Chapter 695: Don't Blame Me, You Need to Take Responsibility

"Useful! Of course it's useful!" Han Chenfei was exceedingly excited. "The crystal of extreme cold is formed across a long period when the energy of extreme cold condenses. Moreover, with its crystal form, our absorption will be even easier as we don't have to absorb the energy of extreme cold under the lake. Young Master Xiang, you're amazing!"

Han Chenfei was wild with joy. These crystals were not only useful for the sisters, but they could also help increase her strength.

"It's good that these crystals are useful. One for each of you. Will that be enough?" Xiang Shaoyun asked.

"Of course! Don't look down on each crystal just because of its small size. Each crystal contains a bountiful amount of energy. It is more than enough for us," Han Chenfei answered without a thought. But she soon recalled something as she approached Xiang Shaoyun and asked curiously, "Don't tell me you have more?"

"Cough, cough. Yes, I still have a couple more," said Xiang Shaoyun.

"Wow! Good! Good! Please, trade them all to me! I want them all!" Han Chenfei exclaimed like an excited child.

In her excitement, she pressed toward Xiang Shaoyun, to the point he was almost touching her towering bosom. It reminded him of the tender sensation his hands had felt earlier, and inwardly, he muttered, What an alluring vixen.

"I plan to leave the crystals for myself," he replied.

Although he did not focus on ice cultivation, he could still absorb the energy within the crystal of extreme cold. After all, he had comprehended the profundity of ice and water. He could similarly make use of the power of ice during battle.

Additionally, he also planned to sell some to the ice cultivators under the Overlord Legion so they could increase their strength. In short, he had many uses for the remaining crystals.

"I don't care. You need to sell them to me. Or else, don't blame me. You will need to take responsibility!" Han Chenfei started acting like a spoiled child to get her way.

In truth, her current look was rather adorable, completely unlike an expert ranked top 10 on the Dragon Phoenix List. Xiang Shaoyun had not imagined that Han Chenfei would have this side to her. For a moment, he was at a loss as to what to do.

"What do I need to be responsible for?" Xiang Shaoyun asked blankly.

"Hmph! You know what you did!" Han Chenfei snorted coldly, a somewhat bashful look on her face.

Inwardly, she thought, Thinking of leaving after taking advantage of me? Dream on!

Xiang Shaoyun would probably cry out in grief if he heard her inner thoughts. He had merely accidentally touched her while trying to save her. Was there a need to make a fuss out of it? By the side, the Han Clan sisters grew imaginative when they heard Han Chenfei's words, forming stories in their heads about the secret between Han Chenfei and Xiang Shaoyun. At the same time, a hint of jealousy filled their hearts.

But when they thought of how Xiang Shaoyun and Han Chenfei were basically a pair of similarly talented individuals, they felt that the two were indeed worthy of each other. They couldn't even bring themselves to feel envy.

"Fine, fine, I'll sell you one," Xiang Shaoyun submitted.

"One? No, no, no. At least three!" Han Chenfei objected.

"Why don't you go rob someone? One. Take it, or leave it."

"Are you even a man? Why are you so stingy? What can the crystal of extreme cold do for you? Since you're selling them away anyway, you might as well sell them to me. I want three. Of course, if you have more, I'll take all of them. This young lady won't mistreat you!"

"You think you're buying some common vegetable or something? Two. That's my limit. Either that or nothing!"


After intense negotiation, Han Chenfei finally agreed to purchase only two crystals. Xiang Shaoyun felt incredibly wronged. The crystals were his, yet after he agreed to sell them, she still acted like she was the one who had suffered losses.

He helplessly took out two crystals of extreme cold and said, "Consider the first three crystals my gift. What are you going to use to trade for these crystals? If you're going to just offer some trash, don't bother." 

"I know you cultivate nine different powers and require numerous treasures of different elements. I have a top-quality emperor medicine of the water element here. I also have some flame emperor-grade items that I had accidentally obtained. I also have more items of other elements. You can have your pick," Han Chenfei said before piling up a bunch of items on the ground.

Each was worthy of an Emperor and was a valuable treasure. None was substandard, but in Xiang Shaoyun's eyes, these items were nothing and couldn't compare to the worth of a crystal of extreme cold. Or, to be precise, they weren't too useful for him.

“I don't believe the great Glacier Palace young palace master will only have these things. Stop hiding and take out some really good stuff, or I'll just cancel the trade," said Xiang Shaoyun.

Han Chenfei raised her brow and said, "Oh? Overlord, you have quite an appetite, huh?"

She then took out another pile of items. When Xiang Shaoyun saw the second pile, a satisfied smile finally formed on his face. His gaze landed on a certain stalk of herb with triangular leaves.

The stem of the herb was slim, yet its leaves were wide and triangular. It was greenish-yellow and odd, but it emanated an alluring medicinal fragrance.

That herb was known as the wild triangle straw. Each leaf had a different medicinal effect. One could say that each stalk had the same price as several peak emperor-grade herbs.

Next, his gaze landed on a battle technique manual.

Dark Sky Engulfing Imprint!

It was an early sovereign-grade technique, capable of unleashing considerable combat prowess. For a dark cultivator, getting this battle technique was akin to a tiger growing a pair of wings.

Xiang Shaoyun did not have many battle techniques of the sovereign-grade, and he did not have any battle technique of the dark element. Thus, he had been longing to have one.

"How about this, this battle technique and the wild triangle straw, and a few other emperor medicines," said Xiang Shaoyun as he pointed at the items he wanted.

He was not planning to use the wild triangle straw for himself. Instead, he was preparing it for Vicious One, Vicious Two, and Vicious Three. Under the nourishment of the nine-colored fog, their bloodline power had grown considerably. In the future, they would be his capable helpers. Thus, he needed to first prepare some things for them.

"Your greed is insatiable!" Han Chenfei glared at Xiang Shaoyun. "Fine, take them. I can't be bothered to bicker with a stingy man like you."

Xiang Shaoyun's face turned ghastly. He really wanted to argue and ask how he was stingy when he had given them three crystals for free. After he took what he wanted, he handed two crystals to Han Chenfei.

"What do you plan to do next?" Xiang Shaoyun asked.

Just as Han Chenfei was about to reply, she pointed behind Xiang Shaoyun and cried out with a nervous expression, "Young Master Xiang, what's that behind you? We need to leave!"

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