Chapter 685: Special Priority Disciple

Xiang Shaoyun asked, "What can I do to help?"

Deep Tidalwave was one of the academy's nine major cultivation zones. In truth, Xiang Shaoyun was also interested in taking this chance to enter and spend some time cultivating while he was there.

"As that land of extreme cold is located deep inside the Deep Tidalwave, reaching it will be perilous. Any carelessness will result in one turning into food for the water demons there. Thus, I need the assistance of helpers I can trust," Han Chenfei explained. "Death is a very real possibility on this trip. Think it through before agreeing."

She then locked her beautiful eyes on Xiang Shaoyun, awaiting his answer.

Xiang Shaoyun replied almost immediately, "There is no need to think about it. Let's go."

Not to mention his relationship with the sisters, just his relationship between Han Pojun and Du Xuanhao was enough to make him help.

"Good, I have not misjudged you after all. You are a man who cares for those around you. No wonder Yu Caidie favors you. In fact, even I am starting to admire you." Han Chenfei was not stingy with her praises, her eyes shining with an enchanting luster.

"Thank you, Young Master Xiang," the sisters thanked him as well.

Xiang Shaoyun waved his hand. "You're welcome. In any case, I am already planning to go there for a training session."

"Well, let's not tarry. We'll set off immediately," Han Chenfei decided immediately.

She then got Leng Feng and Han Lingshuang to summon the Glacier Palace members over, trying to see if any of them wanted to enter the Deep Tidalwave to train as well. As a young palace master, Han Chenfei was naturally obligated to grow the Glacier Palace's strength. Soon, a group of about 20 people was formed. 

Xiang Shaoyun scanned the group and found that they were either water or frost cultivators. The difference between the two powers was rather obvious, and this group was even stronger than the entire Overlord Legion. All of them were looking at Han Chenfei with looks of admiration and reverence.

It was clear these people had joined the Glacier Palace due to Han Chenfei's strength and beauty.

They were greatly astonished to see Xiang Shaoyun with them. And when they recalled the rumors that Han Chenfei had recently waited three days at 1 Dragon Villa for Xiang Shaoyun, their gazes filled with hostility.

Xiang Shaoyun wasn't the least bit bothered with the way they were looking at him. He nonchalantly followed the group to the teleportation formation. There, they all took out their respective jade plates. Only those with at least 50,000 contribution points would be allowed entry.

After all, one would be charged 10,000 contribution points per day inside. Without at least 50,000 contribution points, one might as well not enter. Soon, Xiang Shaoyun's turn to show his jade plate came.

When the overseer saw the name on the jade plate, he instantly trembled and said, "Young Master Xiang, you no longer need to use contribution points."

Xiang Shaoyun blanked out. "What? Lord overseer, do I have insufficient contribution points?" 

He had at least a million contribution points in his jade plate. He was wondering if there was a mistake.

The overseer respectfully handed his jade plate back and said, "Young Master Xiang, are you not aware that you are now a special priority disciple? You can now enter all the cultivation zones for free. Hence, you can keep your jade plate. You won't be charged for your time in the Deep Tidalwave." 

"Huh? There's something like that?" Xiang Shaoyun was astonished.

He had no idea when he had become a special priority disciple. The so-called special priority disciple was a disciple ranked even above the personal disciples. A disciple with this rank was extremely rare. Each of them was an individual of monstrous talent, a freak the academy would protect and cherish.

In the entirety of the Dragon Phoenix Academy, only the top 10 disciples on the Dragon Phoenix List and a few descendants of the local factions were accorded the same treatment. Xiang Shaoyun had yet to enter the top 10 of the Dragon Phoenix List, yet he had already become a special priority disciple. That was an extremely rare case.

A special priority disciple had priority when it came to entering cultivation zones and purchasing numerous items from the academy at a discounted price. Sometimes they would even be given the items for free. Such a preferential treatment was enough to cause any disciple to go mad with envy.

Among the Glacier Palace members, Han Chenfei was also a special priority disciple. She could enter the Deep Tidalwave for free, but she would still need to pay if she wanted to enter the other cultivation zones. This was completely unlike Xiang Shaoyun, who could enter all nine major cultivation zones for free.

After all, Han Chenfei was a frost cultivator. The power of frost was only present in the Deep Tidalwave among the nine zones. On the other hand, Xiang Shaoyun cultivated all nine powers. That was why he had been given such special treatment.

Additionally, Xiang Shaoyun had successfully fused the nine powers and was also the gravekeeper elder's disciple. These were the main reasons he was made a special priority disciple.

When the disciples nearby heard the overseer, they all looked at Xiang Shaoyun with envy. They all knew that he possessed one of the strongest physiques in existence. Him getting such benefits was understandable.

Amid the gazes of envy, Xiang Shaoyun entered the Deep Tidalwave. After going through the teleportation formation, the group appeared at a beach. A wide expanse of blue ocean spread out endlessly before him. The sight of the vastness of the sea was one that could wipe out all worries from one's mind. The breeze from the sea blew upon them as wave after wave, each reaching more than 10 meters in height, crashed toward the shore and painted a rather spectacular sight.

This was indeed a place with great tidal waves and a deep sea. The zone lived up to its name, the Deep Tidalwave. The power of water was dense here, and the area was flooded with water elemental astral energy. This was practically a heaven for water cultivators. Additionally, a rich variety of water elemental resources existed within the sea, and they were useful for growing a water cultivator's strength. 

At the depths of the Deep Tidalwave, an eternal iceberg existed, and it was a heaven for frost cultivators. Unfortunately, the way there was laden with dangers. Generally, frost cultivators would not dare to head there alone. Most would only dare to go after assembling a group. The iceberg was also the destination of Xiang Shaoyun's group. However, the actual location that could solve the sisters' issue was located underneath the iceberg, deep inside the sea.

The seabed was undoubtedly a place filled with danger, and many sea demons lived there. If one wasn't a water cultivator, one would be greatly disadvantaged. That was why Han Chenfei had invited Xiang Shaoyun.

After all, Xiang Shaoyun cultivated nine powers. He should be decent at manipulating the power of water. Unfortunately for her, she had been mistaken.

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