Chapter 710: It's Really A Fierce Murderous Demon

After leaving the volcanic crater, Xiang Shaoyun killed a considerable number of flame spirits before finally retiring. As for the others, they also retreated after they were fully exhausted.

Xiang Shaoyun took the chance to say, "I'm preparing to leave. You guys can stay and continue cultivating here. If you lack contribution points, just go trade for some with origin crystals. Your priority should be in growing your cultivation."

"Overlord, you're leaving so soon?" asked someone in confusion.

They had not noticed Xiang Shaoyun's cultivation stage advance. Why, then, was he leaving?

"Oh, my circumstances are different from you guys. I can't cultivate in only one zone. Ok guys, work hard," said Xiang Shaoyun as he left without delay.

After his explanation, the others understood Xiang Shaoyun's problem. He cultivated nine powers at the same time. Only someone with great courage would dare to attempt something like that.

After leaving the Flame Mountains zone, Xiang Shaoyun went straight to the Sinister Wind Den. The Sinister Wind Den was a unique zone where a type of wind called yin wind wreaked havoc.

When Xiang Shaoyun arrived, he found that the place was not habitable for humans. He felt like he had arrived at the nether world, where an eerie wind that could chill one's bones blew about violently.

The sky was covered with black clouds, looking incredibly sinister. Cries of crows rang out repeatedly, and graves were everywhere. At one glance, not a single living person could be seen.

Before entering, Xiang Shaoyun had heard that the Sinister Wind Den was a terrifying place very similar to hell. Even among the Dragon Phoenix Academy disciples, not many were willing to cultivate in this zone.

The Sinister Wind Den was the nastiest of the cultivation zones and had the highest mortality rate. The zone was, in fact, a large sinister graveyard filled with corpses. The yin wind was filled with an aura of death that could easily seep into one's body and exhaust one's vitality.

Apart from that, the wind power here was extremely dense. It was as if there was an eye of a storm here, acting as the yin wind's source. Otherwise, how would the wind exist all year long?

Xiang Shaoyun had braced himself mentally before coming, but he was still shocked when he arrived. The chilly wind blasted his face unceasingly as the blowing wind made hissing sounds that were akin to ghost wails. The sinister decaying aura contained in the wind seemed capable of corroding everything.

Xiang Shaoyun started traveling against the wind to look for the source. His target was the eye of the storm where the wind energy would be the densest. It was also the best place for him to comprehend the profundity of wind.

But before he could go far, numerous sinister zombies crawled up from their graves. They looked eerie and terrifying, and the sight of them would scare off a timid person.

Xiang Shaoyun was a resolute person with a strong will. He had also seen numerous sinister beasts. Thus, he was not easily frightened by these zombies. The zombies surrounded and charged him, spouting death energy from their mouths. The wind carried the death energy and engulfed Xiang Shaoyun.

Xiang Shaoyun was prepared, and he instantly soared into the sky, not wasting any time on these zombies. The zombies could only move around on the ground. They were incapable of aerial battles.

Xiang Shaoyun thought that he would be able to reach his destination easily that way. Unfortunately, a green silhouette suddenly appeared in the sky and charged him. It had appeared too abruptly and was extremely hard to detect.

Even Xiang Shaoyun was given a fright. Fortunately, he was able to react in time and dodge it.

"What is this?" Xiang Shaoyun exclaimed as he looked at the green silhouette.

After he got a clear look, he found that the attacker was actually a green cat demon. The cat demon was entirely green, looking incredibly conspicuous. Its eyes were gleaming with ruthlessness as it bared its sharp fangs. Clumps of chilly decaying energy drifted out of its mouth unceasingly.

The cat demon was as sturdy as a tiger demon. One with bad foresight would think that this was a green-furred tiger, but in truth, it was a green shadow cat. The green shadow cats were born savage and loved eating corpses. They carried innate yin vicious energy within them, and they also controlled the power of wind, granting them an incredible speed that allowed them to move undetected.

The green shadow cat was a fifth-stage Demon Emperor, possessing a speed comparable to a seventh-stage Emperor. Xiang Shaoyun, with his freakish reaction speed, was the only low-level Emperor capable of avoiding this cat's sneak attack.

"Get lost. Don't bother me," shouted Xiang Shaoyun with a glare.

He was in a rush and did not want to waste time on this green shadow cat. However, the green shadow cat was born savage. It rarely saw living people here, so how could it give up on such a prey?

Meow! Meow!

The green shadow cat cried out a few times before turning into a green streak that shot toward Xiang Shaoyun. It clawed out, sending yin wind attacks at Xiang Shaoyun. Using his footwork, Xiang Shaoyun avoided the attack and launched his own attack.

Devil Severing Edge!

The moment he attacked, he showed no quarter. A burst of radiance shot out of his saber, transforming into saber energy filled with rich devilish energy. It shot toward the green shadow cat. The green shadow cat also reacted quickly. It nimbly dodged attack after attack before arriving in front of Xiang Shaoyun and clawing at his face.

One ought to admit that the green shadow cat possessed incredible combat prowess. The directions of its attacks were exquisite, and its claws were constantly aimed at vitals. Even Xiang Shaoyun was surprised.

"It's really a fierce murderous demon," exclaimed Xiang Shaoyun as he kicked repeatedly.

Hurricane Kick!

Using the power of wind in his surroundings, he borrowed from his environment's natural wind power to strengthen his attacks. A fierce battle erupted between the two, shockwaves splattering their surroundings, destroying the roaming zombies below them.

Even after a while, Xiang Shaoyun still failed to defeat the green shadow cat with the power of wind. In fact, he had even sustained injuries. If it wasn't for his speed superiority, he would have been killed by now.

"Looks like you will be looking down on me if I don't show you something good." Xiang Shaoyun was getting furious. With a roar, he used the profundity of flame.

Seven Scorching Sun Claws!

Contesting claws with his own claws, he attacked the green shadow cat with fiery blazing claws. Although flame attacks wouldn't be boosted here like when he was in the Flame Mountains zone, he could still unleash a formidable flame attack.

Wind enhanced flame, while yang suppressed yin. When the green shadow cat sensed the threat of the flame attacks, it cried out and quickly retreated.

"You want to leave now? It's too late!" Killing intent flashed in Xiang Shaoyun's eyes as he chased after the cat.

It was at that moment that a spectral silhouette appeared behind him and attacked.

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