Chapter 687: We Can Definitely Complete This Smoothly

Xiang Shaoyun showed no mercy the moment he decided to attack. He repeatedly swung his sharp saber, sending out a series of saber energies to help the Glacier Palace members. With Xiang Shaoyun's help, Han Chenfei forced the strongest water jiao away, allowing their group to leave safely.

During that little episode, two had been seriously injured while five had been lightly injured. As for the rest, they had not suffered much. Fortunately, those in the group were all geniuses with their own life preservation methods. Otherwise, that encounter would have been enough to result in deaths.

As for the Han Clan sisters, since they hadn't been of any help, they could only apologize guiltily.

"Alright. Don't blame yourselves. After we remedy the flaws of your physiques, both of you will be my left and right arms," Han Chenfei comforted.

The Glacier Palace members shot the sisters gazes of envy when they heard that. Han Chenfei was one who cared deeply for her people. She would not utter such words lightly. Han Lingshuang's eyes flashed with jealousy, but she quickly concealed it.

"We won't disappoint you, Big Sister Han," promised the sisters. Although they harbored feelings for Xiang Shaoyun, they still couldn't help being moved by Han Chenfei's words. 

The group continued ahead, and three days passed. During this time, they had encountered more powerful water demons, but since the demons had acted alone, they were able to continue ahead safely.

Today, the eternal iceberg finally appeared before their eyes. The iceberg presented a peculiar sight. It hovered on the sea, never sinking, never melting. It was over 10,000 meters tall and occupied an area spanning kilometers. The sea surface surrounding it was covered by a layer of frost hard enough for people to stand on stably. Atop the iceberg were some frost elemental demonic beasts. This was their territory.

An intense cold assaulted Xiang Shaoyun's body, causing him to shiver. One ought to admit that this was a suitable place for a frost cultivator to train.

"Alright. Everyone, you may freely train in this area. Do not easily enter the deep sea, or things will get extremely troublesome. Also, don't split up too far from each other. Help one another if there are any issues. I will bring them to look for the power of extreme cold. During this period, Leng Feng and Lingshuang will be in charge of you all," said Han Chenfei.

"Yes, young palace master," everyone answered.

Han Chenfei then led the sisters and Xiang Shaoyun in a different direction.

"Can you two feel anything?" Han Chenfei asked the sisters.

Han Xuewei asked in confusion, “Feeling? What feeling? I can't feel anything special, I think." 

On the other hand, Han Qianwei said, "I feel like a certain cold power is attracting the frost energy within our body. I have a sensation it's going to erupt at any time to kill us."

"Huh? I think you're right! What do we do now?" Han Xuewei finally sensed the same, and her beautiful face paled.

"That's right. Your frost energy has formed a resonance with the power of extreme cold here. You will be able to locate that place with your senses, and so long as you can absorb that energy of extreme cold into your body, you will be able to fuse the two energies with the Glacier Sutra I taught you. At that time, you will be able to form your Yin Frost Physique. The flaws of your physique will be removed, and your cultivation speed will grow rapidly. But remember, your willpower needs to be firm. Otherwise, you might die," Han Chenfei warned.

The sisters nodded gravely, firm looks in their eyes.

Next, Han Chenfei said to Xiang Shaoyun, "Things will be the most dangerous after we go underwater. You can't hide anything there, or all of us might die. But if I really do get myself killed, remember to take care of the Glacier Palace members. Don't let them be bullied."

It was evident even Han Chenfei wasn't very confident.

"Don't worry. With me here, everything will be fine." Xiang Shaoyun flashed her a confident grin. Since their lives were on the line, Xiang Shaoyun naturally wouldn't hold back. 

The group arrived at a certain spot on the iceberg. There, a lake could actually be found. The lake was located within the iceberg, framed by layers of ice, with a body of water that had not been frozen in the middle of it. It was quite a peculiar sight.

Several ice wolves were roaming about before the lake. Their eyes gleamed with viciousness when they saw Xiang Shaoyun's group arrive. However, the demonic aura Money emanated scared them away. These wolves were mere Demon Kings.

"The land of extreme cold is beneath this lake, which is directly connected to the seabed. I once tried going down there, but the feeling it gave me was extremely dangerous, so I haven't been able to make up my mind to enter," said Han Chenfei as she pointed at the lake.

Xiang Shaoyun said, "Before entering, Qianwei and Xuewei should first get acclimated to the environment here. I also need some time to deepen my comprehension. It won't be too late to enter afterward."

"No problem," Han Chenfei agreed.

And thus, they started a silent cultivation session. Adapting to this environment would make it easier for them to deal with any variables that might arise underwater. Xiang Shaoyun wanted to take this chance to properly sense the profundity of water here.

During the journey, he had been paying close attention to the sea while using the Desolation mantra to comprehend the power of water. It had benefited him greatly. Now, he needed to focus and meditate so that he might deepen his comprehension.

Water was continuous and never-ending, gentle and berserk at times. When it was gentle, the world was calm. When it grew berserk, mighty waves would rise. In lacking, it would recede. In abundance, it would overflow. Receding and overflowing would both cause harm, such was the way of water.

Seated cross-legged beside the lake, Xiang Shaoyun started meditating on the profundity of water. As time passed, he had benefited considerably. But it was impossible for him to comprehend the profundity of water in a short period of time.

He needed to go underwater, to blend with water, becoming one with water. Only then would he be able to fully comprehend the profundity of water. As for Han Chenfei and the sisters, they lived up to their identities as frost cultivators. They rapidly absorbed the frost energy in their surroundings, transforming into three flawless ice sculptures.

With their frost physique, they could totally borrow the power at the iceberg to further their cultivation. That was especially true for the sisters, as their cultivation levels were still comparatively low. They were filled with power after absorbing the energy here, and they edged closer to the Dragon Ascension Realm.

At the iceberg's summit, an old ice wolf was overlooking Xiang Shaoyun's group. His eyes gleamed with wisdom as he muttered, "Repulsive humans, you're trying to steal the iceberg's heart again? You will all die horribly!"

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