Chapter 693: Prompt Rescue

Huo Xudong was planning to violate Han Chenfei before forcing her to submit. He had never expected that someone would appear to stop him. When he heard that familiar voice, he was greatly startled. He quickly withdrew his hands and retreated in haste. Huo Xudong's strength had grown by leaps and bounds, and he was fearless even when facing a genius on the Dragon Phoenix List's top 10. Who could cause so much fear in him? 

Not far away, a figure was rushing over like a storm, numerous ice chunks and chill wind blasting away his surroundings. The newcomer was none other than Xiang Shaoyun, who had recently escaped a calamity underneath the sea.

After leaving the chunk of ice encasing him, he had rushed out of the water and found that he had arrived at the edge of the iceberg. He immediately understood that the black tortoise had blown him to a corner of the iceberg, and the ice lake was indeed connected to the sea. That was why he had been able to return so quickly.

But before he could return to the lake, he sensed something happening and rushed over instead. Fortunately, he arrived in time, or things might have turned out very badly for Han Chenfei and the Han sisters.

"It's Xiang Shaoyun! Xudong, I thought you wanted to kill him? With your current strength, you do not need to fear him!" said Han Lingshuang when she identified the newcomer.

Huo Xudong's expression changed, and he snapped, "What do you know? Kill the three of them. I'll deal with him."

"Ok," Han Lingshuang agreed with a ruthless glint in her eyes.

She drew her sword, prepared to kill Han Chenfei and the sisters. As for Huo Xudong, he summoned a combat puppet instead of personally fighting Xiang Shaoyun. The puppet he summoned was actually made from a goldman.

The goldman was no longer alive, and the gold on its body was without a glimmer. But from its sturdy body, it was obvious it was a sovereign-grade combat puppet. With the physique of a goldman, this puppet was probably durable enough to withstand attacks from sovereign weapons.

"To deal with your nether prison devil puppet, I have personally begged my master for this goldman puppet. Xiang Shaoyun, today is the day you die!" Huo Xudong shouted, a ferocious look on his face.

The goldman puppet took wide steps as it strode toward Xiang Shaoyun, and it flung a shining gold fist at Xiang Shaoyun. With its cumbersome body, the puppet was naturally much slower. Furthermore, this puppet was only an early-stage sovereign-grade puppet.

Xiang Shaoyun used the power of wind and footwork intent to move at a rapid speed, brushing past the puppet instead of wasting time dealing with it. Now that the heavy broken armor no longer hindered him, he had a sensation when he started running that he was beginning to comprehend the shrinking space stage of footwork intent.

One could say that he currently had a speed comparable to a peak Emperor. Unfortunately, he could not stop Han Lingshuang in time when she attacked Han Chenfei and the sisters.

"If they die, none of you will live!" Xiang Shaoyun roared furiously.

"Die!" Han Lingshuang roared with a twisted look on her face.

Just as her sword was about to reap the lives of Han Chenfei and the sisters, Han Chenfei erupted with a burst of dreadful frost energy that surrounded the three of them.

Absolute Freeze!

Han Chenfei had released the technique with her final remaining strength. The sisters also worked with her to further strengthen the ice defense, as it was their only hope of survival.


Han Lingshuang's sword struck the ice with a clink. The chunk of ice formed by Absolute Freeze was extremely tough, possessing a defense comparable to an emperor armor. Thus, Han Lingshuang's first strike failed to kill.

"Damn it! I will definitely kill all of you today!" Han Lingshuang howled in indignation.

If Han Chenfei and the sisters were left alive, she would no longer be able to stay in the academy. Otherwise, it would only be a matter of time before they killed her.

Unfortunately for her, before she could launch more attacks, Xiang Shaoyun arrived, his Overlord Skyslaying Saber swinging toward her.


Han Lingshuang had not expected Xiang Shaoyun to arrive so quickly. By the time she noticed his approach, his blade had already reached her head, splitting it into two. Her crimson blood splattered on the ice around them, dying the ice with a gorgeous scarlet tint.

Han Lingshuang wanted to harm others, but she herself was harmed instead. She had ended tragically. Huo Xudong wanted to help her, but he couldn't arrive in time. In any case, he never planned to help in the first place. He only wanted to use Han Lingshuang as bait to create an opening for him to sneak an attack against Xiang Shaoyun.

A green dagger appeared in Huo Xudong's hand as he charged Xiang Shaoyun with the fastest speed he could muster. He had learned from his past mistake. With how skillful Huo Xudong was with his dagger, it was obvious he was already a cold-blooded assassin.

He had caught onto Xiang Shaoyun's opening and was aiming to kill with a single strike. However, Money suddenly appeared and shot toward Huo Xudong like a bolt of lightning. Money's body was the size of an arm, and he was able to move undetected.

Because Huo Xudong had rushed the attack and Money had appeared abruptly, Huo Xudong was caught completely by surprise. Startled, he hastily dodged to the side. He managed to avoid the fatal attack, but Money managed to deeply bite his shoulder, causing him to clench his teeth in pain.

Huo Xudong braced the pain and swept with his dagger, but Money immediately retreated after striking. At this time, the goldman puppet reached Xiang Shaoyun.

Xiang Shaoyun lifted Han Chenfei and the sisters before quickly dashing away, the goldman puppet stubbornly chasing after them.

"Money, take them away," Xiang Shaoyun said.

Money transformed into his original form, rushed over, and grabbed the ladies before fleeing. As for Xiang Shaoyun, he turned around and charged Huo Xudong. The goldman puppet was unable to do anything to Xiang Shaoyun, depressing Huo Xudong. He had not imagined that Xiang Shaoyun would possess such speed.

"Huo Xudong, time for you to die," said Xiang Shaoyun as he swung his saber. His aura surged and electrical currents roared like dragons as a saber energy formed and flew toward Huo Xudong.

When Huo Xudong sensed Xiang Shaoyun's oppressive aura and recalled the odd techniques Xiang Shaoyun had once used at the Devil Domain, he grew timid. Without any hesitation, he ran toward his goldman puppet. The puppet stepped forth and blocked the incoming attack.

"Go!" Huo Xudong decisively commanded the goldman puppet to leave with him.

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