Chapter 698: I'll Kill You First

After a few exchanges, the two Di Alliance guards were left with wounds all over and could fight no longer. The Dragon Phoenix Academy did not prohibit internal battles, but killing was strictly discouraged. Otherwise, one would be punished severely.

As for Xiang Shaoyun's act of killing Han Lingshuang on the iceberg, that was simply because he was left with no choice. Moreover, he had ample reasons to kill then, and he would not be afraid even if someone reported it.

Of course, he believed that Huo Xudong would not dare to publicize that incident. In the Flame Mountains zone, there were numerous academy disciples. Thus, it was not feasible to kill these two Di Alliance members.

The two were extremely indignant about their defeats. Their opponents had fought all together against the two of them. In that situation, they stood no chance. Xiang Shaoyun then led the Overlord Legion people up the volcano.

Before long, a group of people arrived, having descended the volcano. They had sensed the fight at the foot of the volcano and were there to provide assistance. There were about 15 of them. Evidently, the Di Alliance had recruited quite a lot of members.

As for why they had managed to recruit so many members, it was because a previous generation elder had accepted di Lin as a personal disciple. These new joiners all wished to obtain the support of the previous generation elder's faction through Di Lin. The group of newcomers was led by Di Tong and Di Shang.

"It's you, Xiang Shaoyun? You dare come to us?" Di Shang roared when he saw Xiang Shaoyun.

Di Shang was now a Dragon Ascension Realm cultivator as well, but he was two stages below Di Tong. Di Tong had reached the third stage. One could say that his progress had been rather rapid.

"That's right. Today, I'm here for the Di Alliance. If you're smart, piss off. Otherwise, I'll cripple all of you," said Xiang Shaoyun with a sinister look on his face.

He held an intense dislike for anyone from the Di Clan, as disloyalty seemed to flow in their veins.

"Trash like you dares to create a fuss? Men, take them all down!" Di Shang commanded.

With Di Shang's strength, he wasn't supposed to be able to command the Di Alliance members. But since he was Di Lin's elder brother, they still showed him sufficient respect.

"Leave Xiang Shaoyun to me. You guys deal with the others," said a sword-wielding young man as he charged forward.

His sword shone with brilliant radiance, exuding incomparable sharpness, radiating formidable might.

"Be careful, Overlord. He is Xia Qiuhua, and his strength is comparable to the deputy commander's," said Deng Lingtian.

"It's him? Yes, I've heard of him from Big Brother Tang. Good, I'll start with him," Xiang Shaoyun sneered, stepped forth, and threw a punch at the incoming sword.

An overbearing flaming fist collided with the boundless sword ray.


A dazzling explosion resulted, and sparks spread everywhere. The collision was like a signal that started the battle between the others as the Di Alliance people charged the Overlord Legion people.

"Kill! Kill these bastards!" Di Shang roared as if he had gone mad.

"I hate noisy people like you the most," said Xiang Shaoyun in a displeased manner as he suddenly erupted in speed and avoided Xia Qiuhua. He rushed for Di Shang.

"Eighth brother, watch out!" Di Tong had been sticking close to Di Shang, and he had a decent reaction time.

Even so, he still wasn't able to stop Xiang Shaoyun's sudden attack, as it was just too fast. One ought to know that Xiang Shaoyun was someone who had started to comprehend the second stage of footwork intent, shrinking space. Coupled with the power of his wind star and the lack of the heavy armor, he was now as fast as a peak Emperor.

Like a specter, he appeared behind Di Shang and clawed his cape, roaring, "You want to kill me? I'll kill you first. Di Batian and your siblings shall mourn for you!" 

"Xiang Shaoyun, you dare harm my eighth brother?" To the side, Di Tong roared in alarm as he attacked with full strength.

However, Xiang Shaoyun ignored him, and with his fingers around the neck of Di Shang, who was already wearing a pleading expression, he twisted the neck.


A crisp sound rang out. Di Shang's neck was completely snapped, and he breathed his last. Wasn't killing fellow disciples prohibited in the Dragon Phoenix Academy? Was Xiang Shaoyun going to risk punishment just to kill Di Shang?

Of course not. There was no chance he would be punished for killing Di Shang. Di Shang wasn't even an academy disciple. His actual identity in the academy was Di Lin's follower. The restrictions and protection of the academy did not apply to followers.

Because of that, Xiang Shaoyun did not mind killing Di Shang to vent some of his anger. The Di Clan had not only snatched the Ziling Sect from him but had also pursued him endlessly. His patience was wearing thin, and this day, he was finally erupting with scathing murderous intent.

Di Tong's attack struck Xiang Shaoyun, but the six layers of Goldplates had formed around him. Hence, the attack couldn't do much to him, making the power of the Six Goldplate Manual evident.

"Eighth brother!" Di Tong wailed miserably as he looked at Di Shang's corpse, his heart filled with sorrow.

He attacked Xiang Shaoyun wildly as if he had gone mad. With his cultivation level of third-stage Dragon Ascension Realm, he was able to push his combat prowess to the level of late fourth-stage, living up to his status as a genius cultivator.

Unfortunately, that much strength was nothing before Xiang Shaoyun. Turning around, Xiang Shaoyun unleashed his Seven Scorching Sun Claws and ripped Di Tong's attacks apart before clawing at his body.

Di Tong was not his match, and he was sent flying away and coughing up blood, bloody claw marks on his face. Just as Xiang Shaoyun was about to press on, Xia Qiuhua's attack arrived at his back.

"Xiang Shaoyun, I am your opponent," said Xia Qiuhua as he swung his blazing sword at Xiang Shaoyun.

The attack was simple yet effective, his technique simple yet profound, his attacking prowess incredible. He was a peak third-stage Dragon Ascension Realm cultivator, only a step away from fourth-stage.

If it wasn't for the fact that his cultivation level was slightly lower than Tang Longfei's, he would have long defeated Tang Longfei. Now, he was ranked third on the Jiao Luan List and was qualified to even challenge some of those on the Dragon Phoenix List.

Xiang Shaoyun could sense the threat of Xia Qiuhua, but he did not shrink. Instead, he sent a series of claw attacks forward.

Seven Scorching Sun Claws, World Tearing Stance.

Xiang Shaoyun was already capable of using the final three stances of the Seven Scorching Sun Claws. Hence, the technique had visibly grown much stronger than when he had used it before.

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