Chapter 689: Alarming Ice Coffin

Both Han Chenfei and the Han Clan sisters did not dare to move rashly. Facing a huge monster like that, it only needed to exert a little power to reduce all three of them into a pile of mincemeat.

Xiang Shaoyun's scalp felt numb as he asked inwardly, What is this? It's so big!

He couldn't resist using his Nether Soul Domain to sense ahead, and he found that the massive figure was actually the shell of a turtle. The shell was as large as a mountain. How many years had this old turtle lived?

Fortunately, the turtle seemed to be asleep at the moment. Otherwise, things wouldn't remain so peaceful for them. For a moment, all four of them were at a loss as to what to do. The energy of extreme cold was something they had to obtain, but it did not seem worth giving up their lives for.

Han Chenfei spoke to Xiang Shaoyun through voice transmission, "Let's return. This can very well be a legendary black tortoise. We can't anger it, or all of us will die."

The black tortoises were one of the four great demonic beast clans, alongside the azure dragons, the white tigers, and the vermilion birds(phoenixes). Of course, a black tortoise's combat prowess might not be comparable to one of the other three races, but its defensive prowess was absolutely great. A demonic beast like it was not something they could contend with.

"Is the energy of extreme cold really helpful for them?" Xiang Shaoyun asked.

"It's useful, and it's even useful for me! But I treasure my life. No matter how useful it can be, we can only give up on it," Han Chenfei replied.

She then commanded the sisters to leave.

"You leave first. I'll go take a look and see if I can get some energy of extreme cold for you," said Xiang Shaoyun after some hesitation, a resolute look on his face.

Since the target was already before him, he did not want to give up just like that. After all, he still had some trump cards that might be able to keep him concealed from the black tortoise and steal the energy of extreme cold.

"Have you gone crazy?" Han Chenfei grew agitated.

It was at this moment that there was a slight movement coming from the black tortoise. Their hearts nearly popped out of their throats in their nervousness.

"Listen to me, just leave. I will be able to get away," said Xiang Shaoyun before vanishing before them.

Han Chenfei blanked out as she exclaimed inwardly, Where did he go? As the young palace master of the Glacier Palace, she had a rather rich experience during her time at the Northern Border. She knew about a lot of secret techniques, but she had never seen a technique to vanish right before someone's eyes like what Xiang Shaoyun had just done.

Is it the trait of invisibility exclusive to the Imperial Nether Clan? But he is clearly human! Or perhaps he has a unique armor of invisibility or some illusory technique? Han Chenfei's thoughts were in a mess.  

Fortunately, she was able to recover quickly, and she led the sisters back to the surface. As for Xiang Shaoyun, he remained where he was. He waited until they left before he started planning his next step.

With his senses, he tried to sense the exact location of the energy of extreme cold. However, the black tortoise's large body had blocked part of his senses. Helpless, he could only dive deeper and go around the black tortoise. So long as he went in the direction from which the chill was spreading, he would probably find the energy of extreme cold.

When he arrived beside the black tortoise, he looked at the complicated markings on its shell. The markings looked like the runes of the most complicated formation in the world, one that dazzled the eyes of anyone looking at it.

The more complicated the markings on a black tortoise's shell, the older the tortoise was, and the stronger it would be. 

Please don't wake up, Xiang Shaoyun thought nervously.

What he was doing was extremely risky. Any carelessness would result in his death. When he arrived underneath the black tortoise, he found something. Cold energy was constantly surging out from a certain spot beneath the black tortoise, dropping the surrounding temperatures to the extremes. Xiang Shaoyun shivered in the cold.

Even with Yun Flame's protection, he could still feel the cold. He was having a hard time acclimating to the temperature, which not even a peak Emperor could withstand.

Xiang Shaoyun was in no rush to make a move. Rather, he scanned his surroundings attentively, trying to look for a way to take the energy of extreme cold back to Han Chenfei and the others.

As he focused, he found that right above the spot where the cold energy was emanating, a sparkling and translucent ice stone was floating. The stone was rectangular and was about eight meters long, three meters wide, and three meters tall. Its surface was clear and transparent, and it seemed like there was something else within the ice.

Xiang Shaoyun approached it to get a better look, and he was finally able to see what was inside.

T-this is an ice coffin! Xiang Shaoyun was overwhelmed with shock.

He had discovered that someone was lying inside the ice coffin. It was a white-clothed woman, but he couldn't get a clear look at her face. Numerous questions appeared in his head.

Who is this woman?

Who buried her here?

Is the black tortoise guarding her, or is this a coincidence?

No longer able to hold his curiosity, Xiang Shaoyun approached the coffin. As he approached, the temperature in his surroundings dropped, the chill digging straight into his bones. If he stopped using Yun Flame's power, he would freeze to death.

He could sense that even Yun Flame was starting to be suppressed by the surrounding frost energy. At this time, he finally got a clear look at the woman's face.

It was a gorgeous face. Her curved willow-leaf eyebrows, tall nose, small and delicate lips, jet-black hair, and rosy face came together flawlessly. Her body was tall and slender, exuding boundless allure. She was an exceedingly attractive woman.

Of all the women Xiang Shaoyun had seen, only Yu Caidie could compare to her in terms of looks. Even so, Yu Caidie's temperament was much more lacking compared to this woman. Anyone would be deeply attracted to her after looking at her once.

Xiang Shaoyun blankly stared at the woman's face a while before he recovered.

Inwardly, he muttered, Truly unbelievable. There is actually a woman this perfect. Unfortunately, she is dead.

If the woman in the coffin was still alive, he did not believe he would be able to resist admiring her, even with his strong willpower. Of course, he knew very well that perhaps only a Saint or a God would be a match for a woman like her.

Soon, he readjusted his mental state and noticed a marking of a lotus on the woman's forehead. It was probably something she was born with. From the many books Xiang Shaoyun had read, the marking was actually a type of battle rune that could increase one's combat prowess.

And perhaps the lotus rune was the only clue available to the woman's identity. He did not dare to waste too much time on the coffin and the woman. He had noticed that below the coffin were pieces of crystals containing the energy of extreme cold. These crystals had formed after being exposed to the energy of extreme cold for a long time.

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