Chapter 686: Attack of the Water Jiao

Sure, Xiang Shaoyun cultivated nine powers. But among his nine powers, his comprehension of the power of water was the weakest. Comparatively, he had a deeper comprehension of the powers of lightning, gold, flame, wind, earth, and darkness. He lacked training in terms of the powers of water, wood, and light.

Thus, his superiority in this kind of environment was basically nonexistent. Of course, he wouldn't shrink back just because of that. After all, one of his goals here was to comprehend the profundity of water.

Ever since he had comprehended the profundity of earth, gold, and darkness, he could more quickly absorb these three energies. He had to comprehend the profundity of all nine powers he cultivated as soon as possible. Doing so would allow him to progress his nine powers at an even rate, maintaining a balance even as he grew.

He had a feeling only that would increase his speed of advancement. Otherwise, if he had to find a unique cultivation zone for each power he cultivated every time he wanted to advance, he would waste a lot of time. His growth would slow, and it would be greatly disadvantageous for his future.

Along with Han Chenfei's group, he traveled deeper into the Deep Tidalwave. As he flew, he did not neglect circulating his cultivation method to absorb the water energy in the air. The Glacier Palace members were doing the same. For these genius disciples, not a second of cultivation could be wasted. None of them was willing to fall behind others.

After an entire day of flying, the only thing they had seen was the unending ocean waves. They hadn't even encountered many water demons. But the moment night fell, the sea turned berserk, with the waves reaching a height of over 100 meters. At this time, the sea presented a spectacular and shocking sight.

Han Chenfei suddenly said, "Everyone, watch out. The water jiao will appear at any time. Do not be careless."

Sure enough, the moment she gave her warning, a silhouette dozens of meters long shot out from the sea. A massive jaw opened and chomped down at the Glacier Palace members. A water jiao had appeared. It had a serpentine body and a vicious head with a single horn. Blue scales ran along its sturdy body as it lashed about, creating numerous massive waves.

It had actually arrived riding the ocean waves, making its presence hard to detect. Fortunately, these genius disciples were able to react quickly and muster a counterattack almost immediately. Numerous power attacks were sent the water jiao's way, blocking its attack and forcing it back underwater.

"Increase our speed, or things will get troublesome if they come in greater numbers," Han Chenfei commanded.

The group started flying at their top speed. The waves beneath them grew even more violent as numerous slender and sturdy figures appeared near the ocean surface. The many eyes radiated bloodlust and chilled their hearts.

"Humans, you have invaded our territory unceasingly. Do you think the water jiaos are weaklings you can bully as you wish?" the voice of a Demon Emperor jiao rang out.

Han Chenfei hastily replied, "We do not have any intentions of offending your noble race. We are only passing by. Please allow us passage. We will thank you with generous rewards."

"Bullshit! Do you think we care for your rewards? Piss off from the sea, or all of you will die," roared the Demon Emperor.

"Please think this through," shouted Han Chenfei, her eyes shining with a cold glint.

At the same time, she used voice transmission and said, "Everyone, prepare to charge through. Don't get tangled with them."

"Looks like you are really seeking death. Eat them all up!" the Demon Emperor commanded.

Next, more than 10 water jiaos shot out of the water. Terrifying beams of water strong enough to crush mountains shot out of their jaws.

"Xiang Shaoyun, take care of Qianwei and Xuewei. Let's charge out of the encirclement together," said Han Chenfei as she drew her sword. With a swing of the sword, a frost ray shot out, freezing all the water attacks. The ice then shattered into pieces. One of the water jiaos was instantly injured and dropped back into the water, dying the sea red with blood.

Working together with Han Chenfei, Xiang Shaoyun brought the sisters along as they escaped through the opening. The others also used their respective techniques to deal with the water attacks.

Here, the water jiaos held an advantage with the bountiful amount of water at their disposal. Thus, they were able to exhibit greater strength in the Deep Tidalwave. The Glacier Palace members sank into disorder due to the endless bombardments, and some even sustained heavy injuries.

Although they were genius disciples, their cultivation levels weren't too high. Even if they could punch above their weight, there was a limit. Fortunately, Leng Feng and Han Lingshuang were third-stage Dragon Ascension Realm cultivators. With their combat prowess, they were able to help the others escape.

Han Chenfei also displayed her leadership qualities as she worked on opening a path and personally engaged the strongest jiao in a battle, preventing that jiao from dealing more damage to the others. As for Xiang Shaoyun, he was in charge of taking care of the sisters, who seemed completely incapable of doing anything to help.

"Young Master Xiang, ignore us. Leave!" persuaded Han Xuewei when she realized how dangerous the situation was.

Instead of answering, Xiang Shaoyun continued charging ahead with them in tow.

He moved at a rapid speed, and with his outstanding reaction time, he was able to keep avoiding all the attacks thrown his way.

Han Qianwei said, "Young Master Xiang, you don't owe us anything. Instead, we are the ones who owe you a lot. Ignore us and leave!"

"Shut up!" Xiang Shaoyun shouted.

In their current situation, he couldn't afford to be distracted. Thus, their incessant talking angered him. The sisters felt wronged when he shouted at them, but they were greatly moved when they saw him still protecting them.

At this time, a powerful water jiao set its eyes on Xiang Shaoyun's group of three. It quickly charged over and attacked. The sisters paled at its approach. They had grown considerably stronger than they were in the past, but before this Demon Emperor, they were still nothing.

During the moment of crisis, Xiang Shaoyun tossed them far away and shouted, "Money, escort them forward."

As he spoke, Money shot out and enlarged before carrying the sisters away. As for Xiang Shaoyun, he drew his Overlord Skyslaying Saber and slashed at the water jiao. Boundless lightning energy rained down on the water jiao, causing it to wail in pain.

With the inclusion of water, the lightning energy was even more destructive. After succeeding in his first attack, Xiang Shaoyun did not show any mercy. He entered the human saber unity mode and sent a powerful saber energy forth, smashing that water jiao back into the sea.

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