Chapter 628: Approaching Goldmen's Territory

Xiang Shaoyun had never interacted with Ye Linshan before, but he understood why the Green Youth had a problem with him. Yu Caidie was most likely the reason. After the Devil Domain expedition, Xiang Shaoyun had earned the title of Yu Clan's backup son-in-law. As a backup, his status was considerably lower, and in truth, he was only qualified to be Yu Caidie's follower. It wouldn't be that easy to be an actual son-in-law of the Yu Clan.

As for Ye Linshan, he was also one of the son-in-law candidates who ranked ahead of Xiang Shaoyun. Furthermore, there was a certain level of relationship between the Ye Clan and the Yu Clan. Ye Linshan would not give up on Yu Caidie.

Prior to this, Xiang Shaoyun had made an open declaration that Yu Caidie was his woman. Ye Linshan must have heard of it as well. That was why Jin Yanyan and the others were sent to deal with Tang Longfei. One could say that Tang Longfei and the other members of the Overlord Legion had simply been implicated by Xiang Shaoyun.

Xiang Shaoyun did not continue making things hard for Jin Yanyan's group. He was confident they would pass his words to the Green Youth. However, news of him managing to combine the nine powers would probably be leaked after this. He had not used the power of the nine-colored fog much prior to this, and in the academy, very few people knew about it. It had remained one of his trump cards for quite a while.

Even that day, he had only used the attack in a moment of desperation. Of course, he did not regret it. He viewed Tang Longfei as his brother. Thus, his priority was naturally to end the battle as quickly as possible and rescue Tang Longfei. After about two hours, Tang Longfei finally woke up from his meditation.

"Thank you, Overlord," said Tang Longfei gratefully.

"Big Brother Tang, continue calling me Shaoyun. Things don't have to be so formal between us," said Xiang Shaoyun. "How are you feeling?"

Tang Longfei nodded. "Much better. Those fellows held back somewhat."

"I'm the one who has implicated you, but I've also gotten your revenge!" said Xiang Shaoyun, guilt in his voice. He then handed over the things he extorted from Jin Yanyan.

Tang Longfei did not stand on ceremony, and he accepted the compensation.

Xiang Shaoyun asked, "How's Lady Shura?"

"She's not here. I think she left the academy on a mission," Tang Longfei said.

"I see. So are you staying or leaving?"

"I've only been here for less than three days before those bastards interrupted me, so I'll probably stay a few more days before leaving."

"Alright. Let's look for a suitable spot together, then. Anyone else coming to look for trouble will suffer," said Xiang Shaoyun.

And thus, the two left to look for a quiet place to cultivate. This was not Tang Longfei's first time in the Vicious Steel Mist. Therefore, he was rather familiar with the place. Before long, he found a suitable spot to cultivate. However, Xiang Shaoyun wasn't too satisfied with it.

That was because the spot was rather poor in comparison with the rest of the space. The vicious mist was extremely thin and would not help much for someone trying to increase his gold cultivation.

"I know, this place isn't that good, but nobody will fight for this spot either. If it's any other spot, challengers will come at any time. It will be troublesome," said Tang Longfei.

"Big Brother Tang, are you picking a spot like this because you think we're too weak to offend anyone?" Xiang Shaoyun asked.

An awkward look covered Tang Longfei's face as he said, "I know you're an outstanding combatant, Shaoyun. But we really shouldn't be making too many enemies for now. It's better to stay low-profiled for a bit." 

Xiang Shaoyun understood Tang Longfei's misgivings, but he did not want to settle for less. Instead, his gaze landed on a spot farther away from them, and he said, "The vicious mist is dense there, so that will be a decent spot. I wonder if there's anyone there?"

"Shaoyun, don't be rash. That place is near the goldmen's territory. If you go there, we don't even know if the goldmen will actually attack. They are very strong, each of them possessing a body someone of the same level can hardly damage. We should just stay here," Tang Longfei hurriedly said.

"Sure, you can stay here. I'll go take a look. I'm really curious what the goldmen look like, anyway," said Xiang Shaoyun in excitement.

"What are you even saying? Brothers should stick through thick and thin together. Since you want to go, I'll go with you. But we have to retreat the instant anything happens!" said Tang Longfei.

And thus, they started moving toward the area Xiang Shaoyun saw. The whole space was essentially separated into two territories: one belonging to the academy and the other belonging to the goldmen.

In truth, the goldmen possessed the bloodline of the gold giants. However, their bloodline wasn't pure, resulting in their bodies being much more lacking compared to true gold giants. Otherwise, they wouldn't have been suppressed so badly by the academy.

One ought to know that the gold giants possessed extraordinary strength, granting them a dreadful combat prowess that few could compare with. To put matters in perspective, even these goldmen with an incomplete gold giant bloodline were already strong enough to be comparable to the geniuses among humans.

When Xiang Shaoyun and Tang Longfei arrived at the border of the two territories, they did not find any goldmen. Xiang Shaoyun flew up and stared at the goldmen's territory curiously, only to be dragged down by Tang Longfei.

Tang Longfei was terrified that Xiang Shaoyun would actually attract some goldmen over. Xiang Shaoyun had no choice but to stop spying on the goldmen and instead started cultivating silently with Tang Longfei.

One ought to admit that their new spot was much better than their previous spot. The dense vicious mist around them was filled with vicious energy and the power of gold. The vicious energy could even increase the offensive power of gold elemental attacks. The energy contained within the mist was perfect for gold cultivators.

Xiang Shaoyun and Tang Longfei each dug their own cave and then focused on absorbing the energy around them. With his high absorption speed, an unending stream of energy poured into Xiang Shaoyun's gold star.

Although he was only using one star to store the gold energy, he had a high storage capacity capable of storing twice or triple what the star of a regular cultivator could hold. With his remarkable talent and the expansions he had done to his stars, it wasn’t surprising that he had a higher storage capacity.

With his heavy armor on him, when he circulated his cultivation method, he could further purify and compress the energy he was absorbing, gradually filling his gold star with energy. After seven days, Xiang Shaoyun's gold star was completely filled. One ought to admit that the vicious mist was really rich with gold energy. His vicious gold energy had grown greatly as a result.

Right as he felt that he could no longer cram any additional energy into his gold star, he sensed some intense energy undulations outside his cave.

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