completely infuriated. Pushing himself to his limits, he charged Xiang Shaoyun recklessly. Ouyang Chuanqi seized the opportunity and entered the human weapon unity mode, transforming into a fiery dragon that charged toward Sima Tian like a raging inferno.

Ouyang Chuanqi was a freak from the Dragon Phoenix Academy. He had reached his current level through numerous battles, and he possessed rich combat experience.

The strength Sima Tian released in his anger was dreadful, but with Ouyang Chuanqi's extraordinary physique, the power he erupted with could match a second-stage Sovereign head on.

Grabbing onto the opening, Ouyang Chuanqi skewered Sima Tian's soul foundation and burned it with fire. This time, Sima Tian's soul foundation was going to be destroyed for sure.

"Arghh! I want you to die!" Sima Tian roared, and as he glared at Ouyang Chuanqi, he threw his weapon toward Ouyang Chuanqi's chest.

He was attacking in a way to ensure both sides suffered, but Sima Tian was confident Ouyang Chuanqi would die before him. He would then have the time to recover his soul foundation.

Unfortunately for him, when his weapon struck Ouyang Chuanqi's chest, a crisp clang rang out. That sound was akin to a declaration of his failure, causing him to sink into despair.

"An armor that is higher than the sovereign grade!" Sima Tian exclaimed in alarm.

His attack only caused Ouyang Chuanqi to spit up a mouthful of blood. As the impact threw Ouyang Chuanqi away, Ouyang Chuanqi took the chance to pull his spear back and escape Sima Tian. With his soul foundation damaged, Sima Tian's aura dropped. The flame was still burning his soul foundation, making it hard for him to even recall the soul foundation into his body.

Using his last bit of strength, Sima Tian forcefully shook the flame away before withdrawing his soul foundation. His aura was incomparably weak, and he could only release about 30 percent of his combat prowess.

In his current condition, he could no longer fight. Even so, he still stubbornly charged at Xiang Shaoyun.

"Little bastard, you will pay with your life for killing my woman!" Sima Tian loved Zhang Baolu greatly. Otherwise, he wouldn't have given her the mid-grade sovereign weapon. Now that Xiang Shaoyun had murdered his beloved, he had to kill this murderer to vent his anger.

Sensing Sima Tian's killing intent, Xiang Shaoyun did not feel any fear. He directly released the Nether Soul Domain and trapped Sima Tian within. Ouyang Chuanqi, who was chasing after Sima Tian, wore a bitter smile when he saw Sima Tian vanish into thin air. He thought, The Nether Soul Domain is indeed terrifying.

In fact, the Nether Soul Domain's might was the reason Ouyang Chuanqi had agreed to become Xiang Shaoyun's helper. Otherwise, with his strength, he would never become anyone's subordinate.

This was his second time seeing the Nether Soul Domain in action, and his shock had not lessened one bit. After entering the Nether Soul Domain, Sima Tian shivered as he realized how rash he had been.

Unfortunately for him, it was no longer possible for him to escape. Numerous chains shot toward him from all directions. With his soul foundation badly damaged, he could no longer display his usual strength. With the chains around him, he became completely helpless.

Even so, he was a decisive person as he roared, "If I'm to die, I'll drag you down with me!"

He then self-destructed. Xiang Shaoyun was greatly shocked and quickly tossed Sima Tian out of his Nether Soul Domain.


Sima Tian had just been tossed outside when a terrifying explosion rang out. Blood sprayed everywhere.

The rumbling explosion was extremely terrifying, causing the sky itself to shake. The combatants on the ground were given a fright as they started fleeing in chaos, no longer bothered about their battle. When the explosion settled, everyone had a look of confusion on their faces.

"The bandit leader self-destructed. Brothers, finish these bandits off, and our job will be done," Ouyang Chuanqi's voice rang out.

The disciples heard him and became endlessly excited. With great enthusiasm, they started cleaning up the remaining bandits. The bandits were in complete disorder. All three of their leaders had been killed, and their morale dropped greatly as a result.

Yu Rongxin could no longer hang on, and he quickly commanded, "Flee! Flee quickly!"

He fled, not bothering about the others.

"I knew a cowardly bandit like you would attempt to flee. Witness my Soul Chasing Arrow!" A woman from the Overlord Legion sneered and aimed her bow and arrow. With her attention focused on the arrow, she let it loose toward Yu Rongxin. 


Like a rainbow, the arrow glided through the air toward Yu Rongxin. It moved rapidly, reaching the level of an arrow shot by a peak Emperor. By the time Yu Rongxin noticed the arrow, it had already reached him. He swung his hammer behind him without any hesitation, trying to intercept the arrow.

However, the arrow actually moved in a "z" trajectory and avoided his hammer before shooting toward his forehead. Never in his wildest dreams had Yu Rongxin imagined that the arrow would shift its trajectory. Unable to defend himself in time, he was killed.


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