Chapter 708: I Am Your Brother-in-Law, Xiang Shaoyun

Unfortunately for the flame spirit emperor, the human skin draped around Xiang Shaoyun was too wondrous, granting him full protection against flame. Taking the opportunity, Xiang Shaoyun pulled with all his might, trying to pluck out the origin crystal.

The energy of the flame spirit emperor started destabilizing, and it started raging. Using its origin crystal, it actually exploded itself, preparing to perish together with Xiang Shaoyun. Through the profundity of flame, he could sense the flame spirit emperor's emotions. Noticing what it was trying to do, he grew anxious.

The explosion of a flame spirit emperor would be devastating. Although he was wrapped in the human skin, the skin did not have any defensive properties. It was only immune to fire.  Because of that, he feared that the explosion would kill him. During this moment of crisis, he once again borrowed from the profundity of ice.

Ice and heat would result in water, and with the creation of water, he used the profundity of water to prevent the flame spirit emperor's explosion. After all, during the instant the ice turned into water, the water was at its lowest possible temperature. That way, he could quickly weaken and cool off the angered flame spirit emperor.

"Come out!" Xiang Shaoyun roared and gathered all his strength into his palm. He also channeled a large amount of frost energy, reducing the origin crystal's temperature. He then pulled with all his might.

The origin crystal finally gave in, and he pulled it out of the flame spirit emperor. The moment the origin crystal was pulled out, the flame spirit emperor's body started collapsing. It tried its best to maintain its form but failed.

As for Xiang Shaoyun, he quickly retreated with the origin crystal in hand. Numerous flame spirits rushed out from the volcanic crater.

"Assist me!" Xiang Shaoyun shouted to the Overlord Legion people.

"Kill! Assist the overlord in killing the flame spirits!" someone from the Overlord Legion shouted.

This whole time they had been anxiously watching the battle between Xiang Shaoyun and the flame spirit emperor. None of them had expected that Xiang Shaoyun could really win, and he had even harvested the emperor's origin crystal.

He was too valiant. 

Encouraged by his success, their spirits were roused as they charged the flame spirits wildly. This time, instead of battling in a disorderly manner, they organized themselves well and fought with great teamwork.

These were all geniuses in the first place. They were all capable of fighting those with higher cultivation levels, and with them working together, their combat prowess increased significantly.

As for Xiang Shaoyun, he took the chance to retreat far away before stopping to heal. Using a drop of lightning liquid, he quickly healed his burnt wounds. The flame spirit emperor's control over flame was too powerful. Without the human skin, he would have had a much harder time defeating it.

One could say that he had won because of his luck. He shut his eyes and started replaying his fight with the flame spirit emperor in his mind. The flame spirit emperor had exquisite control over flame, as if it was the god of flame, knowing everything about flame control. Its accomplishments in flame control were something worth learning from. 

Not far away, the other disciples had the urge to rush over and snatch the origin crystals when they saw the massive numbers of flame spirits.

But when they saw Xiang Shaoyun's slender silhouette, they stopped their steps. That was a person who had killed a flame spirit emperor. Stepping into the Overlord Legion's territory would be viewed as a provocation, and they would then have to face his fury.

However, two particular people did not seem bothered as they headed straight to Xiang Shaoyun. The two were none other than Yu Ziyang, the leader of Flaming Sun, and Yu Caidie. They were respectively mounted on a fiery hou beast and a phoenix. Sounds of discussion broke out among the numerous disciples who saw them.

"It's the Child of the Flaming Sun and the Holy Maiden! They are heading toward Xiang Shaoyun!"

"None of us is blind. Looks like Xiang Shaoyun has attracted their attention. But I wonder if a fight will break out between them."

"Are you stupid? The Holy Maiden once waited three days for Xiang Shaoyun at 1 Dragon Villa. News of it has spread everywhere. Even if they are not lovers, they are definitely close."

"That can't be true, right? Xiang Shaoyun has actually won the Holy Maiden's favor? What kind of bullshit luck is that?"

"Yes, bullshit luck indeed. Who doesn't know that the Green Youth Ye Linshan loves the Holy Maiden dearly? Also, the freaks topping the Dragon Phoenix List seem to be interested in her as well. I wonder if Xiang Shaoyun is capable of withstanding all their fury."


When Yu Ziyang and Yu Caidie approached, Xiang Shaoyun turned and looked at them. His gaze first landed on Yu Caidie before Yu Ziyang. At that moment, their gazes met, and sparks were created.

Yu Ziyang's eyes were akin to two blazing suns. They were dazzling and radiant and were extremely hard to look straight at. An ordinary person would immediately avoid his gaze, not daring to look straight at him.

However, Xiang Shaoyun showed no weakness as he met the gaze with complete calmness. Even though Yu Ziyang was giving him considerable pressure, he could still withstand it. However, Yu Ziyang was undoubtedly giving him a feeling of intense danger. It was a sense of danger that he would only feel from those with stronger combat prowess than him. Evidently, in terms of combat prowess alone, he was not Yu Ziyang's match.

"Caidie, this is?" Xiang Shaoyun asked.

Of course, he could guess Yu Ziyang's identity. But since he did not know the other party, it would be presumptuous to call his name directly.  

Just as Yu Caidie was about to speak, Yu Ziyang said, "Yu Ziyang of the Flaming Sun."

A fawning smile immediately appeared on Xiang Shaoyun's face as he said, "Ah, so it's big brother. I have long heard of your great self. I am your future brother-in-law, Xiang Shaoyun!"

Yu Ziyang chortled and said, "Haha, it's still too early to call me big brother. You have yet to win our recognition."

"Not at all. Caidie is going to be mine sooner or later. It makes no difference at all," said Xiang Shaoyun shamelessly.

Yu Caidie spat and said, "Can't you be serious for once? You can call him that after you complete what I asked of you."

"Caidie, I am serious. I will definitely complete the task. Just wait. I won't let you enter someone else's embrace," said Xiang Shaoyun solemnly.

"Alright, I am older than you, so it doesn't matter that you are calling me big brother. But if you like Caidie, you need to prove it with action. All talk and no action is the conduct of a coward," said Yu Ziyang. "With your ability to defeat the flame spirit emperor, I believe you will be able to complete her task one day. But for now, you should bring your Overlord Legion members and join my Flaming Sun."

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