Chapter 629: Lending a Helping Hand

Unable to continue meditating in peace, Xiang Shaoyun left his cave. At the same time, Tang Longfei flew out of his cave as well. The two looked toward a certain direction at the same time, finding two golden figures engaged in an intense fight. With a glance, Xiang Shaoyun could see that the battle was between a goldman and a gold snake.

The goldman was about four meters tall with a humanoid body. In fact, his only difference from a regular human was his skin, which was pure gold in color. He looked more like a puppet made of gold than a living being. However, his motions were smooth and nimble, making it clear he was a living being.

From his appearance, he looked rather young, his aura strong with a cultivation level of fourth-stage Emperor Realm. Someone like him was strong enough to crush a regular sixth-stage or seventh-stage Dragon Ascension Realm human.

The goldman's opponent was a gold python that was even stronger. Its entire body shone with a brilliant gold radiance, and it was over 20 meters long, thick and powerful as it whipped its tail at the goldman repeatedly.

Initially, they were equally matched. But as the fight dragged on, the goldman started edging toward defeat. Eventually, the python managed to wrap its body around the goldman, who roared and punched the snake repeatedly to no avail. If this continued, the goldman would probably be squeezed to death.

"Their attacks are so rough," exclaimed Tang Longfei.

The battle had destroyed their surroundings, displaying the two's overwhelming offensive prowess. Tang Longfei knew that he wouldn't be able to block even one of their attacks. It was clear how dreadful the offensive power of the two was. Xiang Shaoyun gave no reply. Instead, he flew straight toward the battlefield.

"Shaoyun, what are you doing? The python is still in peak condition!" Tang Longfei cried out in alarm.

"Wait here, Big Brother Tang. I'll be fine," said Xiang Shaoyun without looking back. With a few jumps, he arrived beside the goldman and the gold python.

Hiss! Hiss!

When the gold python discovered Xiang Shaoyun's arrival, it spat out clumps of vicious gold energy toward him. The clumps of vicious gold energy were extremely sharp, capable of grinding regular Emperors into mincemeat with a hit.

White Tiger Manifestation!

Activating the power of his gold star, Xiang Shaoyun formed a white tiger as an abundant amount of white tiger vicious energy spread around him and crashed into the energy released by the gold python.

Surprisingly, Xiang Shaoyun's energy eruption was unable to destroy the gold python's energy. Instead, a large amount of the python's energy continued crashing toward him. He quickly moved to the python's side and threw out a punch. 

Xiang Shaoyun's punch was terrifyingly powerful, yet it actually failed to damage the python despite landing. The gold python was infuriated, and it shot its head toward Xiang Shaoyun, trying to take a bite even as its body remained wrapped around the goldman. The python might be large in size, but it was still incredibly fast.

Fortunately, Xiang Shaoyun's fast reaction saved him from being bitten. As he stepped back, he jabbed with his finger multiple times, sending numerous beams toward the python's jaws. Even the beams failed to damage the python despite entering its mouth.

At this point, it was obvious vicious gold energy was not capable of harming the python. Infuriated, the python swiped the ground with its tail, sending a large number of rocks flying toward Xiang Shaoyun.

He was forced to dodge again and again, but there were too many rocks for him to evade them all. Many struck him, opening numerous wounds on his body as he clenched his teeth in pain. It would seem the python possessed incredible physical strength as well.

Taking advantage of the distraction, the goldman broke free as the python loosened its body around him. At the same time, he landed a heavy punch on the python, hurting it enough to enrage it.

Rumble! Rumble!

Once again, the goldman and the gold python engaged each other in an intense fight. The goldman's punch seemed to be boundlessly powerful, and the gold python was incredibly impressive as well. The impacts of their battle further destroyed their surroundings.

As for Xiang Shaoyun, after retreating, he muttered, "That fellow is really stubborn. Why isn't he taking the chance to flee? Why is he continuing the fight?"

The only reason Xiang Shaoyun had attacked was to help the goldman escape. Why? It was because he had once read about the gold giant in the Book Pavilion. It was a race that might look ferocious but was actually incredibly kind. Generally, they wouldn't create trouble for anyone who hadn't provoked them.

As the descendants of the gold giants, the goldmen had naturally inherited that trait as well. It gave Xiang Shaoyun a good impression of them. As for the conflict between the goldmen and the academy, it was only the result of the academy taking away their living necessities.

Of course, Xiang Shaoyun had no intention to change that; he was only following his heart when he decided to help this goldman. The battle continued on, and the goldman was still not the python's match. The gap of their cultivation levels was not something that could be easily bridged.

Finally, the python whipped the goldman and sent him crashing into a mountain. The mountain collapsed, creating a cloud of golden dust. The python shot forward and appeared before the goldman. Its jaws opened wide, trying to swallow the goldman alive.

The goldman was already completely helpless and could do nothing but shut his eyes and await his death. At the final moment, Xiang Shaoyun dropped from the sky as numerous brilliant stars formed around him. An incomparably domineering fist shot out, accompanied by a nine-colored radiance.

A world-shaking explosion erupted. Tang Longfei, who was observing the battle from far away, opened his eyes wide, his eyeballs almost popping out of their sockets. He hadn't gotten a good look at how Xiang Shaoyun had defeated Jin Yanyan's group, but he now finally had a clear look.

"Shaoyun is too damn domineering! The title Overlord really suits him well!" Tang Longfei exclaimed in astonishment.

As an elder brother, he was completely convinced by Xiang Shaoyun's strength. He had been the number one young master during his time at the Bloodsin City, but since arriving at the Dragon Phoenix Academy, his confidence had been completely shattered, and he lost the pride he once had. When he witnessed Xiang Shaoyun's might, his heart surged with excitement, and he had the urge to shout that Xiang Shaoyun was his brother!

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