Chapter 625: The Rise of Money

Before Xiang Shaoyun could leave, a violent wave of lightning surged out of the Purple Lightning Pool. Startled, he madly dashed away. However, this wave did not seem as scary as the previous eruption, and it seemed much weaker in comparison.

Suddenly, a voice rang out, "Boss, it's me!"

Xiang Shaoyun turned back and saw a massive coiled lightning snake hovering in the air. It was none other than Money. 

Money's body had turned even longer than before, his silver scales were now mixed with purple, and his massive head looked even scarier than before. His single horn was also more conspicuous, with lightning constantly swirling around it. Apart from that, his physical appearance had changed slightly. Two limbs had grown from his belly, making him look rather peculiar.

Xiang Shaoyun exclaimed in shock, "Money, are you transforming into a dragon?"

In his memories, only those who had transformed into a dragon would possess draconic limbs. A regular snake or jiao wouldn't have them. Money withdrew his aura, causing the lightning around him to weaken as he replied, "I am a draconic snake. With the growth of my strength, my dragon blood has awakened, causing this change in appearance. Boss, don't I look mighty and formidable right now?"

As he said that, he started waving his limbs around, showing off cheerily.

"Haha, yes, yes, formidable indeed," said Xiang Shaoyun with a happy laugh.

He had been worried that something bad had happened to Money. Now that Money was fine, his mood improved. That was especially so when he learned that Money had grown in strength. It seemed like he had benefited greatly from coming here.

"Boss, I have a gift for you," said Money as he spat something out of his mouth.

The moment that item appeared, it gave rise to a purple aura that caused the ambient lightning energy in their surroundings to increase in purity. Studying the item in his hand, Xiang Shaoyun's pupils constricted.

"T-this is a legendary saint lightning crystal!" Xiang Shaoyun exclaimed in alarm. The moment he said that, numerous powerful auras erupted and started heading toward him.

"Shit!" Xiang Shaoyun cursed when he realized what was happening. He quickly stored the crystal in his astral cosmos sea.

"Where is the saint lightning crystal?" asked a person who had just arrived.

"I don't know what you're talking about," Xiang Shaoyun acted dumb. He was confident in himself, but he still preferred not to attract too much trouble.

"Hmph. I clearly sensed an undulation of lightning energy with high purity here earlier, and you even screamed 'saint lightning crystal'. Stop lying." The person then threatened, "Hand over the saint lightning crystal or—" 

Xiang Shaoyun attacked before the person could finish.

Pa! Pa!

Xiang Shaoyun landed two heavy slaps on the person's face, leaving two clear marks on both sides of his face.

"Say that again if you have the guts," said Xiang Shaoyun imposingly. He had thought that the little fame he had gained in the academy would serve as some kind of deterrence, but there were still so many people willing to provoke him.

The person couldn't even see how Xiang Shaoyun had attacked. The burning pain on his face gave him a realization that he had probably challenged someone he was not a match for.

"Y-you got me! I admit defeat!" he barked as he quickly fled.

Xiang Shaoyun then glanced at the other new arrivals and said, "You want the saint lightning crystal, right? Bring it on. Take it from me." 

"I know you! You're the nine-star physique guy, Xiang Shaoyun," said one of them.

"So what? Do you have the guts to attack me?" Xiang Shaoyun asked.

"I might fear you anywhere else, but here, in this space of lightning, I have a chance against you in a fight," said the person confidently.

"Boss, how about you let me deal with him," said Money.

"Can you do it?" Xiang Shaoyun asked doubtfully.

"I'm a male, so of course I can do it!" replied Money confidently as he transformed back into his human form. He then shouted at the person, "Come, be my practice target!"

"Xiang Shaoyun, you dare view me with such contempt? Fine, let me kill your mount first," said the person as he swung his saber at Money.

He had a mid-grade seven-star physique and cultivated only the power of lightning. As he attacked, lightning power converged around him and then shot forward along with the swing of his saber.

Money smiled and stepped forth, transforming into a bolt of lightning that pierced through his opponent's attack. When he arrived near the person, he spun around and whipped his leg at the person's weak point.

One had to admit that after sticking with Xiang Shaoyun for so long, even Money's fighting habits had started to change to a style that was similar to his. The kick struck the person's right shoulder, causing his saber to almost fly from his hand. As Money moved to attack a second time, the person shifted his stance and summoned more lightning bolts, attempting to subdue Money with brute force.

Unfortunately for him, Money was already immune to the lightning energy in the unique zone. He ignored the lightning bolts and threw repeated punches at his opponent. The strength Money was displaying was no longer at the level of a Demon King. Rather, he had reached the second stage of the Demon Emperor Realm. He erupted with remarkable combat prowess.

Inwardly, Xiang Shaoyun gasped in alarm, How has Money advanced so much? What treasure did he obtain in the pool?

One ought to know that when they had entered, Money was only a seventh-stage Demon King. Subsequently, he had advanced to the eighth stage, but it hadn't even been a month since then, and he was already a second-stage Demon Emperor. It was an inconceivable speed of growth.

Money's opponent was completely helpless and was ultimately forced to flee covered in wounds.. If Xiang Shaoyun hadn't restrained Money, he probably wouldn't have stopped until the person was dead.

"All of you. Come together. I need a good practice session!" said Money toward the others that were still around. Strands of lightning energy swirled around his horn as he summoned and rained down lightning bolts on them.

His actions terrified them, and they started fleeing with all their strength. It would seem Money's rise had begun! 

With a look of satisfaction, Xiang Shaoyun said, "Looks like you have benefited a lot. You will have no problem standing on your own from here on out."

"Hehe, I found a lightning pearl inside the pool. That's the reason for my abrupt growth," said Money with a somewhat bashful smile.

Xiang Shaoyun's face twitched as he found himself filled with envy at his words.

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