Chapter 709: Work Hard, Future Brother-In-Law

Yu Ziyang's voice carried a domineering tone, as if Xiang Shaoyun and the Overlord Legion had no choice but to join the Flaming Sun. The smile on Xiang Shaoyun's face froze. He solemnly said, "Big brother, this joke is not funny."

Telling him to merge the Overlord Legion with the Flaming Sun was the same as telling him to submit to them. It was something he would absolutely not agree to.

Yu Ziyang narrowed his eyes. "I am not joking. Telling you to merge the Overlord Legion into our Flaming Sun is my way of giving you an opportunity. It is also a form of protection for your brothers. They will be able to receive more benefits by joining us. What do you have against it?"

Xiang Shaoyun smiled. "That is not something you need to worry about, big brother. The brothers of the Overlord Legion have yet to make a lot of profit, but we haven't suffered much either. Of course, when we can't survive anymore in the future, it won't be too late to join you then."

He was basically tactfully declining the recruitment.

Yu Ziyang's face turned grave. "You're really rejecting me?"

A powerful presence surged out and pressed down on Xiang Shaoyun. It was extremely heavy and was mixed with thick spiritual pressure.

Evidently, Yu Ziyang's soul power was approaching the Soul Foundation Realm, or perhaps he had already reached that level. Otherwise, he wouldn't be able to release such spiritual pressure easily. 

It was a pressure that even late-stage Emperors would have a hard time withstanding, yet Xiang Shaoyun was able to completely ignore it as he said, "Big brother, are you thinking of forcing me?"

Looking at the completely calm Xiang Shaoyun, Yu Ziyang raised his brow. He withdrew his suppression and smiled. "Hehe, I was playing a joke. Since you insist, forget the offer."

In truth, Yu Ziyang was merely testing Xiang Shaoyun. If Xiang Shaoyun couldn't stand his ground, then he truly wouldn't be worthy of Yu Caidie.

"You should go help your Overlord Legion people. They seem to be having a hard time," said Yu Caidie as she pointed at the nearby Overlord Legion members.

Xiang Shaoyun shot them a glance before saying, "I can't be bothered. If they can't even handle some flame spirits, how are they supposed to increase their combat prowess? Caidie, let's find a quiet place to talk about life! That is a better use of our time!"

He then stepped forth and tried to near Yu Caidie. However, Yu Caidie stepped back, not giving him any chances.

"Just focus on cultivating. When you fulfill my requirement, we can talk about life," said Yu Caidie. "Big brother, let's leave."

She left with her phoenix.

Yu Ziyang smiled "Work hard, future brother-in-law."

He left as well, returning to the Flaming Sun's territory with Yu Caidie.

Xiang Shaoyun gazed at their departing backs, not bothering to go after them. He thought to himself, Just wait, Caidie. Before long, you will be back by my side.

When he turned around to look at the Overlord Legion people, he found that they were looking very pathetic. It wasn't that they were weak, but there were too many flame spirits. There were only about a dozen members, not enough to deal with so many flame spirits. If they couldn't hold their ground, they would need to retreat for now and wait for the next opportunity.

Xiang Shaoyun charged toward them and shouted, "You are all geniuses who managed to join the Dragon Phoenix Academy. You can't even deal with some flame spirits? How are you supposed to shine in the future? You might as well get lost and go back to where you came from." 

Xiang Shaoyun landed in the midst of the flame spirits, and ignoring their attacks, he clawed everywhere. He made full use of the profundity of flame. The flame spirits couldn't harm him, and he plucked out one origin crystal after another. Nobody would think they had too many origin crystals. The more the better.

Xiang Shaoyun's flame star was already completely full. But after breaking through, he would still require the replenishment of a large amount of energy. Additionally, Yun Flame also needed more energy so it could continue its evolution. Under Xiang Shaoyun's provocation, the Overlord Legion members were filled with shame.

"Everyone, focus! We can't let the overlord look down on us!" Deng Lingtian howled, triggering the pride within these young geniuses, making them reveal their trump cars.

They defeated the flame spirits one after another, and the tide of the battle started changing. As the flame spirits decreased in number, the Overlord Legion reaped great harvests. That was not enough to satisfy Xiang Shaoyun, and he went straight into the volcanic crater, stunning them all.

Not to mention the vast number of flame spirits within the crater, just its temperature alone was not something regular Emperors could withstand. After all, this was a volcano that had produced a flame spirit emperor. Its flame energy was extremely dreadful.

Xiang Shaoyun rushed down with his top speed, and numerous flame spirits charged him, attacking him endlessly. But for the current Xiang Shaoyun, these attacks were nothing. With the profundity of flame, he collapsed all their attacks. He even had the time to launch his own counterattacks.

He couldn't be bothered to waste too much time with them. After several evasive maneuvers, he passed through an opening between them and entered the crater. The high temperature within the crater was extremely uncomfortable.

Without wearing the human skin, Xiang Shaoyun found the heat difficult to endure. Instead of going into the lava, he collected some lava to replenish the lava in his astral cosmos sea. He only replenished it to improve his blaze flower's living environment and to ensure that the lava in his astral cosmos sea remained powerful.

He also did so to observe the changes in his astral cosmos sea. He kept having a feeling there was something special about his astral cosmos sea, and he was trying to figure out what that was.

After collecting some lava, he directly retreated. In truth, Yun Flame was constantly urging him to enter the lava. There was an extraordinary power within that could induce an evolution in Yun Flame, but Xiang Shaoyun suppressed the flame's urge and withdrew.

It wasn't that he did not want to grow Yun Flame, but his current priority was to comprehend the profundity of the nine powers. He hoped to make it possible to absorb nine powers at the same time. That way, his speed of advancement would increase.

If he continued cultivating as he did, others would leave him in the dust. Even if he could fuse nine powers, if he couldn't keep up in terms of cultivation level, it was only a matter of time before his defeat. It was something he did not wish to see happen.

Thus, after comprehending the profundity of flame, he needed to head to a different zone and comprehend a different profundity. That was his priority.

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