Chapter 696: Tricking the Old Frost Wolf

Upon hearing Han Chenfei's words, Xiang Shaoyun did not even bother to turn his head. Instead, he sent his senses out and immediately saw what was going on. Behind him, a large number of frost wolves had appeared, with an elderly frost wolf in the lead. The elderly wolf was most likely the leader of the group.

Its body was enormous and sturdy, and it had not grown weak due to its old age. Its white and shiny coat of fur was incredibly sleek, and its eyes, radiating viciousness, seemed to gleam with wisdom.

The old frost wolf was most likely a Demon Sovereign. With its strength, it was capable of frightening Han Chenfei and the sisters.  Furthermore, it had a large number of Demon Emperors behind it.

Han Chenfei immediately dragged the sisters and fled. Even Xiang Shaoyun did not plan to stay.

"Youngsters, do not be afraid. This old wolf is not here to create trouble for you," said the old frost wolf.

Xiang Shaoyun and Han Chenfei stopped when they heard those words.

Han Chenfei took the initiative to ask, "Lord frost wolf, how may we help you?"

The demons placed great emphasis on vows, and since the old wolf had promised not to create trouble for them, he wouldn't attack.

"I am not looking for you. This young man is the one I'm looking for," said the old frost wolf as he looked at Xiang Shaoyun.

Xiang Shaoyun pointed at himself in astonishment. "Lord frost wolf, you're looking for me?"

"Yes, I need to discuss something with you. Can we have a talk?" the old frost wolf asked.

Inwardly, Xiang Shaoyun rolled his eyes, Look at the fuss you have created. Would I dare to say no?

"Well, since you're looking for him, we'll take our leave," said Han Qianwei as she hurriedly dragged the sisters away.

Han Qianwei and Han Xuewei were unwilling to leave, but they knew they couldn't do anything. Thus, they left with Han Chenfei.

That disloyal woman! Xiang Shaoyun grumbled inwardly. He then looked at the old frost wolf and said, "Lord frost wolf, how may I help you? Tell me, and I won't hesitate if it is in my ability to help."

As he spoke, he patted his chest, showing an expression that he would definitely fulfill his promise.

The old frost wolf asked, "You've met Lord Frost God, right?"

"Lord Frost God? You talking about the black tortoise?" Xiang Shaoyun asked in astonishment.

"Looks like you've really met him. I knew he's here guarding his people," said the old frost wolf with a look of veneration.


The old frost wolf raised his head and howled.

The other frost wolves did the same, filling the entire iceberg with their howls. The disciples cultivating in the area were greatly frightened, as they thought the wolves were going to attack.

When the wolves finally stopped howling, the old frost wolf pleaded, "Since you can survive an encounter with Lord Frost God, it can only mean that the lord looks highly upon you. Can you please bring me to see the lord? I have something to say to him!"

Xiang Shaoyun broke out in cold sweat as he thought, Bring you to him? I might as well bring you to see some ghosts. If this young master sees that tortoise again, I'll probably die.

Xiang Shaoyun coughed and started making up a story. "Lord Frost God hates to be disturbed. He has been slumbering in cultivation. Anyone daring to disturb him will be punished with a miserable death." 

The old frost wolf believed every word and sighed, "True, Lord Frost God will not easily show himself. If he shows himself, you humans will probably vanish from this place. Since you can have an audience with the lord, it means the lord approves of you. In the future, you are an honored guest of the frost wolves. Consider these the gifts from us for our first meeting."

After saying that, the old frost wolf spat something out. The pile he spat out were all treasures of the frost and water elements, such as the icemist flower, the blue coral, the spiral edge carapace, and so on.

Most of these treasures were at the emperor grade, but a few of them were incredibly rare that any Emperor would covet. Xiang Shaoyun had not imagined that a simple lie would earn him such benefits. For a moment, he even felt somewhat embarrassed to accept the gifts.

“Lord frost wolf, you are too polite. I haven't helped you at all," said Xiang Shaoyun courteously, but his action said otherwise as he stowed all the treasures away, as if he was afraid the old frost wolf would renege on his words.

"No, just by telling me Lord Frost God is still alive is already a great favor," said the old frost wolf. "With Lord Frost God here, we, the frost wolves, will forever be under his shelter. Our clan will pass on forever!"

Only then did Xiang Shaoyun realize how high a status the black tortoise occupied among the frost wolves.

"Don't worry. The lord is growing stronger and stronger, and he will live on and keep watch on this place forever," Xiang Shaoyun could only continue lying, helping them maintain their faith.

Sure enough, the old frost wolf started howling in excitement. Next the old wolf even invited Xiang Shaoyun to cultivate above the iceberg. Currently, the frost energy there was much denser. With the protection of the frost wolves, he did not need to fear the disturbance of other beasts either.

Overjoyed, Xiang Shaoyun quickly expressed his gratitude. After the old frost wolf passed an order among the frost wolves, they dispersed.

As for Xiang Shaoyun, he went and looked for Han Chenfei and the sisters. They were at the iceberg's outer fringe and had gathered with the other Glacier Palace members. They were considering leaving.

"You weren't actually ripped apart by the frost wolves? How lucky!" Han Chenfei smiled and said.

"Woman, you're really vicious!" Xiang Shaoyun said. "But why are you leaving?"

"We have been here for more than a month. Both Qianwei and Xuewei have fully exhausted their contribution points. If we stay, they will be punished," said Han Chenfei.

"But we haven't resolved their problem. How about this. I have quite a lot of contribution points, so I can sponsor them. It's not too late for them to leave after the issue is fully resolved. After all, this place is suited for their cultivation, and the frost wolves have agreed to let us cultivate in their territory. They will be providing us protection. This is a rare chance," said Xiang Shaoyun magnanimously.

The offer greatly touched the sisters. Even Han Chenfei saw Xiang Shaoyun in a new light.

"Ok, I'll stay behind with them. Can you do me a favor and send the others back?" Han Chenfei asked.

"No problem," Xiang Shaoyun agreed.

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