Chapter 632: The Significance of the Gold Lunar Liquid

The gold lunar liquid was something Xiang Shaoyun had obtained at the same place he had found the white tiger's inheritance. He possessed a considerable amount of the liquid, and he also knew that the liquid was a rare treasure for any gold cultivator.

However, when he read about the actual usage of the liquid at the Book Pavilion, he was greatly surprised. He had not expected that apart from increasing one's cultivation, the gold lunar liquid was also capable of improving one's physique and enhancing one's bloodline power.

If a newborn infant was fed the liquid, the baby could very well obtain a Goldstar Physique. The gold lunar liquid was in fact a top-tier sovereign-grade liquid, one that was very close to reaching the saint grade.

However, he did not consume the liquid blindly and instead decided to wait until he reached the peak of the Emperor Realm before doing so. That way, he would be able to maximize the liquid's efficacy. Now, he had revealed the liquid to see if the goldmen were interested in it. Their burning gazes told him that the goldmen wanted it more than he had imagined.

"Honorable human, I am willing to trade 500 catties of the best goldsteel stone for that bottle of liquid in your hand," said one of the goldmen.

Immediately after, a different goldman spoke hastily, "I am willing to trade 10 gold banana leaves for your bottle of liquid!"

"You guys are too cheap. I am willing to trade my vicious steel mist pearl for your liquid!" said a sturdy goldman.

"Vicious steel mist pearl? Ewula, you actually managed to find a treasure like that?" a different goldman exclaimed in astonishment.

The vicious steel mist pearl was a treasure that formed after spending many years at a place with extremely dense vicious steel mist. To the side, Tang Longfei was salivating listening about the treasure. For him, the vicious steel mist pearl would be the best treasure for continuous breakthroughs. It could also bring his combat prowess to a brand new height. However, he was even more confused by the bottle Xiang Shaoyun was holding. What treasure was it for the goldmen to be willing to pay such a high price to obtain?

"Ok! I'll take your deal!" said Xiang Shaoyun without any hesitation when he heard Ewula's offer.

Ewula said, "Wait here for me. I'll go get the pearl."

He then left for his house. He walked with wide steps, stomping on the ground so hard the ground shook, his excitement clear for all to see. The vicious steel mist pearl was a valuable treasure for any goldman, but it wasn't exactly something unimaginably valuable.

After all, the goldmen were born with a natural Gold Physique. With their ability to directly consume gold stones, vicious mist, and so on, they could naturally form vicious gold energy within their body. A vicious steel mist pearl could only increase the strength of a goldman, unlike the gold lunar liquid, which could improve their physique and bloodline.

That was why the gold lunar liquid attracted them so much. At this time, not even the guide in charge of showing around Xiang Shaoyun and Tang Longfei could keep calm anymore. She said, "Honorable guest, your gold lunar liquid will also be very useful for the prince. May I ask if you have more?"

Her face was filled with expectation; she was evidently hoping to receive an affirmative answer.

"Yes, honorable guest. Do you have more? I am willing to trade half of everything I have for the liquid," offered a goldman.

The other goldmen were similarly getting worked up, all of them asking Xiang Shaoyun the same question.

Xiang Shaoyun shrugged and smiled. "I really don't have a lot. I'll need to discuss it further with the prince later."

At this time, Ewula returned with the vicious steel mist pearl in hand. The pearl exuded a thick vicious gold energy of extremely high purity. Tang Longfei had the urge to snatch the pearl immediately. Of course, he did not act on his impulse.

"Here, this is the vicious steel mist pearl!" said Ewula.

When Xiang Shaoyun laid his eyes on the pearl, he trembled. The pearl was something not even the Bloodsin City had in stock, yet it could be found in the goldmen territory. The mere thought of having one right before him filled him with excitement. He quickly handed over the gold lunar liquid before putting the vicious steel mist pearl away.

"Thank you, honorable guest!" said Ewula before he left impatiently for his house. He couldn't wait to consume the liquid and enhance his bloodline.

Xiang Shaoyun did not take out more gold lunar liquid. Instead, he took out some other random treasures to trade with the goldmen. They were the treasures he had accumulated over the years of killing his enemies, and it was quite a decent collection. There would definitely be some that could catch the eyes of the goldmen.

Tang Longfei no longer hesitated and took out everything he had as well so he could trade for the things he needed. After a while, the trading concluded, and everyone dispersed in satisfaction.

Xiang Shaoyun and Tang Longfei returned to Edoli's palace once again. Edoli reappeared, and he looked much better this time. It was clear he had recovered nicely.

"Xiang Shaoyun, you actually have gold lunar liquid on you? Why didn't you tell me? I could have traded for the liquid!" said Edoli with a longing look.

"Hehe, I had no idea the liquid was so important for your race," said Xiang Shaoyun with a smile.

"It is more than important! It can recover our bloodline, and if we can further purify our bloodline after using the gold lunar liquid, we can even transform into true gold giants!" said Edoli seriously. "Do you have more? I am willing to trade for it with more treasures!"

"I do have some more, but I wonder what the prince has to trade? We might be friends, but I can't really give it away for free. Am I right?" said Xiang Shaoyun. 

"Of course. Even if you want to give it for free, I won't dare to accept such a gift," said Edoli. He clapped his hands, and the servants came in with some treasures. The first treasure was a dazzling item exuding gold energy of high purity.

It was actually a saint gold crystal, one that was even larger than the saint crystal Money had taken from the Purple Lightning Pool.

"This is a saint gold crystal, something even a human Saint would want. What do you think?" Edoli asked.

"This is indeed a good treasure. I wonder...what are the other two items?" said Xiang Shaoyun with a big smile on his face.

Soon, the second and third treasures were shown as well. The second treasure was actually a gold tree sapling that was about as big as an arm. Its trunk and leaves constantly radiated a fascinating luster.

As for the third treasure...

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