Chapter 697: Flame Mountains

Xiang Shaoyun arranged for Han Chenfei and the sisters to cultivate at the frost wolf territory. He also gave all his contribution points to the sisters. In the past, he had been accumulating contribution points so he could enter the nine cultivation zones. But now that he could enter for free, he was in no rush to accumulate more.

In any case, he had already helped the sisters a lot, so he might as well finish the job. The sisters were incredibly moved, and they vowed that they would die for him if required. And thus, Han Chenfei and the sisters stayed behind while Xiang Shaoyun brought the Glacier Palace members away.

It was unknown whether the academy had some agreement with the beasts in the sea, but they weren't attacked during their return trip. The group directly returned to the academy. Xiang Shaoyun left with his water star completely full. Next, he returned to his villa to let the Overlord Legion members know that he was safe.

At his villa, he learned that Zhuge Zhantian had entered the Forest of Antiquity while Ma Qihao and the others had gone out on missions for contribution points. Only Lady Shura stayed behind to guard the villa and cultivate.

After receiving the gold elemental treasures from Xiang Shaoyun, Lady Shura had been working hard to enter the third-stage Dragon Ascension Realm. She was currently only one step away from succeeding.

Xiang Shaoyun did not want to distract her, so he called over the members that cultivated the power of flame. He was going to enter the Flame Mountains next. His comprehension on the power of flame was rather deep, but he still had yet to comprehend the profundity of flame. He wanted to use this chance to comprehend it and fill up his flame star.

Soon, 12 Overlord Legion members arrived, and they were all flame cultivators that weren't out on a mission and could enter the cultivation zone with Xiang Shaoyun. Instead of resting, Xiang Shaoyun took them straight to the Flame Mountains.

The so-called Flame Mountains zone was actually a zone with a series of continuous volcanoes. Some volcanoes were still active and would occasionally spit lava, while others had been dormant for many years. A unique species resided at the Flame Mountains, and they were known as the flame spirits.

The flame spirits were formed of pure fire, and their intelligence wasn't exactly high, yet they had incredible flame power. Moreover, there were a lot of them, and the moment one intruded upon their territory, they would attack together regardless of who the intruder was.

On the other hand, if one killed a flame spirit, one would be able to absorb a strand of pure flame spirit blaze from the dead spirit and enhance one's flame star. The strand of pure flame spirit blaze contained a trace of flame origin energy, and it was helpful in greatly enhancing a flame cultivator's cultivation.

Because of that, many cultivators would form groups to hunt these flame spirits to increase their cultivation speed. However, among the disciples, the ratio of flame cultivators was rather high. Thus, the competition at the Flame Mountains was intense, and conflicts could arise easily.

The power of flame was at its peak in this environment, so Yu Caidie and Yu Ziyang, the Flaming Sun leader, practically stayed here all year long with their identities as special priority disciples.

It was rumored that Yu Ziyang had reached the seventh-stage Dragon Ascension Realm. That was a shocking cultivation speed. Xiang Shaoyun had learned all that from the Overlord Legion members, allowing him to have a better picture of the general situation in the Flame Mountains.

The moment they arrived, an intense heatwave blasted them. The thick flame energy filled the land, urging all flame cultivators to sit down and start cultivating. Fortunately, these genius disciples had strong willpower and knew that this was not the optimal location for them to cultivate.

"Ling Lin, where should we go?" Xiang Shaoyun asked.

This was the same Ling Lin who had entered the Devil Domain with Xiang Shaoyun in the past. Both he and Jin Shui had joined the academy as Shou Xie's followers. He had recently broken through into the late first-stage Dragon Ascension Realm, but this cultivation level was considered weak compared to the other genius disciples.

He was a flame cultivator and had once cultivated here. Thus, he had a general understanding of the cultivation zone.

He answered, "Those from the Flaming Sun occupy the best cultivation spot. As for the other spots, different factions occupy them. If we are not fighting them, we can only pick some spots that are out of the way. However, those places have comparatively fewer flame spirits, and some won't even have any."

"We should just seize a good spot for ourselves," said a different person.

That person was Deng Lingtian, a peak second-stage Dragon Ascension Realm cultivator. He was only a step away from the third stage.

The others voiced their agreements to his suggestion. After all, they were all hot-blooded young men and were naturally unwilling to cultivate at some second-rate spot.

Xiang Shaoyun smiled. "Good. Since everyone is thinking the same, let's go to a better spot. I am curious, what does a flame spirit look like?"

Thus, the group headed toward a certain active volcano with thick flame energy and many flame spirits. The Flaming Sun already occupied the tallest volcano, so nobody dared approach it.

Just Yu Ziyang and Yu Caidie were enough to deter many people. Xiang Shaoyun was not so arrogant that he would charge straight to their spot. Although he was confident he could put up some fight against them, he did not want to make things difficult for Yu Caidie.

Hence, he set his eyes on the Di Alliance's spot. Di Lin and Xia Yunxi were both flame cultivators, and they came here frequently. As a result, the Di Alliance occupied an excellent cultivation spot at the Flame Mountains.

After learning that, Xiang Shaoyun charged straight toward the Di Alliance's spot. Previously when he had challenged Di Lin, Di Lin had avoided the duel. Now that he was personally here charging into their territory, would Di Lin still run from the fight?

"I hope you don't disappoint me," Xiang Shaoyun muttered, his eyes filled with thick killing intent.

He had been waiting a very long time for this moment. The blood within him boiled, and he couldn't wait to battle that traitor.

When they arrived at the foot of the volcano occupied by the Di Alliance, someone blocked their path and shouted, "The Di Alliance is stationed here. Any unrelated person needs to leave, or don't blame us for not showing mercy!"

The two on guard duty had both reached late second-stage Dragon Ascension Realm.

Xiang Shaoyun merely waved his hand. "Take them down as quickly as possible."

Xiang Shaoyun couldn't even be bothered to deal with such weak opponents personally. Dealing with them would insult his status as the overlord and honor those lowly opponents.

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