Chapter 701: Yu Ziyang

The Overlord Legion had occupied the Di Alliance's territory, and news of it spread through the entire Flame Mountains.

"Since when was the Overlord Legion so strong? It seems they even chased away the Di Alliance people. Are you sure that's not fake news?" 

"How can it be fake? Their overlord had arrived personally. Not only was Di Shang killed, but even Xia Yunxi and Xia Qiuhua were defeated badly. Looks like Xiang Shaoyun is starting to show the might of his strongest physique." 

"I thought he had destroyed his future by cultivating nine powers? How can he still be so strong?" 

"You are too outdated. He has already fused the nine powers, and he had even fought Xiao Xie to a draw. He is strong enough to challenge the top 10 of the Dragon Phoenix List."

"Overlord of the Overlord Legion...interesting. For him to hold such an overbearing title, is he not afraid that the Child of the Flaming Sun will personally come out and teach him a lesson?" 


Atop the highest peak in the Flame Mountains zone. This peak was a volcano that would erupt all year round, and it was also the place with the most flame spirits. This was also the cultivation spot occupied by the Flaming Sun. Outsiders were not permitted to enter. 

Halfway up the mountain was a man and woman. They were seated atop a glossy and clean rock. They were akin to a perfect pair, radiating an imposing aura and extraordinary bearing. The man was extremely young. He looked to be about 18 years old. He possessed a resolute face that looked like it was sculpted, and his pair of eyes were brilliant and piercing, akin to the sun and moon. He was tall and slender, wearing radiant battle armor. Lying by his side was a flame-colored spear and a flaming hou beast emperor. His entire person was filled with majesty.

The woman was akin to a fairy that had descended upon the mortal world. Her every movement seemed to be filled with peerless grace. Her light muslin veil drifted about in the wind, akin to a fluttering butterfly. She was graceful and elegant, and as she gently brushed her hair aside, she revealed a pair of bright eyes that overshadowed all color in the world.

Beside her was a phoenix, her head raised high in arrogance. The man was Yu Ziyang, while the woman was Yu Caidie. They were the strongest combatants of the Flaming Sun, and they were also the Dragon Phoenix Academy's strongest disciples.

"Little sister, my future brother-in-law seems quite unyielding," said Yu Ziyang with a smile.

Yu Caidie chuckled and said, "I thought you object to us being together? Did you change your mind?" 

Yu Ziyang said, "No, but I know you. Nobody can change your mind once you decide on something. Since you are optimistic about him, I can only trust you. However, if he can't get through Linshan, then he won't be able to gain the acceptance of those old geezers back home."

Confidence flashed in Yu Caidie's eyes as she said, "I am confident in him. Personally, I think that goal is too low. I gave him a new goal to become number one on the Dragon Phoenix List within five years."

Astonishment filled Yu Ziyang's eyes. "You really think he can do it? Those are not just some words of encouragement?" 

Yu Caidie smiled. "What's the point of having a man that can't even do that much?"

"Haha, little sister, seems like you have high aspirations," Yu Ziyang laughed heartily. "Looks like I need to find a chance to take a look at my future brother-in-law. Is he really as outstanding as you have said?"

"Don't worry. He won't disappoint you," Yu Caidie declared confidently.


On the volcano once occupied by the Di Alliance, Xiang Shaoyun was setting up camp with his people from the Overlord Legion. He did not bother sending anyone to stand guard at the foot of the mountain. Those blind enough to disturb them would simply be beaten until they smartened up.

Only then would he be able to deter others and reduce the amount of disturbances he would receive. Of course, after chasing the Di Alliance people away in such an overbearing manner, there probably wouldn't be anyone coming to challenge him anymore.

After all, Xiang Shaoyun had killed Di Shang. Although Di Shang was only a follower, he was still not someone to be easily killed. Killing him would result in a blood feud.

Xiang Shaoyun and company only settled down halfway up the mountain instead of going straight to the top. The flame spirits were at the summit, and they could not charge up blindly or they would only get themselves killed.

Although the flame spirits lacked intelligence, their attacks were not weak. Otherwise, they wouldn't have been able to survive in the Flame Mountains for so long.

"Overlord, when are we killing our way to the peak?" Deng Lingtian asked eagerly.

He was currently stuck at a bottleneck to enter third-stage. He needed a large amount of flame energy, and he did not wish to waste even a single second in this zone. After all, he needed to pay for the time spent here.

Xiang Shaoyun said, "Feel free to group up and go. I will be staying here for a bit to comprehend the power here."

In his current environment, he was in no rush to hunt flame spirits. His priority was to increase his comprehension of the profundity of flame. The moment he said that, the others impatiently started voicing their intentions to go up the mountain.

They all knew each flame spirit killed would grant them a strand of flame origin energy. Each strand would accelerate their growth, and it was their actual goal for coming. Xiang Shaoyun did not bother keeping them around. He waved his hand and told them to go. He even warned them to be careful and to prioritize staying alive.

The group then charged to the top of the mountain. As for Xiang Shaoyun, he sat down cross-legged and started absorbing the flame energy around him. Since he had Yun Flame in his flame star, Yun Flame would automatically absorb flame energy from his surroundings even without him circulating his cultivation method.

Now that they were in such a flame-rich environment, Yun Flame naturally went all out as it absorbed the surrounding energy at full force, increasing Xiang Shaoyun's absorption speed by several times. Before long, Xiang Shaoyun had replenished the energy he used in the last battle. His cultivation had also grown a decent amount.

He started chanting the Desolation mantra inwardly as he prepared to comprehend the profundity of flame. The flame was berserk and pitiless, filled with boundless destruction. The flame was filled with passion, representing resoluteness and steadfastness. It was grand and righteous, capable of restraining all evil in the world.

As Xiang Shaoyun chanted the Desolation mantra again and again, his comprehension deepened. It was as if the Desolation mantra was a secret technique to comprehend the profundity of powers.

One ought to know that just to comprehend the profundity of a single power, great talent in comprehension was required. If news that Xiang Shaoyun had comprehended the profundity of earth, gold, darkness, ice, and water was spread, he would create history. After all, just comprehending one power would massively benefit a cultivator, yet Xiang Shaoyun had comprehended so many profundities.

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