Chapter 692: Meeting Huo Xudong Again

Xiang Shaoyun tried his best to break the ice around him, only to find the ice incredibly firm. In fact, it was much tougher than ordinary king weapons and was almost comparable to an emperor weapon.

If it wasn't for the fact that Xiang Shaoyun had comprehended the power of frost and could transform part of the ice into water, he would have probably spent a very long time just shattering the ice around him.

As he melted the ice into water, he also absorbed the energy into his water star, quickly filling up the star. He was confident it wouldn't be long before his water star would reach its current limit.

After some hard work, Xiang Shaoyun finally reached a crystal of extreme cold. The energy of extreme cold it emanated was one that regular people couldn't endure.

Xiang Shaoyun hurriedly dug it out before storing it in a jade case to prevent its energy from dispersing. He then continued searching for more crystals. He believed that these crystals of extreme cold shared his fate, having been blown this way by the black tortoise instead of naturally forming here.

After a while, Xiang Shaoyun gathered eight crystals of extreme cold. One could say that this was quite a bountiful harvest.

Done with that, he muttered in satisfaction, "I believe with these crystals, I'll be able to save Han Qianwei and Han Xuewei."

He then started digging his way out of the chunk of ice, aiming to leave as soon as possible. It did not take him long to break free. Outside, he had no idea where to go, so he decided to go with the flow of water as he ascended. He believed that after reaching the water's surface, he would be able to determine which direction to go and look for Han Chenfei's group.


Above the iceberg, Han Chenfei and the sisters had long left the lake. They had been waiting for Xiang Shaoyun, but he was nowhere to be seen. As they waited, they grew anxious.

They even wanted to enter the lake again, but they found that the lake had suddenly gone berserk with violent waves, throwing them everywhere the moment they entered the water.

They were now sure that something must have changed within the lake. The sisters dove deep down without hesitation, but Han Chenfei, a rational person, promptly stopped them.

She would not let them rush to their deaths. Even if they were to dive into the lake now, it would be to no avail, and they might even get themselves killed. Xiang Shaoyun would have to rely on himself to stay alive.

Hence, they continued waiting above the iceberg while cultivating. However, a month had passed, yet Xiang Shaoyun was still nowhere to be seen. They had lost all hope. At that moment, Han Lingshuang arrived to report that the Glacier Palace members were under attack. Their help was required.

Han Chenfei dragged the sisters away and left without saying anything else. The sisters wanted to continue waiting for Xiang Shaoyun, but they couldn't ignore the plight of the Glacier Palace members.

Thus, they decided to first help the Glacier Palace members before returning to wait, or even to die with Xiang Shaoyun. They were completely unaware that this whole incident was merely a trap set by Han Lingshuang.

She had actually colluded with outsiders to harm Han Chenfei. While Han Chenfei was busy helping her own people, Han Lingshuang suddenly turned on her and dealt her a grave injury. The betrayal caught Han Chenfei by complete surprise.

"Lingshuang, why?" Han Chenfei asked, an unresigned look on her face.

Not only had she suffered Han Lingshuang's ambush, she had also been struck by another expert's sneak attack. The numerous attacks dealt her grievous injuries. Leng Feng tried his best to protect her, but he was not a match for the newcomer and was also heavily injured.

The newcomer was none other than Huo Xudong. Since joining the Dragon Phoenix Academy, Huo Xudong had maintained a low profile. It was almost as if he did not exist. He was a seed the Rat Assassins had planted in the academy, and with his talent, he was also one of the academy's more important disciples.

However, he had never involved himself in the competition for the academy rankings. His whereabouts were always indefinite, and because of that, others slowly forgot about him.

In truth, the moment he joined the academy, a previous generation elder had accepted him as a personal disciple. The previous generation elder was an expert assassin, and his methods were compatible with the likes of the Rat Assassins.

Studying under him, Huo Xudong had grown by leaps and bounds within two years. He was now a fifth-stage Dragon Ascension Realm cultivator, which was a shocking speed of growth.

With his strength, he could easily enter the top 20 of the Dragon Phoenix List. Even top 10 was possible. After all, even Xiao Xie was only a fifth-stage Dragon Ascension Realm cultivator. That was why Huo Xudong had been able to harm Han Chenfei. With Han Lingshuang working alongside him, they had successfully harmed Han Chenfei.

As for the Han Clan sisters, they were completely disregarded. Their current strength was insignificant in this situation, and Han Lingshuang subdued them without exerting much effort.

"Young palace master, I never planned to betray you. But ever since you got these two bitches by your side, you and I have drifted apart. Furthermore, you are so impartial that you even taught them the Glacier Sutra and the numerous secret techniques of the Glacier Palace. Don't you think you were very unfair?" said Han Lingshuang with a face of envy.

Han Chenfei explained, "Did I not explain my reasons? I did not want to disrupt your cultivation, while their physiques are different from yours—" 

But before she could finish, Han Lingshuang roared with laughter, "Haha, good excuse. But in the end, isn't it because they share your surname?"

"Enough, no point talking about all that. Han Chenfei, if you submit to me, I will give you a chance to live. know the consequences," said Huo Xudong with a sinister smile.

"You, scoundrel, and Han Lingshuang, you bastard, if you dare harm the young palace master, I won't spare you even in my death!" Leng Feng painstakingly stood before Han Chenfei and roared.

However, Huo Xudong only needed to lightly wave his hand to send Leng Feng flying. Not satisfied with that, Huo Xudong even drew his dagger and aimed it at Leng Feng's throat.

"Noo!" Han Chenfei roared and tried to help Leng Feng.

Unfortunately, Han Lingshuang blocked her path.


And just like that, Leng Feng was murdered mercilessly.

"Leng Feng!" Han Chenfei howled sorrowfully.

At this moment, she decided to disregard everything and use a forbidden technique to avenge Leng Feng by killing Huo Xudong and Han Lingshuang. Alas, Han Lingshuang knew her too well. Before she could activate her technique, Han Lingshuang attacked again, bringing her to the brink of death.

"Since you are unwilling to submit, I will just make you my woman. When the deed is done, you will be able to devote yourself to me," said Huo Xudong with a perverted look on his face.

Despair covered the faces of Han Chenfei and the Han Clan sisters. Right that moment, a cold voice rang out from far away, "Huo Xudong, you scoundrel, you're finally willing to show yourself? Time to die!"

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