Chapter 772: The Bandit Commander Appears

"The treasure seeking mouse found a spirit crystal vein," said Shou Xie, excited.

Xiang Shaoyun's eyes lit up. "Well done! We're rich!"

"Let's dig out all the spirit crystals!" proposed Shou Xie.

"You have made a great contribution this time. After we dig up the spirit crystals, you will receive a large portion!" said Xiang Shaoyun as he patted Shou Xie's shoulder.

"I'll follow your arrangements, Overlord," Shou Xie did not reject the promised reward.

Xiang Shaoyun then announced to the others that Shou Xie had discovered a spirit crystal vein, and he gathered everyone to start mining the vein. The others cheered when they heard about the discovery.

Nobody would think that they had too many spirit crystals in their possession. Thus, this unexpected windfall had greatly boosted their morale. With the help of the treasure seeking mouse, they soon determined the vein's general position.

As everyone started digging, Xiang Shaoyun discovered a desert eagle hovering above them yet again. It stayed at a high altitude, and from the ground, one would only be able to see a tiny black dot in the sky.

Xiang Shaoyun initially wanted to send out Money to deal with the desert eagle, but after some thought, a plan formed in his mind. He spoke loudly, "Everyone, hurry up and dig out the spirit crystals. If those bandits come before we're done, we will have to leave empty handed."

He was intentionally raising his voice so the desert eagle would hear him as well. He believed the bandits would definitely be moved after hearing his words. Sure enough, the desert eagle quickly flew away and soon arrived beside Ge Mote. It informed him that Xiang Shaoyun's group had discovered a spirit crystal vein.

"Are you sure?" Ge Mote questioned as he held in his excitement.

"Master, I'm sure," said the eagle confidently.

"Good. Very good. We'll go back and inform the deputy commander. I must make up for my previous mistake with this," said Ge Mote joyfully.

He and the few bandits around him hopped onto their respective desert eagle and flew toward a certain direction. Before long, they found Yu Rongxin and the others.

"Greetings, deputy commander." Ge Mote kowtowed respectfully when he was brought before Yu Rongxin.

"Ge Mote, how are you dealing with those lambs?" Yu Rongxin asked.

"I brought them to a sandpoison scorpion territory with a Demon Sovereign, but they managed to push the scorpions back," Ge Mote said. "However, I received an important update. They have actually found a spirit crystal vein!"

"Is the information reliable? It better not be another trap," said Yu Rongxin, who was visibly moved after hearing about the vein.

The Desert of Despair might look barren, but a considerable number of spirit crystal veins existed here. These veins were extremely hard to find, and most people could only find one through luck. If the Dragon Phoenix Academy disciples had truly discovered a vein, he would definitely make a move on them.

"I am absolutely sure," said Ge Mote as he called the desert eagle over to brief Yu Rongxin.

"It doesn't matter if this is true or not. I already contacted the commander and the others. They will arrive soon. At that time, those disciples will not be able to escape," said Yu Rongxin.

"They are coming over? That's great!" Ge Mote cried out in joy.

In less than an hour, a big group of people appeared on the horizon. From far away, they looked incredibly terrifying. As they galloped across the desert, a sandstorm seemed to form behind them with thick clouds of sand. Wolf howls filled the air.

There were at least 2,000 of them, each of them a valiant combatant. When Yu Rongxin saw them, he quickly stepped out to offer his greetings.

"Greetings, commander and madam," greeted Yu Rongxin and the others respectfully.

The two people in the lead were each mounted on a powerful wolf. The man wasn't tall, but he was extremely strong. His sleeveless shirt revealed muscular arms that were trailing with veins, and his arms were also scar-ridden. He was carrying a massive hammer, presenting a domineering sight.

Beside him was an alluring woman with charming eyes. She was dressed in an extremely revealing fashion, displaying the fair and tender lumps on her chest that greatly conflicted the bandits who wanted to stare but dared not to.

These two were the leaders of the Desert Shadow Wolves, Sima Tian and Zhang Baolu. Both were Soul Foundation Realm cultivators, with the former being at the second stage and the latter at the first stage.

Their commands were akin to imperial edicts among the bandits. Nobody dared to disobey them. Alongside them was a deputy commander called Tao Zhiyu, someone who had just advanced into the Soul Foundation Realm.

"Rise. We are all brothers. There is no need to be too courteous," said Sima Tian with a heroic laugh. Looking at Yu Rongxin, he said, "Brother Yu, why did you call me over so urgently? Have some fat lambs appeared?" 

"Boss, we have indeed found some fat lambs," said Yu Rongxin as he briefed them about the Dragon Phoenix Academy disciples, and he also emphasized the discovery of a spirit crystal vein.

"A spirit crystal vein has actually been found?" Sima Tian was visibly moved.

He was aware that any spirit crystal vein found in the desert would produce a rich amount of high-grade spirit crystals. This new vein was definitely an undiscovered treasure trove.

"I am absolutely sure about that!" Yu Rongxin guaranteed with a slap to his chest.

"Good. Let's charge over," said Sima Tian. He looked at Tao Zhiyu and said, "Zhiyu, you are the best person to be the vanguard. Go and exhaust those lambs first."

With a cold look in his eyes, Tao Zhiyu said, "Don't worry. Maybe I can even eliminate all of them alone."

After saying that, he rode out with about 100 other bandits and headed toward Xiang Shaoyun's group. Naturally, they were not stupid enough to think that they would be able to eliminate the Overlord Legion with just these people. But Tao Zhiyu was someone with a unique ability to control poisonous beasts.

Sima Tian, Zhang Baolu, Yu Rongxin, and the others followed behind them from a distance. Meanwhile, the Overlord Legion had indeed discovered a massive high-grade spirit crystal vein. They were all wild with joy.

"We're rich! This vein is enough to sponsor us until the Soul Foundation Realm!" said Shou Xie as he waved his arms around in excitement.

"You made the greatest contribution, so half the vein will be yours. Everyone else will share the other half. What do you think?" Xiang Shaoyun asked.

"No, no, that's too much for me. Just share it equally," Shou Xie quickly rejected.

"That's not possible. You need to accept at least one-third of the vein. Otherwise, others might no longer be willing to share their discoveries in the future," said Xiang Shaoyun seriously.

While everyone was busy digging out the spirit crystals, an odd sound rang out, causing everyone's hair to stand on end.

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