Chapter 694: Let Go

Huo Xudong was greatly frightened. During his time at the Devil Domain, he had personally witnessed Xiang Shaoyun's extraordinariness. And now, even with a goldman puppet, he no longer had the courage to face Xiang Shaoyun.

He feared that if he was even a tad bit slower in his escape, Xiang Shaoyun would summon out the nether prison devil puppet. At that time, he wouldn't be able to flee anymore. He was unaware that the nether prison devil puppet had been destroyed. Xiang Shaoyun would have long taken it out otherwise.

Xiang Shaoyun could match the goldman puppet's speed, but he still decided to stop pursuing. Even without the nether prison devil puppet, he still had the Nether Soul Domain he could use to stop their escape. However, he did not have full confidence he could subdue the goldman puppet with his Nether Soul Domain. Furthermore, Han Chenfei and the Han sisters still needed his assistance.

Hence, he gazed at the fleeing Huo Xudong and roared, "The next time I see you, I'll take your life."

The next time we meet, I will ensure you have no chance of making a comeback! Huo Xudong vowed inwardly.

He had thought that he would be able to eliminate Xiang Shaoyun this time, but he found that he still wasn't confident enough. Moreover, his preparations still seemed insufficient. The next time he acted, he would ensure he set up a trap Xiang Shaoyun wouldn't be able to escape.

With Huo Xudong fleeing, Xiang Shaoyun called back Money. As Money hadn't gone far, it did not take him long to return with the ladies. When Money placed them on the ground, Xiang Shaoyun found that all three had fainted within the ice block they had encased themselves in. As for whether they were still alive, he would only know after removing the ice.

"Money, keep watch. I'll help them," said Xiang Shaoyun.

"Yes, boss," Money answered and soared into the sky to keep watch of their surroundings.

Xiang Shaoyun first observed the ice block encasing them. From the ice, he could sense an extreme chillness. Of course, it was still not as powerful as the crystal of extreme cold.

"I can't break the ice directly, and I can't melt it with flame, or I will harm them. I need to slowly thaw the ice by using the profundity of ice and water," Xiang Shaoyun muttered to himself.

He then made use of the profundity of ice and water, which he had grasped and newly comprehended while he was trapped underwater. Water and cold would result in frost, while ice and heat would result in water.

Placing both his hands on the ice, he shut his eyes and immersed his senses in the power of ice. He willed for the ice to warm, to melt the ice into water. Using his comprehension of the profundity of ice and water, it did not take him long before the ice block started melting slowly.

Their bodies were soon freed of the ice block, and Xiang Shaoyun's palms were now resting on something tender instead of the ice block. It gave him an odd sensation, causing him to open his eyes. Welcoming him was a pair of eyes that were staring straight into his eyes.

"Han Chenfei, you're awake?" Xiang Shaoyun asked with concern.

"Um. Y-you...let go!" Han Chenfei suddenly shouted weakly.

It was then that Xiang Shaoyun noticed that his palms were actually resting on her chest.

"S-sorry," he said awkwardly as he quickly withdrew his hands.

That tender and supple sensation felt rather good! he mused. It was unknown whether Han Chenfei had been greatly weakened or if she was merely feeling bashful, but she shut her eyes once again and swayed to the side.

Xiang Shaoyun quickly held on to her. "Han Chenfei, hang on!"

He then fed her some emperor-grade healing liquid. Yet by doing so, their bodies were touching again, but in his rush to help, he couldn't be bothered about it. With the nourishment of the emperor liquid, Han Chenfei recovered slightly. She took the chance to start meditating and recuperating.

Xiang Shaoyun then fed the Han Clan sisters some emperor liquid as well. His current priority was to help them recover. Looking at the sisters, he sighed inwardly, Did I owe them a debt in my past life or something?

In truth, he only viewed the sisters as friends and nothing more, but he had also been the one to save them countless times. He did not even wish for any repayment. He only wished they would stay safe from then on so all his previous efforts of saving them wouldn't go to waste.

Done with all that, he waited by the side and stood guard for them as they healed. He took the chance to absorb more frost and water energies, trying his best to fill up his water star.

Back then, Huo Xudong's cultivation level had been higher than his. Xiang Shaoyun felt like he had improved considerably the past two years, but upon seeing Huo Xudong again, he found that the gap between their cultivation levels had instead widened, making the disadvantage of cultivating nine powers increasingly clear. A person cultivating one power could fully make use of that single power and advance rapidly.

"I need to comprehend the profundity of all nine powers as soon as possible," Xiang Shaoyun decided.

He had already gotten a clear taste of how much his strength would increase by comprehending the profundities. His water star was filling with frost and water energies. Before long, the water star would reach a level comparable to the dark star, reaching the limit of his current cultivation level.

Three days passed in a flash. Han Chenfei finally woke up. Her beautiful face was pale, making anyone looking at her feel a sense of sympathy.

"Thank you, Young Master Xiang. If you hadn't arrived in time, I can't even imagine what would have happened to us," said Han Chenfei gratefully.

Xiang Shaoyun waved his hand. "Don't worry about that. Focus on recovery. I have something good for you ladies."

A look of joy flashed past Han Chenfei's eyes. "Did you succeed?"

"Hehe, you will know after you're well," said Xiang Shaoyun, keeping her curious.

Han Chenfei nodded and once again sank into a process of recovery. She had an innate physique of frost. With the dense frost energy here, she would be able to recover quickly. As for the sisters, their injuries were lighter than hers, yet they were much slower to recover. Finally, seven days later, they had recovered greatly.

The sisters were once again deeply grateful toward Xiang Shaoyun. Previously, they had thought that something bad had happened to him. But yet again, he had appeared to save them. They even suspected he was their destined lucky star. 

"Looks like you're mostly healed. Look what I have for you," said Xiang Shaoyun as he took out three jade cases.

Han Chenfei accepted a case without hesitation and opened it immediately.

"T-this is a crystal of extreme cold!" Han Chenfei cried out in alarm. She couldn't hide the intense excitement on her face.

"Yes. Will this be useful to you ladies?" Xiang Shaoyun asked.

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