Chapter 688: Ice Arrowfish

Xiang Shaoyun spent seven days meditating by the lake. During the seven days, he had gained a certain level of comprehension of the power of water. He had also made considerable gains on the power of frost. After all, water and frost had a deep connection. With his current environment and the help of the Desolation mantra, his gains were decent.

When he woke up, he said, "Let's go."

After the seven days, his water star had grown much more plentiful. He was confident he could make use of his water star much better. Han Chenfei and the sisters broke out of the layer of ice they were in. Akin to blooming snow lotuses, they looked incomparably beautiful. That was especially true for Han Chenfei, who was gentle and beautiful. Even the Han Clan sisters seemed to be lacking in her presence.

"Good. Let's go. Remember to prepare your strongest defense," said Han Chenfei.

After slight preparation, they entered the lake. The moment Xiang Shaoyun entered the water, an intense cold caused him to tremble. He could sense a large amount of frost energy permeating and beginning to numb his body.

He had originally thought that his body was strong enough to not fear cold, but it seemed that wasn't the case in this lake. Xiang Shaoyun was forced to use his astral energy to resist the cold and let his limbs stay nimble.

However, the deeper he went, the stronger the frost energy was. He was even forced to use Yun Flame's power to prevent himself from being frozen to death. 

The frost energy here is so dense. Even a regular Emperor would be directly frozen, thought Xiang Shaoyun warily.

Through the crystal clear water, he could see that Han Chenfei and the sisters were unaffected. Akin to mermaids, they continued swimming deeper into the water.

Xiang Shaoyun could see their flawless figures through their drenched clothes, the outline of their bountiful peaks and perky buttocks visible before his eyes. They seemed to emanate allure, causing his blood to boil. For a moment, he even forgot he was surrounded by the power of frost.

Han Chenfei seemed to sense something as she glanced over at Xiang Shaoyun. When she saw the odd look in his eyes, she blushed slightly.

She glared at him furiously as she cursed inwardly, What a pervert!

Facing Han Chenfei's gaze, Xiang Shaoyun did not retreat. Rather, he continued gazing at them openly. He righteously thought to himself that he was in charge of their security so he had to keep them in his field of vision. That way, he would be able to prevent any mishaps from happening.

Unknowingly, they had already dived several hundred meters underwater, and the power of frost was at a level where no Emperors should be able to endure. Without the power of Yun Flame, Xiang Shaoyun himself would have long transformed into an ice sculpture as well.

As for Han Chenfei and the sisters, they were still unaffected. Rather, they seemed extremely excited, as if the frost energy was the best tonic for them. Right this moment, Xiang Shaoyun's senses blazed, and without any hesitation, he charged toward the three ladies and took on his job as guard.


Abruptly, a figure appeared from nowhere and rushed them. With his extraordinary reaction time, Xiang Shaoyun slammed his palms out repeatedly, condensing the water around him before blasting it out to block the incoming figure.

After pushing the figure away, he activated his gift of instincts. Only then did he see that the newcomer was a massive ice fish. The ice fish looked extremely monstrous. It had the body of a carp and the head of an arrow. Its head looked extremely sharp and gave off the illusion that the fish's mouth would pierce a hole in anyone's body whom it stabbed.

Along with that fish, even more ice fish appeared around them. They were now surrounded by no fewer than 200 of these fish, causing the three ladies to sink into a panic. Han Chenfei was the first to react. She instantly formed a layer of ice around her to protect herself and the sisters.

The sisters did not dare to slack off and quickly joined their astral energy with Han Chenfei to form a defensive ice wall, blocking the ice arrowfish outside. Xiang Shaoyun was less lucky. Since he used a different type of power, he had no way of joining his defense with them and could only rely on himself.

"Go first. I'll watch the rear," said Xiang Shaoyun.

As they were underwater, only a short-distance voice transmission would work. If they were farther away, he would have no way of transmitting his voice over.

"You be careful as well," Han Chenfei's voice was transmitted over.

Then, the three ladies pushed on with their ice wall. The many ice arrowfish had no way of harming them. The ice arrowfish charged the wall again and again, flinging chunks of ice everywhere and creating an ear-piercing sound.

Generally, with how sharp their mouths were, an ice wall shouldn't pose them much issue. But in their current environment, the ice wall received a great boost. Thus, any damage dealt to the wall was quickly repaired.

Because of that, the many ice arrowfish had nothing to show for their hard work of attacking the ladies. That left Xiang Shaoyun to take their fury as the ice arrowfish redirected their attacks toward him.

"Shit!" Xiang Shaoyun cried out as he circulated the water energy with all his might, trying his best to escape the encirclement.

However, he had no way of displaying his speed underwater. Hence, he failed in escaping and was turned into the fish's living target. He quickly activated his Goldplate defense to block the attacks.

However, not even his Goldplates worked as this technique was suppressed here. They were penetrated, and numerous sharp mouths tried to stab into his body. Fortunately, he was still wearing his broken armor. The armor was comparable to a sovereign-grade armor and successfully blocked the attacks.

Left with no choice, he released his innate lightning, instantly transforming his surroundings into a world of ice and lightning. The lightning assault sent the fish flailing about. They had never been attacked by something like that before, and one after another, they fainted. As for the other ice arrowfish, they retreated in fear.

Xiang Shaoyun sighed with relief as he thought, Fortunately, the power of lightning is also boosted underwater. Otherwise, I would have been cut alive.

He then chased after the three ladies with his lightning power maintained around him. Unfortunately for them, after the ice arrowfish, they encountered even more trouble. Deep in the water, an enormous figure appeared.

The three ladies stopped unhesitatingly the moment they saw the massive figure. Apart from their fear of the figure, they could also sense that the energy of extreme cold was located right below it. Thus, going around the figure was not even an option.

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