Chapter 771: Beating The Sandpoison Scorpion Into Retreat

Demon Sovereign. The newcomer was most definitely a Demon Sovereign sandpoison scorpion. Otherwise, it wouldn't be able to give off such a dangerous feeling. The attacks of these geniuses were not weak by any means, but before a Sovereign, they were still too weak.

"Superimposed Killing Formation!" Zhuge Zhantian continued to issue commands calmly, displaying his talent as a battle commander.

Xiang Shaoyun saw everything Zhuge Zhantian was doing, and he lamented inwardly, No wonder back when I recruited Zhantian, he was arrogant enough to demand access to my cultivation room. From what he is showing right now, he definitely has the right to be arrogant.

From what Zhuge Zhantian had displayed, his talent was most definitely comparable to even those on the Dragon Phoenix List. Xiang Shaoyun even started wondering if this butler should be promoted into an advisor instead.

His thoughts were interrupted by the shockwaves from the battle. After the sandpoison scorpion Sovereign appeared, an even larger number of sandpoison scorpion Emperors appeared as well. The Overlord Legion members were barely hanging on, and if this continued, they would soon suffer defeat. 

"Brothers, attack at full power. Don't hold anything back against these beasts. Let me deal with the big scorpion," said Xiang Shaoyun.

Previously, only about 300 of them were fighting under Zhuge Zhantian's command. Even so, they had been able to somewhat stop the advance of the Demon Sovereign and the many scorpions. That was quite a remarkable performance.

Now that even more sandpoison scorpions had appeared, all of them had to act. With everyone joining the battle, a terrifying barrage of attacks started flying everywhere. As for Xiang Shaoyun, he set his sights on the scorpion Sovereign. Only by defeating that big guy would their victory be ensured. But before he could do so, Ouyang Chuanqi charged at the scorpion Sovereign.

Ouyang Chuanqi lived up to his status as one of the academy's top freaks. The moment he made a move, he alone withstood the scorpion Sovereign's attacks, greatly alleviating the pressure on the others.

This was the first time many of them were seeing Ouyang Chuanqi fight, and their attentions were caught by the grace he displayed while in combat. If it wasn't for the dangerous situation they were in, they would probably drop all they were doing to watch his fight.

"Fine, I'll allow you to hog the attention this time," said Xiang Shaoyun with a smile as he also charged into the midst of the sandpoison scorpions.

Instead of fighting the stronger sandpoison scorpions, he opted to help his companions that were having a hard time, killing their opponents. With his proficiency in the profundity of earth, he was able to deprive the sandpoison scorpions of their earth energy, greatly reducing the might of their attacks as he took the chance to deal them fatal damage.

His assistance greatly reduced the pressure his companions faced. Together, they killed more and more sandpoison scorpions. Many showed their extraordinary combat prowess in the battle, with the reputable ones living up to their names with outstanding battle strength.

As for Pan Yun, who was feeling guilty, he was eager to contribute and successfully displayed his strength as well. Who would have guessed that a peak second-stage Dragon Ascension Realm cultivator like Pan Yun could actually unleash a combat prowess matching a late-stage Dragon Ascension Realm cultivator?

His performance greatly shocked those around him. In their eyes, Pan Yun had always been a shy kid that wasn't too talented. They had all assumed that his combat strength was nothing special either. But now, the strength this kid displayed had outshone all of them.

Although there were a large number of sandpoison scorpions, they had far fewer Emperors than the Overlord Legion. After the scorpion Sovereign received Ouyang Chuanqi's suppression, the scorpion army could no longer pose them any threat. Soon, over half of the scorpions were killed.

When the scorpion Sovereign saw that things weren't looking good, it shrieked then fled. It drilled into the sand, and not even Ouyang Chuanqi could kill it easily underground. The other scorpions also quickly fled.

Soon, only scorpion corpses were left. The Overlord Legion had suffered no casualties. Only a few of them were poisoned, but with their strong foundations, they would be able to survive.

As the battle ended, a few desert eagles that had been hovering above them started leaving. Xiang Shaoyun intended to capture the eagles, but they had escaped too quickly before he could do anything.

Vicious One, Two, and Three are still too young. Looks like I need to get that lazy Money to come out and do some work, thought Xiang Shaoyun.

Vicious One, Two, and Three had stayed at low altitude under Xiang Shaoyun's command as he did not want them to get killed by the desert eagles. In fact, they had also participated in the battle earlier. However, they had only attacked some weak scorpions to recover some of the viciousness they should possess.

In the battle, they had performed well. They had also swallowed a decent number of scorpions, and they were steadily growing in strength. Xiang Shaoyun had been feeding them a considerable number of king medicines, hoping to help them grow as quickly as possible.

This expedition to the Desert of Despair would also serve as the first stage of their growth. After the battle, the Overlord Legion members stayed where they were and rested. While resting, Xiang Shaoyun asked for a way to either locate the bandits or lure them out.

This time, Lady Shura took the lead. "There is definitely more than one bandit group in a desert this big. Why insist on pursuing the same group of bandits? We might as well travel around and just kill any bandit we encounter."

"That's a good idea. I think it's feasible," Tang Longfei agreed.

Xiang Shaoyun gave it some thought and said, "That would work. Ok, we'll be having a tour around the desert, then."

Xiang Shaoyun knew very well that as long as they remained in good condition, the same group of bandits would never dare appear before them again. Only after they suffered large casualties would that group of bandits show themselves.

"Overlord, I heard there are a lot of ruins buried in this desert. Why don't we take this chance to do some treasure hunting as well?" Shou Xie proposed.

"That won't be an issue. But remember that our contribution points are being deducted for each day we spend here. We can't enter the desert too deeply. Otherwise, if we lose our way for real and are stuck for more than three months, all of us will be deep in debt," said Xiang Shaoyun.

"Ok. I'll get the treasure seeking mouse to search around. We'll only make a move if there is a discovery," said Shou Xie.

The treasure seeking mouse was an amazing tool that had helped Shou Xie locate many treasures. It was one of the beasts he relied on the most. But since this desert was filled with danger, Shou Xie did not dare to let the treasure seeking mouse roam too far away. If it was killed by some wild beast, it would be too big of a loss.

And thus, the Overlord Legion stopped trying to look for the same group of bandits. Rather, they picked a direction and started traveling randomly. Two days later, the treasure seeking mouse actually found something.

"Overlord, the treasure seeking mouse found something!" Shou Xie reported with excitement.

Xiang Shaoyun raised his brow. "We found something good?"

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