Chapter 706: This Is the Profundity of Flame

The flame spirit emperor was akin to a fiery giant several times larger than an ordinary flame spirit. It looked incredibly valiant. It charged out of the crater and spewed its raging flame everywhere, instantly raising the area's temperature.

The Overlord Legion people turned ghastly. They were not strong enough to deal with the flame spirit emperor. Even if they worked together, they would not be its match. This flame spirit emperor had considerable wisdom and could use the energy in the air to replenish itself unendingly. It also had exquisite control over flame, possessing incredible combat prowess.

Xiang Shaoyun could sense the threat brought by the flame spirit emperor and immediately shouted to the others, "Leave, let me focus!"

The flame spirit emperor was not an opponent numbers alone could overcome. One needed sufficient strength to face it. With Xiang Shaoyun's command, the Overlord Legion people did not dare to linger and quickly retreated.

In any case, they had already agreed to leave the moment the flame spirit emperor showed itself. It was not that they were cowards, but it was pointless to stay when they knew they weren't a match and would just die. More importantly, they couldn't stay and be Xiang Shaoyun's burden. 

The flame spirit emperor did not pursue them. Its gaze focused on Xiang Shaoyun as two fiery beams shot out from its eyes toward him.

Bang! Bang!

The beams crashed forth like two dragons engulfed in a terrifying blaze. In the blink of an eye, the beams arrived before Xiang Shaoyun, their speed astonishing. Pupils shrinking, Xiang Shaoyun quickly dodged to the side.

If it wasn't for his incredible speed that far surpassed his peers and his gift of instincts that granted him the ability to see the beams' trajectory, he would be hard-pressed to avoid them. As he dodged, he pushed forth and clawed at the flame spirit emperor with both his palms.

Seven Scorching Sun Claws, Sky Splitting Claw!

It was the strongest attack of the Seven Scorching Sun Claws. It was dreadfully powerful, capable of tearing everything apart. The flame spirit emperor did not even bother to dodge, and it faced the attack head on.

When Xiang Shaoyun's claw attack struck the flame spirit emperor, its fiery body actually split apart. And when Xiang Shaoyun was about to press on with his attack, an abrupt change happened.

The flame the emperor had spewed everywhere suddenly flew back and engulfed Xiang Shaoyun. The burning blaze was berserk and destructive, and not even Xiang Shaoyun could block it. His entire body was scorched, putting him in great pain.

Even when using Yun Flame to devour the flame around him, he failed to absorb it all like he usually could. It was as if the flame contained some special power that was contending against Yun Flame.

T-this is the profundity of flame! Xiang Shaoyun exclaimed inwardly.

Without any hesitation, he endured his pain and retreated madly. The flame spirit emperor rapidly reformed its body and shot at Xiang Shaoyun like an artillery shell. It swung its two palms out, crushing Xiang Shaoyun with a sea of flame. The torrential flame was fierce and violent, and the extreme temperature created cracking sounds in the air.

The flame it used was a regular flame, but it was no weaker than any high-tier flame. That was the might of the profundity of flame. 

Xiang Shaoyun made use of Yun Flame to contend against the profundity of flame and hastily expelled the flame from his body, preventing it from harming him further.

The dreadful attack coming at him forced him to keep on retreating at full speed. However, the flame spirit emperor was too dreadful. Even when retreating at full speed, Xiang Shaoyun was still surrounded by the flame.

Bang! Bang!

A torrential flame engulfed him, allowing him to experience the destruction, ruthlessness, and heat of the profundity of flame. His entire body was hurting from the flame, and not even Yun Flame could alleviate his crisis. He was forced to use the profundity of ice and water and shroud his body with frost energy. Finally, he was able to somewhat suppress the profundity of flame assaulting him.

Water suppressed fire, that was unchanging.

However, it could only temporarily alleviate Xiang Shaoyun's crisis. After all, he was on a volcano. The flame spirit emperor held complete superiority here, and not even the profundity of ice and water could contend against the environment's flame energy.

Boundless flame surrounded Xiang Shouyun as a merciless curtain of flame crashed down on him. Even Yun Flame would have a hard time protecting Xiang Shaoyun against such an attack. After all, it was already a part of Xiang Shaoyun, while he was a fleshy human. Although the two were one, many of its original properties had still been suppressed.

Of course, if Xiang Shaoyun was killed, there was a chance for Yun Flame to regain freedom and exist as a high-tier flame yet again. Xiang Shaoyun did not wish to die just like this. Of course, since he dared to come for the flame spirit emperor, he had his own trump cards. Otherwise, he would not have dared to come so rashly.

A human skin suddenly appeared, wrapped around him, and immediately isolated him from the surrounding flame. The human skin was a unique treasure Xiang Shaoyun had obtained in the past. It was the same human skin he had relied on to conquer Yun Flame and the devil flame seed.

And now, he was using it to deal with the flame here. The flame spirit emperor had not seen it coming. The only thing it knew to do was to continue burning Xiang Shaoyun with endless flame.

In its eyes, Xiang Shaoyun would definitely turn into ash. It surrounded Xiang Shaoyun with massive amounts of flame, displaying the might of the profundity of flame.

Meanwhile, Xiang Shaoyun, who was amid the flame, could clearly sense the profundity of flame. Coupled with his previous comprehension of flame, he instantly had a sense of enlightenment and pierced through the bottleneck that had hindered him.

Yun Flame immediately radiated incomparable joy within his body as if resonating with every fiber of his being. Its affinity with Xiang Shaoyun reached perfection.

It was a change that had occurred due to Xiang Shaoyun's successful comprehension of the profundity of flame. He could now fully display Yun Flame's power, and the two could finally perfect their fusion. It was also at that moment that the flame star became completely full. For his current cultivation level, the star had reached perfection.

A smile formed on Xiang Shaoyun's face. He reached out with both hands and exerted control over the flame around him. Sure enough, the flame obeyed him. He now knew the flame like the back of his hand.

"Comprehending the profundity of any power is to understand the origin attributes of each power. Such knowledge would allow one to unleash the power's properties, which is a sign of one's comprehension of its profundity," Xiang Shaoyun muttered before pulling the human skin away. He faced the sea of flame with his own body.

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